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Vocational Dating

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  • Small group sessions for tuning in to deepest heart's desire.

    In the "Forum" of the "Co-creating the Wheel" community, I have published input for people who want to work with others to connect with their deepest heart's desire and their gift to the universe.

    This is based on initial testing done by a small group of participants in Barbara's class of Awakening the New Species.


    These session have been deeply helpful for all of us , and we hope that our experiences can also be valuable for others. 

    Please provide feedback!

  • that is quite wonderful Sue.  

  • I am writing to acknowledge Freed´s suggestion that we meet in small groups to share ´key´moments in our life history as clues to deepen our DHDs; this is what happened to me in our small group of 6 at Freed´s home: after meditation & singing Jeanne style, attuned in our Love Resonance we shared Key Moments of our lives: struggles, conflicts, successes, celebrations (e-motions) as being portals into our DHDs ...After relating my history I could not Contain the Rush of Energy Exploding in me IT literally Burst out of me, my whole body was Vibrating so Fast I felt as if I was Lifting off my chair, I HAD to Share my DHD, my voice changed, it did not feel like the ME I am familiar with Speaking, but The Words were mine, the Passion buried inside was/ is mine: I RecogNise my Soul held this DHD in a previous lifetime, Innate yet Dormant, Disconnected so, unfamiliar yet I have Felt my DHD in this lifetime but without support from others (who dismissed it)  I dismissed it, denied IT ... disillusioned...depressed. Sharing with other HAU was the 1st time I was not ridiculed or worse, received acknowledgment, encoueragement, validation, support: My DHD is to assist others to ReDisCover their Godgiven Birthright of Worthiness, innate selfworth not the fragile superficial window-dressing worth we have been duped into believing we have to earn doing paid work, a convenient way to keep us dependent, fearfull, easy to manipulate (Buckminster Fuller spoke of the nonsense of earning a wage`) many people now have self worth based on how much money they can make! This is endemic so the god of money rules ... I intend to Shine my Light on this Lie illuminating it so people can no longer deny the HOLE they FEEL in their SOUL, wake them up to ReDisCover the Value of what we really depend on: Gaia & Spirit not this manmade distortion creating that soulhole people are so desperate to fill with consumerism; I intend to BeCome IMMITABLE evidencing my experience Recovering from this very Soul-Sickness in the Hope others can immitate to mutate (as NDWalsh says).

    At Freed´s HELD like a baby swaddled (as Patti FB posted) What a Relief to receive so much Compassion, Love & Respect from the 5 HAU members present, I Felt so Nurtured by them, they were my ´INCUBATOR´ I Need that incubator (Container Diane Williams called it on code 29 webinar) as I drive 2500km to a new country & a new life June 22 so I am practising Occupying-BEing that Space (thank you Carolyn) by Consciously Carrying that Feeling with me .... what a blessing that group sharing was, I can not recommend this practise highly enough. Since that night my experience has exponentially expanded, especially the instant Knowing I ReCognised hearing Kryon saying ´´the way forward is to Let Go the Logical need to know How? that very NEED is what´s Blocking US from Ascending! TRUST in Spirit .. & Allow....Feels like HOME,  how I Love Freedom from Linear thinking, already my 3D Experiencing feels more Relaxed, sensing other possibilites (Quantum MD) & then I Felt Healing just by hearing the words at the end ..of this video: Kryon Removes The Final Barrier Keeping You From Ascending, ;

    I received the Lions share of the attention unintentionally for which I no longer apologise, it was what it was meant to be ... we all grew closer & next time someone else may receive the  lion´s share, we all need to be Brave & Coeurage is easier in Unity, I deeply thank all present: Freed, Jenneken, Bernadet, Dana & Fred, WonderFull if we can have a zoom call together next month, in loving service, radiating light xxx


    • What a relief to read this wonderful, touching experience you had in your group, Sue! So deep, alive, true! I'm so grateful that you could feel your " Godgiven Birthright of worthiness, innate selfworth" again! Through your sharing  i could remember this as well! What a blessing! The transformational moment to overcome the pain of being disconnected from my own family makes me move forward opening up for my  spiritual family ...allowing to Be and express myself whole heartedly! So grateful, Vini and Anna-Maria and everyone else for the depths of allowing, opening up and supporting each other ! I can feel your openness, love and  warmth any moment and this gift empowers me to do the next step on the spiral of Evolution! What an exciting "ride"!

      • thank you for replying dearest Oda-Andrea, I pushed the pain of disconnection from my blood family down so far I could not feel it anymore, the denial of course keeping me stuck! As you say out since that wonderful ´release´ I now feel re-connected to everything, it really is like a miracle, My Coeur of previous Ages dormant for so long, now re-Activated by the frequency of our Love Resonance. Now is the Time it is Needed, We are ALL United in raising our love resonance frequency so IT Radiates out & Permeates everywhere attracting souls on earth & galactically to join us! What a relief to know that trying to figure IT all out is actually what is blocking us from ALLOWING & Receiving What ALREADY IS once we TRUST & have Faith, we begin to Feel all we need flowing naturally out of us directed from Universal self ... What a De-Light this is, after years of trying so hard to find purpose & direction, I know intu-I-Shone will reveal all  to me now as I am ready to receive ... no more wondering if I will ever find IT, whatever happens now, I am new, I am excited & best of all, I no longer need to know! I sense you have been working hard on yourself too, now we are all together in resonance things are shifting exponentially, the sum of our parts so much greater than we could be individually, We are HAU, love & light xxx 

        • Dear Sue,

          Thank you for reminding us/me about releasing the thinking Ego and feeling into the Essential and Universal Self. It is so easy - and yet so hard. I keep on reminding myself to listen to my Heart instead of my brain. Love & Light...

  • My ventures into the hub portal have been ongoing and just wonderful. Thus far, my role in the group and wheel has been to stand as a light pillar in the hub and clear and polish my channel so the highest levels of love, light and support can flow through me into the hub and the wheel stabilizing,nourishing and grounding it. At first I thought I was being too generalized as Barbara talked about honing in and clarifying purpose and intention.  As I honed in and clarified, it became clear to me that this was my purpose within the collective.  As I experience and trust my guidance and higher co-creative potential, more and more clarification continues to bubble in. I energetically see and experience our wheel with the hub (fueled by all sectors) as a broadcasting beacon focusing and transmitting group intention and readiness for a planetary awakening in love  and a receiving station for higher guidance support and contact.  X as above so below..... This is a quick and simplistic attempt to describe a much grander  ongoing download

    In my process, I have repeatedly felt and been lured into the one pulse; and recently told that when I align my physical heartrbeat with the one pulse, my awakening into the higher frequency will be complete.  I have also been told that this is true for our collective resonance.  When we as a group align in resonance with the one heart/pulse, we will stabilize in a higher frequency of love, light and awakened awareness. I have experienced this  as both an eye and a diamond heart.  Re membering is so exciting.  I can't wait to fully re-member.  Thank you my friends for co-creating this wonderful moment and opportunity.

    I am not yet as comfortable and conversant with with technology as some seem to be.  I am not feeling it yet as a very real connection with others.  I have not been able to figure out how the richer connections that are forming through this technology/site are happening.  I think, based on how few the numbers and conversations seem to be that I am not the only one who hasn't figured out how or..... I haven't found my way into where it is really happening.  Anyway, this is my earnest attempt to end my separation and figure out how to show up and connect on this site. Much love to you all.   Now, back to working at loving the ones who are proceeding so differently than me ....ongoing piece of work : )

    • I so feel like this, thank you. I really need to find my voice.

    • Dear Alana, I So Appreciate & Resonate with your deep & wise words, i n Barbara´s earlier ACE training I was a Space Holder for the Group Resonance & until very recently on this WonderFULL Code journey we are sharing I considered this offering ´´not enough´´. I so respect the urgent need for Sector Specific contribution but without professional expertise was agonising over HOW, WHAT can I DO in this respect? Especially since I feel DHDesires in at least 3 Sectors but without Direction what to do?

      By code 27 I realised that raising My own Frequency within our United Resonant Field of Love Co-cooning the Hub IS the most important Contribution I can Offer thus Supporting & Strengthening our Resonance IN-Abling ÍT´to BEcome Stable &  Resilient Enough to Flourish no matter What! & to Attract others ... I could write So much more, but I am moving country for the 3rd time in 6 months next week so at this linear time particulary my 3D life needs attention! I felt called to acknowledge you & your higher realm posting during Code 29 call on tuesday, the Magetism of the Universe calling us! 

      I am not comfortable with technology; LONG for the time Humanity again functions from love, integrity & Purity of intention IN-Abling Our Return Telepathic to Communication & instant manifestation, with Light, Love & Respect, Sue 



        My heart desire: Creating shared bodies through an awareness of love and beauty

        My gift is insight and creative words. the sectors on the wheel I graviate to are communication and spirituality

    I look foward to sharing in smaller groups on line


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