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Includes all forms of education; all ages, species and cross-species; formal and informal; awareness of cultural memes and assumptions; perceptual filters; scientific studies; the brain while learning; the psychology of learning; learning to learn, etc.

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  • My solution is this: Earth Eden Education Project.

    I have been growing organic food for over twenty years, teaching sustainable living, vegetarian lifestyle, environmental stewardship and mindfulness to students and adults. And have this new project under development.

    I have now established this venue called Earth Eden Sanctuary here on my twenty acre small organic farmstead and wildlife sanctuary. This year's growing season was the first hosting WWOOFers, (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) with the intention to bring the Gaia/sacred Earth experience to young people. There were nine resident WWOOFers over the course of the growing season who came here specifically to learn the deeper meaning of relationship with Nature's web of life and how we get to work with and for That. It was a wonderful first experience with resident student/helpers and the next step is to reach children in schools.

  • Inspirator Training & Development

    There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted. Then, there's another way:

    a breath of love that takes you all the way to infinity.” – Rumi.


     The Heart of the Matter:

    In-Spire means to breathe in, yet inspiration is more than just breathing… Breath is key to accessing our creative ability.  By knowing HOW to breathe for the best body functioning, we access our personal creative talent and inspiration manifests through action in life.  Art of Breathing are specific breathing exercises that have been tested by science and proven to alleviate symptoms of many illnesses, disorders and syndromes that plague humanity such as:

    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    • Depression
    • Alzheimer's
    • Crohne's Disease
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Chronic Fatique
    • Auto-immune disorders

    Inspirators:  Inspiring Humanity to breathe deeply and walk the world in a good way. 

    Humanity is under the state of a mistaken identity.  Many of us do not know who we are,  why we are here and what gifts we bring.  
    • Have you already made the journey from head to heart?
    • Have you released the old way of being?
    • Are you ready to step into a new role of Guiding and Inspiring New Humanity?

    Inspirators are the teachers and guides for humanity's shift into Homo-Spiritus.   Boulder CO  Summer 2015

    The Breath of Life (Multidimensional Kriya Yoga) is a practice that will heal humanity.  read more... 

    The Flower of Life (Chakra Blooming) is an energy field that keeps our mind and heart pure.  read more...
    Take a joyful journey into your own Magnificence ... polishing your energy with the Breath of LIfe and blooming your chakras into the Flower of LIfe.  New Humanity is emerging everywhere.  Minds are opening and hearts are seeking a new way of living and relating to each other.  The newly awakening are looking for Guides...
    • Are you a  NEW HUMANITY GUIDE?
    • Are you an INSPIRATOR?
    • Do you resonate with Health Assurance?
    • Are you ready for a new way of living that supports and sustains you in all ways?
    If you answered yes... Peace Production's Inspirator Trainingprogram is for you.  Take yourself to the next level of mastery and share the process with others who are changing their way of living into more caring and sharing.

    About Peace Production:

    In a scattered and fragmented world, Peace Production's mission is to educate humanity as to our true nature, bringing forth visions, ideas, art, inventions and imaginings for a world filled with Peace, Joy and Love.  We produce positive growth and sustainable projects (such as but not limited to) community events and activities, programs, books, films, publications and business models.

    Humanity has been inundated with toxic chemicals, GMOs, violent frequencies and thoughts.  Veterans come home from war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and, in reality, most people have some form of PTSD.  Whether the source is war, family dysfunction, traumatic experience, chemical induced or just from living in a broken society… Breath will bring us home to our own Wholeness.  Today’s composting society offers a culture where individual inspiration can make a huge impact.

    Peace Production brings cutting edge, yet ancient technology through their program Health Assurance.  New studies bring this practice to the forefront as science discovers the power of self healing through breathing exercises and the workings of the Vagus Nerve.  All humanity may benefit from this take home practice of conscious breathing that heals the Vagus Nerve, thereby relieving symptoms of stress related diseases.

    When youth experience the awareness of breath and exercises, they are more easily guided into their personal passions.  When elders experience the breathing exercises and wisdom shared, they begin to heal their bodies and open their hearts.  Those recovering from addiction find inner strength to make positive changes in their lives.  And when veterans experience the healing of the practice, they are able to see themselves more clearly and reprogram their minds from the military programming and trauma they experienced on the battlefield.

  • 3068402?profile=RESIZE_480x480

    Co-create the change

    you want to feel in the world


    At 25th march 2014 starts an online course on global leadership. Maybe someone here is interested in. More detailed information about you can find here.


    This course is free of charge

    And at this e-learning platform you can find more online courses for sustainable development.

  • Please, visit ROGUE VALLEY CONNECTING THE GOOD Facebook Group Page for Our Evolutionary HUB updates & other complimentary video postings  Deep Gratitude, DiNahMa 

    • I made your Facebook page a link so that people could just click and go to it. Hope you don't mind;-)

  • Conscious Community coming together in Chicagoland - Founded April, 2011

    Seeding a Co-Creative Society

    Connect ~ Vision ~ Co-Create ~ Celebrate!

    • Which I thought was an absolute stroke of genius!! Get people in your circle to start focusing on finding great "projects" they know about in all the sectors of the wheel and acknowledge those projects for the good they are doing. Win-win.

      • Janet, 

        We have multiple circles in the Chicagoland area and we have an awards event that celebrates outstanding achievement in each of the sectors. September 21st will be our 2nd annual event. Thank you for your suggestion!

        Deep, great love,


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