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  • Comments on Comment Walls only cannot be Edited or Deleted, except by me. If you need something changed, let me know. Because of that, I moved to Vocational Dating for us to put up a page to describe who we are. That actually makes more sense anyway. Thank you Spirit;-)

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  • Dearest Sue and all, Please know that there is no right or wrong way to share. We are all figuring this out and as long as we are sharing respectfully and lovingly, the where, when and how are immaterial. I believe that we all hang out in the "Hub of the Wheel" until our Purpose is clear and we can step in to a Sector. There is a Hub Sector on the menu. Here is good to. The creator of this website, Love Evolution, Tami, will love that you choose to hang here. Enjoy the journey. Love & Peace, Janet

  • Dear Janet, I hoped Love Evolution could provide a place for those of us who have ´concerns´about our vocation & how we can be of service to share & learn from each other as we as nourish ourselves in the delightful Help Complex.... Please advise me How we should do this here? Just using Comments? or do you recommend using Post a Solution or My comment Wall which others can respond to? the other 2 or 3 people with concerns are not joining LE as it not clear where they can share, what do you think? thank you, Love, Sue

  • Dear Janet, Awesome how you and others structured this Ning website. Maybe as I suggested in the last 'Awaken the New Species' call, a big (fractal) Wheel landing page could be added. At present, there are several avenues or threads that are only visible when you delve into a sector. In this way, valuable contributions could get lost.

    Has the ning site a possibility to add tags to each article? The obvious choice would be the 13 (12 around one) sector names, but then other specific subgroups like 'Wheel-Infra' or such could be added.

    When working together specifically in a group, maybe another avenue to build community is  which is a free open-source group tool. It was developed in New-Zealand and has interesting features. Unfortunately, it is not a ning structure, but possibly can be integrated somehow? I did not yet use it, but have read a few things on their website and deem it practical.

    • Freed, I am wondering if what you are asking for isn't found in the "Hub" of the wheel pieces: Hub Group, Hub Soulutions (Watch the second video on this page watch from 59:00 to 01:20  from the 2012 celebration in Australia, WOW), and Hub Vocational Dating. I have always heard it as we are all in the Hub (our Oneness) and we select out to different Sectors depending on our passions. Let me know what you think of that;-) Love & Peace, Janet

      P.S. Yes, when you add an article, you may place tags on it.


      P.S.S. Are you able to Edit comments in My Comments on My Page (Your page;-)? Someone else can't and I think it is a bug which I reported and they can't duplicate.

      Hub - Communities
      Map, track and connect projects that are creative, innovative and work in each of the Sectors of the Wheel.
  • Could I call you in 15 minutes - that's my only window for today ?

    • Sure, give me your number and let me call you;-)

      • Actually, if you are at your computer and want to, the best way to do this is for me to set up a Zoom call with you. What is your email address and I will send you an invite.

  • Janet, like Maran, I can't figure out how to add anything to " Vocational Dating " and "Post a Solution " - and can't really follow your answer. I would love to schedule a work session to learn how to do this. Thank you ! 

    • I'm home all day today. Is there a time where we can do this? Love & Peace, Janet

  • Dear Janet,

    As you suggested, I would like to fill the tabs "Vocational Dating" and "Post a Solution" but I don't see how to do that. When I click on the tab, there's nothing to edit text or something.

    Thanks Maren

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