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Leonard Schlain suggested that great advances in science were historically preceded by advances in the perception of artists.  As such, artists of all types and who come from any field, scientific or humanistic, can be seen as harbingers of new ways of perceiving/thinking and then as the tellers of their story. They find eloquent and simple ways of sharing their perceptions with all of us.

Humanity's Team: Oneness Through the 12 Spheres of LifeSphere of Art

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  •              Left brain

    Project Name: Wholeness Perspective

    Project Description: A point of view wherein each part (person) actually IS the Whole/the Whole IS each part, as opposed to the perspective where each part carries a representation OF the whole. Inspired by a hologram which contain properties of wholeness; in the cutting of a photograph in half one is left with two half images while cutting a holographic film in half one is left with two whole images.

    Project Action: Hosting a Global Oneness Day event featuring a Wholeness Perspective demonstration, recording and broadcasting the song "Global Anthem" on YouTube, posting writings on Wholeness in various groups and blogs, creating a website called "Wholeographic Self," to name a few.

    Project Needs: Recognition. Re-Membering.

    (Thanks to Janet Gunn for these pointers. Artists need them!)

                  Right brain

    What an interesting, scary, wonderful, perplexing, and head scratching idea of blending a "solution" with art! Art is usually not about a solution with a goal. Art is art for arts sake. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Period. No agenda. No end in sight. Nothing further. So, to me what a novel thought it is to "post a solution" about art!

    But being that "artists can be seen as harbingers of new ways of perceiving," I think it's a good idea. It stretches the brain.

    For, my "solution" - like a delicious bowl of warm soup - serves up for us a perspective of Wholeness that nurtures the soul. In a symphony orchestra not only do the sum total of all the players EQUAL the whole glorious sound, but more than that is a real understanding that the sum of the players are actually GREATER THAN the whole piece - pointing to a Spirit of Wholeness - much like the human race on our planet. Yet as beautiful and miraculous as even this is, further still is a Perspective of Wholeness - each little grain of sand and each little blade of grass and every single tree and every leaf on every tree and each and every single human being - actually IS the Whole!

    This miraculous fact is found in nature, it is not a matter of belief. And, as in a holographic film when it's cut or fractured and each separate shard still contains the whole image, it is also both science and spirit.

    This new way of seeing offers to us a solution to fragmentation, and gives fresh meaning to Barbara Marx Hubbard's saying "Going the Whole way." When Einstein discovered that little packets of wholeness emerge when energy is released, it occurred to me how we ourselves are like little individual packets of Wholeness's walking around! And Foster Gamble has said "At the human level the wholeness is the individual, not the group."

    What a glorious thing it is to be connected to All That Is so intimately! To be touched by this kind of love is an ageless story. How humbling it is to ask "What is the good of the Whole?" while at the same time containing the freedom of an empowerment not yet know. I am small and I am large at the same time. What kind of scale is this kind of love? How can I be of service to the Whole? Who, or What, kind of Life can think up this kind of song, this painting, this love, this freedom, this relationship? This Wholiness?

    Namaste ~ I honor the Wholiness in you that is also in me.

  • Below is a link to an uplifting video song that many people have been very moved by (see comments on Youtube).  It is about people who are making Love the bottom line in their lives. the song is 3:15 minutes and the rest is comments.  It's a home recording so it doesn't sound good on phones, but good on computers or larger speakers.

    If you like the song enough to help it be discovered, please feel free to copy all or part of this message and post to FB and e-mail to friends (weekends and holidays are a great time to post) to help it reach someone who wants to use it.  If you can get it to Oprah, Pharrell, spiritual leaders, singers, ad and movie execs, that would be super!  Going to Youtube and giving it a Thumbsup helps too. I'd love to sell the song so I'd have time to support good work organizations like The Oneness Community are doing!

    I'm also gifted home and office organizer & office manager who would love to find a higher mission company to work for.

    Youtube has a strange algorythm, the more a video is viewed or liked, the more Youtube advertises the song.  So if you feel inclined to help this message of "I'm Gonna Make Love The Bottom Line" end up on the radio to get multiple viewings it helps the song get more exposure.

    Thank you for your help!

    I was feeling down about how many corporations had a bottom line of making an obscene profit no matter how much it hurt their workers or our earth. But my spirits lifted as I saw people holding fund raisers for people who were sick or injured. It gave me hope that maybe we, the people, will lead the politicians and the CEO’s into a world where the bottom line is love.

    Gonna Make Love The Bottom Line

    I’ve been looking all my life for
    the right thing to show up
    what if it’s been here all along
    inside of my own cup

    Physics says the observer changes what’s observed,
    wow! could that be true?
    that love and happiness is an inside job and not
    something I gotta get from you

    I can’t change
    other People
    But I can change
    what lives inside of me

    CHORUS: So, I’m gonna let love be the bottom line
    in this life of mine
    not let the newspapers, government or corporations
    tell me otherwise

    I’m gonna open up and show up for the
    love that’s in my life
    when I open my eyes I realize
    it’s been here all the time

    Oh I was waiting for the world to change so
    so I could be at peace
    now I know nothing has to re-arrange
    for me to be free

    love's funny thing we're all looking for
    yet its always here
    inside your heart is an open door
    where love shines so clear

  • More of my prose can be seen at

    All For You

    I was meditating under some trees and a squirrel chirped in alarm at me. I just continued to meditate and send it energy that I was a friend. After a while it stopped chirping and inched its way down a tree that was about 5 feet from me. He hung on the trunk of the tree across from my face and we ended gazing into each other’s eyes for about 8 minutes.

    Time stood still as we communed in the realization, “oh, wow, you are me!” and "Oh wow, you are God!"

    I felt we were both reaching out for each other, eager to commune in oneness. Afterward, I felt the words below coming to me from the love I felt in that meadow. It seems this love is growing stronger and easier to access. There are so many unseen friends who are eager to support us in the realization of this love.

    ​Wherever you go you will feel this love
    It is in footsteps, train whistles, and voices on the radio
    It is in the skies, the trees, and the birds above
    This love is with you, wherever you go

    This peace is for you
    You are constantly in its care
    This resting you can do
    any place, anywhere

    Wherever your eyes look, it is there
    It stands beside, around, and over you
    And in your seen and unseen friends who share
    ​​​this bountiful love that’s always here for you

  • I would like to offer four articles published in magazines about a higher way of living for your reading pleasure.  They can be seen at

    The Way to Freedom has pointers on how to support yourself to live in the truth of who you are.

    From Fairy Tales into Real Love is how to go beyond "love deals," compromise and roles into relationships that support you be true to yourself. It is possible to be open with your partner about your wants. The article also speaks about being awake to what brings you lasting happiness and if you expect your partner to make you happy, disappointment will soon follow.

    How to have Happy Relationships is based in part on Harville Hendrix's cutting edge imago work. The article covers why we are attracted to someone, how to work together to heal conditioning, how to date in a sane way and how to work with conflict and getting authentic needs met.

    Take Back Your Life is how to get away from the "doing sickness" and bring more spaciousness, sanity and presence into your life.


  • 3068425?profile=RESIZE_320x320* New CD * New Website * Concert Tour *
    This week I've been celebrating the *birth* of my latest musical project 'The Sound of the Dove'. Two years in 'musical utero', five cities and many rewarding ho...urs of writing and recording later, this CD is ready to drop…and fly!!

    I am like a new mother…slightly giddy and somewhat exhausted and relieved…joyful and grateful…eating a lot to keep up…and so excited to share my new baby with the world!!!!

    Please visit my new website to sample the new tracks and get your copy of the new CD!! A four city SW Ontario CD concert launch tour is slated for late May/June…check out the 'events' page.
    Thank you in advance for listening and I look forward to seeing you soon!!
    Share the love.

    Enough Already - A Song for Earth Day

  • Coast to Cascades PEACE Pilgrimage  The 21st Century Oregon Trail

    We are all on a journey every moment of our lives. Like the Oregon Trail of the 1800's, this pilgrimage is about manifesting destiny, our higher purpose, and can be traveled on an inner level, virtually and on an outer level.

    Being PEACE (People Emerging And Consciously Evolving) is the heart of this project

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