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  • I am here to service the path of perception into mastery and unity. As a visionary, healer, speaker, leader and writer, I am working towards having the capacity to gift my service to the global shift. 

    I have personally studied everything from unified physics, energy healing, the creative process, self-mastery, human consciousness and reorginasiation based around soul purpose. 

    I would love the opportunity to share my ideas, cocreate and meet like-mninded people. Australia still seems a bit behind the times with the right kind of people to talk about this stuff. 

    I am up for advancing shift groups and weaving networks.

    xxx much love, Laing

  • Addict, Servant and Elchi of All encompassing LoVe, Visionary, Artist at large, Multifaceted Caretaker of Life, Curator, Editor, Publisher, Collective Connector...  SEE World Servers Collective for more about me and some of the work ive been doing online.  <3 Love all+ways, Karen Gayle aka karing4u, univisions  

    • Beautiful art .


    What is it you want for yourself, for your family, for your community, and for Humanity? When you look out into the world and see the way that Humanity has evolved, and come to realise that Humanity is the collective reflection of all the individuals in world, does it make you stop and think, ‘How has it come to this?’ Or does it make you stop and think, ‘Alright Humanity, way to go’. Or are you aware of aspects that are good, aspects that are not so good, and aspects that need improvement? Is the world that you are living in getting more complex? Perhaps so complex that you cannot possibility comprehend what is happening, or where Humanity is going, so that you find you are distancing yourself and beginning to live a more isolated life, where what is important to you is only that which you see in your neighbourhood?

    The evolution of Humanity is by no means set in stone. We still have wars, bloodshed and violence. Our nuclear capability still affords us the ability to destroy ourselves and millions of other species along with us….and yet there are plenty of happy people going about their daily business, as if what is happening in the world is none of their business. 

    Can Human Consciousness solve all the problems Humanity faces, and yet still retain the ‘fun’ elements? The path of human evolution is still open for debate as to whether we have it in us to create a more peaceful, harmonious and sustainable way of life. Are you up for the debate? Understanding Human Consciousness is the first step to understanding how great you personally are and how great we and Humanity can be, through our collective creativity and potential. From there arises an understanding of what you truly want for yourself, for your family, your community and for Humanity. 

    Simon Rowe, Co-creator of UnityNow.

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