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  • Janet, is a much more plesent domain name than  It looks like you have pointing to a landing page with a link to the site, which is great.  Have you thought about making a CNAME record that points to  That way people can go directly to the site using name.  People would be able to link to specific pages using name followed by a the specific URI.  What do you think?

    • Sorry it took me so long to see this. One of my biggest complaints about Ning is that you have to intentionally "Follow" everything or you don't get notifications. Unfortunately, I had missed this one.

      The cofounders wanted a page that would recognize them. If I did the CNAME thing wouldn't it bypass the landing page?

      I would love to change the domain name with Ning but they say that is not possible. I am really concerned because Ning doesn't seem to be responding to anyone since last July.

      I hope somebody gets a 2.0 version up ASAP and we can migrate to it. I am checking out HYLO which Barbara is currently promoting, Good of the Whole,  and am waiting for Noomap to come online.

  • How do you do this>>>edit them to Open in a New Window so that people don't leave this site.

    • You know, I think Ning has changed it so it now defaults to open in a New Window but here is how you do it.

      When you first make a link you do not get a choice.

      You have to Edit it by clicking on the link and clicking Edit

      then you get a window that looks like this and you can pick Same or New window.

  • How do I pick a Sector?

  • Bing Advanced Search

  • Yahoo Advanced Search

  • Google Advanced Search

  • Want to be a Sector Manager?

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