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  • I would like to share an open letter to join "Project One Focus, Billions of Voices".   I am a sacred activist and community facilitator over a wide area of subjects.  I have a passion to serve all life during the 21st century shift in evolutionary consciousness, and move our current governance from dominance-style to partnership-style.  I'm a go-getter type of spiritual woman, and independent New Thought Minister.

    The following will tell you more about me than I ever could. 

    Are you interested in the co-creation of a new global point of view?  I am, and so are my friends. Are you ready to put your energies into what your heart tells you are actions so desperately needed in our modern world? During the beginning of the twenty-first century, we have discovered a sad societal truth: humanity’s narcissistic tendency has expanded.  Global leaders have “power over” humanity’s finances and well-being.  Nonetheless, there are more of us than there are of them; and it is the intention of this group to activate the power inherent within each of us, to collectively change the world as we engage in Sacred Activism networks, hopefully led by you and your friends.

     We want to facilitate a change in perception for all of humanity that is long overdue. Love-in-action through Sacred Activism will help us empower humanity versus the corporate and political “death machine,” as defined by Andrew Harvey, an international author and scholar who coined the term Sacred Activist.  Will you please consider joining us? 

    We do not want to ask you for money.  We do not need to ask you to do anything you would not volunteer for, because your heart naturally guides you towards Sacred Activism in its fullest sense.  Project One Focus, Billions of Voices is a global, one-day event that is now entering its “committee” phase.  Well-respected individuals, like you, are now asked to join this global event and share your expertise. The event is a shared focus of Intentional Co-Creation as we speak our truth to power, utilizing Affirmations that have the energy to change current trends leading us into the devolution of all life. 

    Each of us is a power center of unimaginable focus and strength.  Learn more about who you really are, and what you can accomplish in your life at our new website: You see, we are all individual aspects of Universal Mind, or God, or Source Creator; please feel free to call this unified consciousness whatever you prefer.  Once we awaken en-masse we are able to initiate change around the world as never before witnessed, even during the times of humanity’s religious prophets and saviors.

    I hope that you will consider writing affirmations to empower human consciousness activation, or share the finalized affirmations with your audiences, around the world.  If your specialty is as the host of a radio show, for instance, I hope you will read the finalized affirmations on-air.  If you are an author, I hope you will join our committee and share the birth of our event with your readers.  Or, if you are a media or television personality, please consider how you might be on the forefront of this new movement as a spokesperson.  I hope you will want to help everyone take a stand against inequality, injustice, and global de-stabilization.  You could have a starring role in this opportunity.

     This message is from my heart to yours, Cassandra;;; and my phone number is 512-351-9566.  I would enjoy sharing this vision with you and answering any questions you may have.  Thank you.

    • This is onederful Rev. Cassandra!If you need a place where this community can connect or you have more to share about it, I would invite you to Create a new Group under the Community tab. Then you and/or your members can Create Disscussions and have threaded conversations about whatever evolves. If you want any help with this just ask. My contact info is here. Demo and help.

  • I am proud to have served the Foundation for Conscious Evolution as a volunteer since 1998.  From the days in the garage putting notebooks together to the current monthly Care Focus meditations, my goal has always been to serve. To serve in whatever way needed, until all mankind Evolves. 

    • I envy your closeness to Barbara and her work. She is such an inspiration. 1998 was a good year. I received my calling that year too and have spent this whole time trying to figure out how to fulfill it. What a blessing to be able to have a life of service rather than surviving.

  • Years ago, I led Presence groups to help people connect with Presence/Spirit/Innate Intelligence.... that something "more" beyond personality, thoughts and beliefs. Attendance grew by 40% each group and I got overwhelmed with finding bigger spaces and what it required so I didn't continue.  I feel Spirit has given me a template on how to help groups enter into Presence and communicate with it and work with it.  You can see by the testimonials on the site how powerful it was.  

    While I'm not up to leading the groups anymore unless help with logistics happened and space was provided, I would like to join with others who have a passion to commune with Presence and let it express through us and learn how it can transform our lives and our the world around us. Presence wants to partner with us. You may want to see what we explored at
    I think we are moving away from the paradigm of following one teacher into The One Presence teaching thru all the group members.  I also hold Presence sessions to help people have a direct experience of the truth of their being.  More info on the Private Sessions tab at the web address below.

    How to get a Quick overview of the work:

    In the middle of the Home page, levels 1-3 and also the round graph at very bottom of the page, give a good quick overview. 

     The Presence Groups tab, items 4,5,6,9 & 10 share how to create Group Presence and communicate with Presence. 

     Valerie's message has the Vision of what I feel groups working with Presence can accomplish.  

     The About tab has my original song video called "Gonna Make Love The Bottom line that many folks have posted rave comments about on YouTube.  Also are poems I've written and articles published in mags. "The Way to Freedom," talks about how to live from the flow of our true being and Presence.

  • Addict, Servant and Elchi of All encompassing LoVe, Visionary, Artist at large, Multifaceted Caretaker of Life, Curator, Editor, Publisher, Collective Connector...  SEE World Servers Collective for more about me and some of the work ive been doing online.  Love allways, Karen Gayle aka karing4u, univisions  

    • Your work is a really amazing resource guide to so much good in the world. I had started to do something similar in the Community, Spiritual Teachers. I would love for you to Add a Discussion on the Forum tab that explains your site and links to it. I just can't even imagine how many beautiful hours you have put into this onederful connection to so much of the Good in the world. Thank you so much for all your effort.  I would invite you to Create a Group in Community also and do this same thing or more.

      I would really love to talk to you. All my contact info is here

      Love & Peace, Janet 

  • Not sure whether this belongs in Spirituality, Hub, Relations, or Governance, but if you don't yet know about Vistar Circles, find out about them.

    Here, in Venice, Florida, we meet in the sacred space of circle once a week to share our thoughts and stories about the topic of the week. Topics range from Intention to What Can We Really Know? to Lighten Up. By speaking transparently from the heart and listening deeply to the contributions of others, we bond at an almost metaphysical level. By the end of the meeting, no one wants to leave.

  • For those interested in meeting regularly via GoToMeeting with other very conscious people residing in the USA and UK, check out Each of us brings our unique skills and background to the group. These include astrology, body work, EFT, word energy healing, 5D healing, Access Consciousness, torus breathing, visualization, David Hawkins kinesiology testing, and many others. The entire group meets once a week with different members facilitating. In addition, we meet once a week with one other member in the group, rotating members every four weeks.

    We are beginning to do some sacred activism as a group, beginning with the current desecration of Warm Mineral Springs, North Port, FL, by a corrupt collusion of politicians and developers.


    We all have a ‘religion’, which is the set of principles, morals, codes and ethics by which we step forwards into life and which we call our Self. We test ourselves daily against that religion of ‘One’, refining and fine-tuning until we become confident and certain that our way is the right way, for us. Some are content with that, though others go on to spread the word of ‘Their Way’ being the right and only way, and through that, those that are vulnerable, and those that agree, become willingly and less willingly drawn into that particular way of living in the world. The danger with asserting any one approach to life as a doctrine is the friction it causes to arise between one approach and another, from the fundamentalist and extremist perspective. Whether Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism, each has its fundamentalist and extremist perspective, despite the avocation of religious tolerance in the mainstream.

    Is it a generalisation to say that all religions have an element of religious intolerance at the heart of their love for life? What we know is that we are all people of the Earth, and that we are all inextricably linked to Humanity. As we raise our conscious awareness of unity through diversity, and the opening of the heart as the single most powerful action that will allow Love to flow from one person to another, then we raise ourselves out of our own religious dogma and beliefs, into the light that connects all of Humanity; a recognition of our own and our collective spiritual experience.

    Simon Rowe, Co-creator of UnityNow

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