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Especially watch from 59:00 to 01:20 which goes thru the birth of the wheel, the chakra meditation and the Wheel of Co-Creation.

The wheel and the spheres are activated through Spiritual Activism when we create and get involved, connect with, and highlight initiatives and individuals that are involved with and that point to holistic grassroots processes and that facilitate synergy. When we seek common goals and match needs and resources throughout the whole system, rather than remain isolated in pursuits that are not connected. From the point of view of evolution, the wheel represents a vital step forward toward a cooperative world.

Humanity's Team: Oneness Through the 12 Spheres of Life

Barbara Marx Hubbard: Share Your Vision at Foundation for Conscious Evolution

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  • For the Theatre of Our Birth above especially watch from 59:00 to 01:20 which goes thru the birth of the wheel, the chakra meditation and the Wheel of Co-Creation.

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    • This looks like really exciting work. I look forward to getting a deeper understanding of it.

  • Inspirational articles offering insights, vision, guidance, principles, encouragement and skills as we go forward in cocreating a loving, peaceful, just and sustainable world.


    Paul Lenda


    Paul Lenda


    Ria Baeck and Helen Titchen Beeth



    Nancy Leilah Ward


    Marie C. Barrett


    Andrew Martin


    Peggy Black



    We are Family:

    Celebrating our Universal, Co-Creative Humanity3068876?profile=RESIZE_320x320

    A new era of Humanity was birthed named “Homo Universalis” by American Visionary, Barbara Marx Hubbard.  Many of us have remembered our promise as members of this new Humanity.  It is time to gather our brothers and sisters, strengthen our knowing, and nurture our growing family by co-creating a Field of Consciousness that will serve the highest intentions of Humanity.

    A team of distinguished facilitators is eager to collaborate with YOU to explore how we can sustain and nourish our “newborn” family through Universal consciousness and processes of co-creation. Join us for an experiential exchange of ideas catalyzing humanity’s evolution... and leave with your toolbox full of practical ideas worth sharing.

    WHAT? We will CONVERGE to build a field of resonance where personal transformation, authentic relationships, and universal consciousness emerge.  With respect and encouragement for one another, we honor our diversity and individual gifts, while surrendering into the greater cosmic designing intelligence.  Our Essential Selves will dance with the Collective Field of Love and co-create organically over four incredible days.  Structured experiential opportunities will be blended with unstructured time for self-renewal in the pristine environment of Sunrise Ranch in Northern Colorado. Steeped in the setting, you will encounter a peace, which honors Universal Being in all its forms—through people, nature and all of creation.

     This experiential opportunity for growth and deepening practice will provide myriad tools, resources, and sharing that is sure to expand consciousness as well as service to our communities.  We will align with Source, create powerful resonance with one another, and surrender to the field with true co-creative intention.  By doing so, we bring the essence of love, unity, and joy into action and embody a universal humanity right where we are!

    REGISTER NOW ~ participation is limited.3068924?profile=RESIZE_320x320

    WHO? If you are drawn to be part of this collective invitation to fully embody “Homo Universalis” and have a deep desire to converge and co-create with kindred souls, please join us. The only prerequisites are an open heart and willingness to explore.  Who are we?  We are new seekers, sacred activists, and joyful members of a New Humanity. We are authors, artists, musicians, healers and co-creators supporting co-creators! We are visionary leaders and followers and eager participants on a journey of conscious evolution.  Everyone who enjoys a spiritual, co-creative community is invited to awaken, share, experience, play, meditate, and evolve together.

    WHY?  We consciously come together to connect and acknowledge ourselves as members of a Universal Family.  We will dive more intimately and deeply into who we are as a family of conscious co-creators, expanding our vision to uplift our global family and the planet.  Our intention is to allow space to grow this emerging consciousness and bring this understanding “back home” activating new pathways to service in our homes, neighborhoods, communities and beyond.  We will leave the Convergence refreshed and eager to love, serve and remember our collective higher purpose.  Come -- be renewed, affirmed, elevated and inspired!

    WHEN? Thursday, June 5 to Sunday, June 8, 2104. Registration 10am - noon on Thursday; Convergence begins at 2:00 PM; Convergence concludes Sunday at Noon. It is time to anchor the reality and power of our ability to Co-Create, which happens within a Conscious Community. 

    WHERE? We will gather at beautiful Sunrise Ranch outside of Loveland, Colorado. Since 1945, Sunrise, an intentional spiritual community of 70+ members, has lovingly stewarded the land and water of its 350-acre ranch. Nestled in a valley between red sandstone and pine-covered granite hills, Sunrise Ranch has diverse ecologies, mature food forests, and an enduring integrative eco-social design. It also boasts a Culinary School as well as a 400-person event dome inspired by Buckminster Fuller and hosts a variety of conscious events.  Find out more about this incredible venue at

    EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: $147 April 10 until May 10; $199 thereafter.

    LODGING: Room & scrumptious farm-to-table organic meals inclusive with rooms ranging from $61 (BYO tent) to $116/singles. (singles are limited).  Commuters: $45/day.

    REGISTER NOW ~ participation is limited.

    SPECIAL FEATURES - Supplementing our full agenda!

    • Bonfire, talk story and communing with the stars!
    • Inspiration from Barbara Marx Hubbard via Skype; exploring our co-creative field with group infusion using circle technology; continued deepening into the expression of Universal Family; and individual time for creative and personal reflection.
    • Structured events including Marian Head’s “Revolutionary Agreements;”  "Divine Decision-Making: The WeWay" with Wendy Foxworth; and other co-creative and Unified Field experiences to deepen into family and community.
    • Closing ceremony and celebration of our Universal family co-creations… and MORE!
  • UnityNow, which is part of Metta, described by Bret Warshawsky below, is the pathway to evolution:   'the re-set' is the United Kingdom process by which we can begin again:   UnityNow seeks to create and bring people into a physical space to explore together their co-creative and collaborative ability to evolve, both individually and collectively. It brings people out of the electronic world to come face to face in the physical and say... 'these are my dreams, these are my desires, passions and intentions, lets explore together our commonalities and create the pathway to unity'.  UnityNow is also looking to tease out of the woodwork Conscious Leaders, who are prepared to put their heads above the parapet and declare that they are 'Ready' to co-create the New World, that they are ready to explore what that world looks like, and to begin taking conscious actions, individually and collectively to make it happen. That is why we are called Unity Now, not Unity next week, or Unity Next Year. We stretch our co-creative passion across the water, across the mountain ranges, across the boundaries that prevent us from being together. We desire to work with all people to create an unstoppable momentum of people power. Its time to acknowledge our own individual and collective greatness, stand up and be counted. We are not alone in our desire for a better world.

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      Unfortunately, your website  is now an odd political one, the other link  also does not lead to a relevant website.

  • Conscious Evolution Boston (CEB)

    CEB is an evolutionary leadership hub of Agents of Conscious Evolution in the Greater Boston area,  dedicated to what is working and emergent, and to manifesting a healed and transformed world for the highest and greatest good.

    We offer and promote educational and experiential venues, events, and Conscious Evolutionary Circles to convene community, evolve ourselves, and help co-create a new world paradigm.

    We work with the Wheel of Co-creation conceived by BMH, which envisions a new paradigm for a Universal Humanity based on identifying what is working and emergent in the world and through evolutionary hubs. 

    We model principles from BMH’s teachings and book, “Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence,” including initiating and incarnating sacred resonance, and co-creating in resonant fields of conscious and evolutionary communities. 

    Our process is to access the higher frequencies of our being and align with the evolutionary impulse to co-create, inspiring others to do the same – so that together we may evolve our inner consciousness, practice whole systems thinking, and transform our collective global reality to an awakened, heart-centered, universal humanity, global culture of peace, and peaceful, sustainable, healthy, and prosperous world.d Prosperous World

  • In the UK we have created a project called UnityNow. Visit to get a flavor of the events we hold. Mostly one day events presently we bring together conscious individuals to support one another in their creativity and desires and passions. we operate the day as an active participatory event, generating discussion across 12 sectors of Humanity. As we built the energy we are working towards our first 3 day UnityNow summit in 2017.

    It is the intention to hold the events all over the UK, and then expand into Europe, and then globally. Global Consciousness has arrived. We will be creating a YouTube channel to hold Video clips of the events and to offer direction to those desiring to hold and facilitate UnityNow events. Contact Simon Rowe at or for further information.

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