This Community site aims to help you connect with other awakening individuals to explore your 'Deepest Heart's Desire' and 'Genius Code', the first step in co-creating a more connected, loving universe.


We have made a discovery during 2018, and now recommend meetings in small, intimate Deepest Heart's Desire (DHD) groups as a first step to more effective co-creation. In these groups, we practice meeting others in a shared resonant field of love and understanding and we explore and ignite our personal life purpose, our individual Deepest Heart’s Desire. With the small, intimate group experience, co-creation will be done with more passion and seriousness while also opening up to explore different perspectives from others. For more details visit the Deepest Hearts Desire Guidelines, scroll down to just above the comments and “Join Us”.

If you would like to form a small group, work thru the links in the steps below one at a time until each is complete:

1. Go to the DHD Doodle Poll, click on the + sign and add your name and availability (be sure to use the same name as is registered on The Oneness Community).  Ignore the dates and just say all times when you would be available to have a Zoom meeting (about 2 hrs) within the week on a regular basis (NOTE the slide bar at the bottom of the names to get to more days of the week.). Verify the time zone which should be adjusted by Doodle.

2. Look at names of matches to your availability and send them an email thru The Oneness Community  and ask if they would like to form a group. (Upper right hand envelope, click the + sign in the upper right. Start typing their name and click them).

Once your group is filled (2 to 8), have each member delete themselves from the DHD Doodle Poll to keep it easier for others to find their groups;-) Click on the pencil to Edit and then click just above the trash can to delete.

3. One of you Set up a DHD Meeting  for your group by clicking on the + sign to Create an Event with the Event Name for your group, the agreed date and time of first meeting, how often you will meet and what you would like others to know about your group and invite all your members and Admin Gunn. Admin Gunn will use your Meeting to:

a.       set up a hidden Group under Community for your DHD Group Name with a Gmail and a Zoom account,

b.      post the link to your DHD Group in a Forum called “Our Zoom Calls”,

c.       send all of you an email with the link to b.

d.      Whoever of your group chosen to be Admin, let me know and I will set you up.


4. Use your DHD Group to connect to the Zoom calls, record any notes for meetings or hold discussions as needed. A history of your group might be useful in the event that you invite a new person into your group so that they might become familiar with where you have been so far.

5. Once any of you have clarified Your Heart's Desire, you may want to record it in the sub-tab under Deepest Heart’s Desire Guidelines, for that purpose. If it falls in an identified sector, pick that first so that others in that sector with similar interests can see you. Otherwise, record it in the Hub where we all live until we step into a sector.

6. You may also want to record enough about yourself in Vocational Dating so that we can be vocationally attracted to you and your gift to the shift. This is in addition to your Profile and Your Deepest Heart’s Desire. The Google Custom Search at the top of all pages, by using keywords,  will enable us to find our peeps as we activate.

7. As you identify a Soulution to a challenge you see to make the world a better place, you can enter that in Post Solutions under the sector that most aligns with that challenge and inspire others to join you in implementing your Soulution; OR you may scan other people's Soulution's and be moved to help them. Don’t let the realization that as you implement your Soulution, other Sectors will be involved, keep you from picking a primary Sector to start in. As you discover needs in other sectors, you can go to them to find co-creators and the wheel starts spinning.

8. By Creating a New Group under Community, you can actually create a mini website for your work or enter enough about your work to attract others to your own website.  You can become a member of other's Groups if you are attracted to their work. You can have threaded conversations with others about any posts by Replying to them. Be sure to click the "Following" button on any discussions you are interested in keeping up with (you get an email notification when someone posts.).

You have to be Signed in to contribute and you have to VERY intentionally Follow anything you want email notification on, in the lower right hand corner of each discussion. Throughout the site you are encouraged to use links to your own or other’s websites, pictures and videos using the corresponding buttons in tool bar.

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  • • Kavita Byrd December 26, 2018 at 7:34pm
    Hi, I haven't been able to find the "Follow" button that's supposed to be in the lower right hand of each discussion. Can someone advise me? Thanks!
    • Kavita, on my smart phone, the follow button was under the introductory text, and above these individual messages. Once I clicked on follow, the button disappeared, and instead I see at the top of the page when I scroll up, a tick, and it says I have joined this page. I hope this helps, love Helen
  • Paula Casillas December 26, 2018 at 6:54pm
    So sorry--I'm a bit technologically challenged and not following the new instructions re: finding a group through the Doddle Poll. The only + sign I see is in the "create Doodle poll" button. Are we supposed to be creating another Doodle?
    Ok, tried again and just added my name and times instead of hitting the "create new Doodle" button! Hopefully I successfully provided my info.?
    Also, Jane Taylor and I had already met a couple of times and would prefer to continue together in any larger group and would appreciate it if that could be arranged. Thanks!
  • Admin Gunn December 26, 2018 at 10:34pm
    Way to go Paula with the Doodle. How about setting up a DHD Meeting (click on the + sign in the upper right) for your group (you and Jane) in the sub-tab under Deepest Heart’s Desire for the agreed time and invite all your members and Admin Gunn. Admin Gunn will use your Meeting to:
    set up a hidden Group under Community for your DHD Group with a Gmail account and a Zoom account,
    post the link to your DHD Group in a Forum called “Our Zoom calls”,
    send you all an email with the link to #2.

    Others can join you on invitation.
  • freed schmitter December 20, 2018 at 4:57pm
    You will find more background for the DHD in the comments under 'Co-Creating the Wheel': and the latest guidelines for DHD's under SUPPORT here on this page.
  • Sue van Eesteren December 15, 2018 at 3:14pm
    This suits me better for sharing than Facebook, thanks Ole.
    I still look forward to the intended DHD Website ! I am floating between 3 DHD groups because of changing timezones often & limited internet access, the kindness these Core groups show me by accepting I float in when I am able demonstrates the unconditional love & support they are founded in! Once I return to Europe I intend to commit to a more local time group, but my experience shows the absolutely crucial ''inclusivity'' of the HAU experience, so no one is excluded even when groups may seem too full, it somehow works out love light & peace
  • Helen Frances January 3, 2019 at 2:02pm
    I love that you float between groups. Thats so wonderfully HaU!
  • Jane Hera December 15, 2018 at 2:11pm
    I have not yet found a group that has a space for another member. I was hoping for a group on Saturday or Sunday evening (GMT) but as the course is swiftly moving on and all the groups I have hoped to join are full I will hope to meet at any time that a group has a vacancy. Jane Hera
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