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  • Very happy to now be part of a deepest heart's desire group! I'm also 'practising' asking my friends what their 'deepest heart's desire' is, while sharing mine. Think it's working - or at least opening up new doors, and vistas!! 

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    • Sorry, don't emaiil when I don't know someone.  Post publicly anything of interest.  Be well.

      • I apologize for this. I have deleted this person. Great answer!

  • I am steward of Conscious Evolution Boston mapping what is working and emergent at I am a member of "The Better World" team co-creating The Better World We Know In Our Hearts Is Possible, described at 💗🙏

  • Great to see you here, Bonnie! Go to Deepest Heart's Desire to understand a new process we have for connecting. You can record your Deepest Heart's Desire by picking a Sector of the Wheel or go to the Hub from the Menu. You can use the Vocational Dating tab to build a page telling us about you with Links, Pictures and Videos. Some additional formatting will paste in from Word okay. Also, Post Your Soulution in the appropriate Sector if you would like and tell us about your work. By Creating a New Group under Community, you can actually create a mini website for your work or enter enough about your work to attract others to your own website.  You can become a member of other's Groups if you are attracted to their work. You can have threaded conversations with others about any posts by Replying to them. Be sure to click the "Following" button on any discussions you are interested in keeping up with (you get an email notification when someone posts.). Let me know about your experience with this site to make it better.

    Deepest Heart's Desire Guidelines
    Map, track and connect projects that are creative, innovative and work in each of the Sectors of the Wheel.
  • Very happy to now be part of a deepest heart's desire group! I'm also 'practising' asking my friends what their 'deepest heart's desire' is, while sharing mine. Think it's working - or at least opening up new doors, and vistas!! 


  • Hello everyone ... glad you're all available and our life experiences are fodder for a new love revolution. The 60's and 70's were a dynamic bunch of 18 year olds now in a year ending in '18. How interesting to my creative mind!!

    I live in White Rock, near Vancouver BC, and am also looking to join a Deepest Heart Desire's group.

    cheers ... Charon

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm joining you from the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia :))

    For most of this year, I've had the feeling that I need to step it up into a greater capacity and expression of what I'm here on this beautiful Planet to contribute.

    Joining Barbara's Deep Self-Evolution Program seems like the next step. I need a community of like-minded people who are committed to being the tip of the arrow with the wave of evolution now required of us. My passion is the beauty and power of the female body, which I see as a microcosm of the Earth body. As above, so below. My PhD explored female biology as sacred. I'm a women's health educator, practitioner and hypnotherapist and my practice, Miraculous Moments, is dedicated to restoring the sacredness of the female body, the beauty of our reproductive power and our innate connection to the Earth.

    My deepest heart's desire is to deepen and expand my impact about the sacredness of the female body. My book, Activate Your Female Power, is one step in that direction. I know my book is already changing lives and I'm looking for how I can amplify that impact on the collective. I believe that when the female body is honoured and respected, then the Earth body is honoured and respected. When women really connect with our female power, the Mother Bear in us growls awake! She is fiercely protective of ALL life forms on the planet. As large numbers of women begin to embody that Mother Bear, their biological leadership emerges to lead us into sustainable sanity. May we rise to the occasion with irrepressible optimism and courage.

    Much love and blessings,


    • Hi Sharon,


      Glad you joined! I have a bear, a big black bear on my moutain, and felt it is a boy bear, yet maybe the Mother Bear of all Loads!  

      The Bear is the Protector of all, with speacil protection for the new and the old.

      Want to join our group?


  • Looking for Deepest Heart's Desire groups.

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