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Any means of communication is technically part of the media, and what-ever this encompasses keeps growing, and along with it, the complexities of its power to influence. The difference between reflecting what is and creating what is has blurred, and with it the contents as well as the ethics regarding its use and structure. With the internet now considered to be a global neural network we need to establish how we can best utilize this interconnectivity at our fingertips.

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  • UnityNow, which is part of Metta, described by Bret Warshawsky below, is the pathway to evolution:   'the re-set' is the United Kingdom process by which we can begin again:   UnityNow seeks to create and bring people into a physical space to explore together their co-creative and collaborative ability to evolve, both individually and collectively. It brings people out of the electronic world to come face to face in the physical and say... 'these are my dreams, these are my desires, passions and intentions, lets explore together our commonalities and create the pathway to unity'.  UnityNow is also looking to tease out of the woodwork Conscious Leaders, who are prepared to put their heads above the parapet and declare that they are 'Ready' to co-create the New World, that they are ready to explore what that world looks like, and to begin taking conscious actions, individually and collectively to make it happen. That is why we are called Unity Now, not Unity next week, or Unity Next Year. We stretch our co-creative passion across the water, across the mountain ranges, across the boundaries that prevent us from being together. We desire to work with all people to create an unstoppable momentum of people power. Its time to acknowledge our own individual and collective greatness, stand up and be counted. We are not alone in our desire for a better world.

  • 1) Metta & Noomap

    2) Metta’s vision is to create a global hub network that will interconnect and empower the emerging planetary community of conscious co-creators.  Integrating unique social networking technology called Noomap with community networking domes and centres, events, a think tank and more; Metta’s global sharing platform will enable partnerships through intention, resource-sharing, crowdsourcing and community direction towards the most beautiful realities we can imagine together. 

    3) Based in UK with One US Team Member and intend to be global.

    ... working on creating real-time, interactive Map for Fix The World Organization's Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) on our Noomap Platform. This is a Noo Version of the Open Sourced Document where people would be able to see the aspects of building the QEG like parts, supply chain, how to build, etc. Great thing is that people will be able to 'MAP' their own solutions, problem solve, new suppliers, ideas, suggestions etc. all in real-time. Also, easy/fun way for people to easily create communities for QEG production and share their skills, resources, etc... 

    This is going to transcend linear blogs/forums for information sharing and co-creation. 

    We're finally putting together our crowd funding campaign for the project called Metta (interconnecting and empowering the planetary community of conscious co-creators) and Noomap is the glue that binds Metta together. 

    If you happen to resonate with these visuals and the intentions, let me know and I'll PM you our Metta Flyer PDF- we have different ways for people to help us with a campaign and what we can offer in exchange for collaborating. We're seeking individuals and communities and groups as collaborators and co-creators.. also seeking Conscious Spiritual Philanthropists who would be interested in funding the project straight away. 

    This is just the beginning of the platform, a prototype and why we now need to crowd fund and manifest all of the potential of our platform. It will look, feel and respond much differently when we have resources to put into but we have a starting point and this it it!


    We also have idea to really animate The Wheel of Co-Creation and make it truly a virtual place of real-time co-creation. One of our dreams is to share this with Barbara personally..

    Here's an image -- users can delve into any sector and add their projects and details-- what resources/skills/connections they are sharing and what they desire to manifest the project. It's real-time, fractal and holographic. Unlike any other blog/website/forum I can currently find, It's still prototype as I mentioned above but with co-creators and collaborators we can take it to limitless places <3


    We created a video very early on about Noomap and unfortunately missed an edit and spelled Neale Donald Walsch's name wrong!!! It wasn't seen by many and we have apologized to Neale personally, I haven't been able to fix this video because of the original file. I'd like to share it here because it does have a clear vibe about our intentions and it was an honest mistake. Please don't share it on social media or anything, until we can fix it. We were hoping to collaborate with Humanity's Team and Neale (see irony of spelling his name wrong), that's why he is featured in the video. We're hoping to reconnect, I made an error in judgement during the process that was due to my inexperience,, I'm learning and I'm sharing the video here b/c I think it's relevant despite that misstep. 

    • When we think about our planet’s greatest needs and greatest resources, and about the solutions that are waiting to shift us into the new paradigm, those Golden Innovations, what do we think of? We may think about the personal changes from within that cause people to move from scarcity and fear to abundance and love; or to releasing their gifts and creativity; or to profound healing that allows for new life to burst forth. We may think about the solutions in terms of bright green technologies and collective intelligence and wisdom being engaged in powerful ways that are scaling to tap into the brilliance of more and more conscious people and the emerging new social architectures. For today’s deep dive into the Heart of It All, we’re going to talk about the consciousness behind one of the greatest technology and communication systems the planet has seen and that is emerging right Now! – Noomap. To introduce us to this quantum fractal technology and potential new global operating system, we are speaking with the Founder and coder/inventor/artist Chris Larcombe. Starting with his own awakening story and into what he saw was his gift to bring to the world all the way through to how he has created a new ontology for a new social network that will open the doors of perception for people all over the planet, and will enable us to shift into the heart of our hearts desires and to help us collectively map and make visible the world in a new way. We are in need of a new global nervous system and Noomap is forging new paths. Imagine a world with an enlightened Internet that is working FOR humanity, not to make a profit from people. Imagine a world where we are connecting the conscious co-creators to liberate everyone’s greatest gifts. That is what Chris is doing, what we are doing on the Noomap team (disclosure – I am a part of the team), and what many fellow co-creators have as their sacred mission and higher purpose. Here we go

    • This is such an exciting venture. When you get to the testing phase, I am really good at that and would love to help. Love & Peace, Janet

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  • Another beautiful video of song above.

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