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  • Hello Everyone,  I am passionate about The Wisdom of Earth and how connecting with this enhances and contribute to our awaken as a Homo Universalis. I am participating in the Barbara Marx Hubbrd inquiry Awakening the New Species and I am looking to engage and co-create with others who hold a love of Mother Earth and her natural wisdom.  Here is a links to our website Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom and facebook is CTEW Facebook Page.  

    Looking forward to participating in this community.


    • Hi Ann, Thank you for sharing your site, it is very beautiful. I am in the north of England and have recently become an Earth Trustee with Mission Life Force. Our environment is threatened by fracking being forced upon local communities. It has brought many caring people together who want to protect our water and the Earth from such destruction. We pray that it won't happen and that more people will stand up again such wrongdoing! I am grateful to the activist community for becoming such a family. We also do ceremony and bring spirituality to the cause. Blessings and love.

      • Hello Hilary - thank you for you message and for you appreciation of our website - lots of love went into creating it :)

        Wishing your community activities well.  My husband is a trustee of the charity Earth Balance which is located in Northumbria which aims to bring a holistic approach to large scale projects.  Is there a on-line space to follow your community  activities.  XXXXXxxx

  • Hi everyone, I'm interested in sharing and collaborations that engage others in connecting with their inner true Self through art, guided meditation and energy medicine. Some of my  offerings/solutions are group Art Rituals™, paintings, guided meditation, energy medicine and intuitive sessions. If I can be of assistance or if you have an idea for a collaboration, please let me know.

    Paintings and Healing Sessions for Nurturing Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.
    Intuitive painting. Chakra Balancing, Energy Medicine, Therapeutic Massage in Santa Fe, NM, Intuitive Guidance, Goddess Energy Portraits, Psychosynth…
    • Hello Beth - Loved you website and wishing you well with your adventures.  I trained in a Meso-American tradition called the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge with the Ehama Institute in New Mexico. ( I live in Scotland)  We spent many happy hours post ceremony time in Santa Fe and I just loved being there.  A beautiful place on Mother Earth.  Much appreciation to you.  xxx

      Paintings and Healing Sessions for Nurturing Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.
      Intuitive painting. Chakra Balancing, Energy Medicine, Therapeutic Massage in Santa Fe, NM, Intuitive Guidance, Goddess Energy Portraits, Psychosynth…
      • Ann, thank you and the Ehama institute looks so interesting. I've been in New Mexico 10 years and am amazed to always be learning of new things like that here. Nice to meet you! 

        Paintings and Healing Sessions for Nurturing Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.
        Intuitive painting. Chakra Balancing, Energy Medicine, Therapeutic Massage in Santa Fe, NM, Intuitive Guidance, Goddess Energy Portraits, Psychosynth…
  • I am an intuitive empath and Light Worker. Formerly an artist, I now provide Intuitive Life Coaching and Reiki/Energy Healing to people locally and also world wide, via phone and Skype. I am pleased to be part of this community.

    Below are my websites which I invite you to visit ~

    My general website ~

     Heart of a Healer 

    My  Intuitive Life Coaching Website ~                           

    Open into Change 

    Home | Heart of a Healer
  • I would like to share an open letter to join "Project One Focus, Millions of Voices".   I am a sacred activist and community facilitator over a wide area of subjects.    I have a passion to serve all life during the 21st century shift in evolutionary consciousness, and move our current governance from dominance-style to partnership-style.  I'm a go-getter type of spiritual woman, and independent New Thought Minister.

    The following will tell you more about me than I ever could. 

    Are you interested in the co-creation of a new global point of view?  I am, and so are my friends. Are you ready to put your energies into what your heart tells you are actions so desperately needed in our modern world? During the beginning of the twenty-first century, we have discovered a sad societal truth: humanity’s narcissistic tendency has expanded.  Global leaders have “power over” humanity’s finances and well-being.  Nonetheless, there are more of us than there are of them; and it is the intention of this group to activate the power inherent within each of us, to collectively change the world as we engage in Sacred Activism networks, hopefully led by you and your friends.

     We want to facilitate a change in perception for all of humanity that is long overdue. Love-in-action through Sacred Activism will help us empower humanity versus the corporate and political “death machine,” as defined by Andrew Harvey, an international author and scholar who coined the term Sacred Activist.  Will you please consider joining us? 

    We do not want to ask you for money.  We do not need to ask you to do anything you would not volunteer for, because your heart naturally guides you towards Sacred Activism in its fullest sense.  Project One Focus, Millions of Voices is a global, one-day event that is now entering its “committee” phase.  Well-respected individuals, like you, are now asked to join this global event and share your expertise. The event is a shared focus of Intentional Co-Creation as we speak our truth to power, utilizing Affirmations that have the energy to change current trends leading us into the devolution of all life. 

    Each of us is a power center of unimaginable focus and strength.  Learn more about who you really are, and what you can accomplish in your life at our new website: The "Multiple You" Universe You see, I "know" myself as an individual aspect of unified consciousness, a collectively conscious Creator that many call God, and I respect whatever you prefer to name this magnificence.  Once we awaken en-masse we are able to initiate change around the world as never before witnessed, even during the times of humanity’s religious prophets and saviors.

    I hope that you will consider writing affirmations to empower human consciousness activation, or share the finalized affirmations with your audiences, around the world.  A team of us will host  a radio show that is easily accessed.  I hope you will  join us and read the finalized affirmations provided to you for the on-air event.   I hope you will want to help everyone take a stand against inequality, injustice, and global de-stabilization.  Your energy as a co-creator is a starring role in this public event.

    Call: 512-294-0377;; and

    If you have seen our older websites, they have now lapsed and the above will take you to my book page where I am also letting you know about the upcoming event.  Beloveds, we can cocreate the heaven on earth we have always been attracted to in this cycle. Thank you.

    Rev. Cassandra Martin

    • This is onederful Rev. Cassandra!If you need a place where this community can connect or you have more to share about it, I would invite you to Create a new Group under the Community tab. Then you and/or your members can Create Disscussions and have threaded conversations about whatever evolves. If you want any help with this just ask. My contact info is here. Demo and help.

  • I am proud to have served the Foundation for Conscious Evolution as a volunteer since 1998.  From the days in the garage putting notebooks together to the current monthly Care Focus meditations, my goal has always been to serve. To serve in whatever way needed, until all mankind Evolves. 

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