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  • I have always loved small children and earned a teaching credential but only ever did substitute teaching. Later got elected to the school board but only served for one year due to family illness. I always felt that there had to be a better way to educate than the current system of memorizing unimportant facts and details about things in the past or ideas conceived by others. Thinking skills are almost never mentioned as well as ‘how to be human ‘. Can the new human address this gaping problem or will we only compound it?  I wish to be part of the solution. 

  • Golden Innovations for the sector-field of Education (from the book 'Breakthrough Solutions' by Eleanor LeCain):

    - Deborah Meier, Mission Hill School ;  and her website

    Then, I would mention Rudolf Steiner with his Waldorf Schools (worldwide now around 1000) as another candidate. Not to forget the Finnish schoolsystem (without homework!) as one of the best in the world.

  • Since we started the " Intensive"  I find myself in a new birthing  process, coming back home to Source. Life gives me a chance to free myself from what  isn't meant to me anymore. All these are steps on the way back towards our pure Essential and Universal Self. How can we live fulfillment, freedom and peace in ourselves and  in the evolutionary process until we umbrace  Love on it's Highest level ? Respecting and welcoming each other as thriving Devine Humans, expressing our Highest Potential? On the depths our our Being everybody is filled with stories- the real, mythic stories ( e.g.death and resurrection) help us  to remember our sacred vocation- they inspire our unfolding into a meaningful whole and are essential to our social transformation.


    HUB- my biggest heart's desire is:

    -Fulfillment and realisation of  the new spezies of Homo Amore Universalis as  part of  conscious evolution

    -through blissful sharing  of our life story as a message  to become aware of the veil between this world and other extended realities

    - supporting e.o. to live and celebrate our highest potentials

    - freeing and expressing the power of love from inside out on all levels of life within the wheel of co-creation


    Circle  of resonance

    what I can give is :

    - my  trust into existance and "yes" to the power of  Ultimate Love, eternal life, light and joy

    - gratefulness for being able to share what has been given to me

    - communication with source and other dimensions

    - background information concerning  higher purpose beyond questions through

    - highly expanded  insights  concerning our lifes, projects, relationships etc.

    - through different Resonant Field Programmes and other Transformational and Spiritual Work


    What I need

    As I almost have  no computer knowledge, I need an easy way/platform to communicate and share informations,

    -people of interest, translation German/ Englisch, if needed, technical and financial support or other possibilities to get started a new chapter of  life.


     DNA/ Devine Natural Awareness (Neale D. Walsch) of my deepest heart desire

    -natural, blissful awakening  and ascension of all life through Evolutionary Love as a new Species : HOMO  AMORE UNIVERSALIS

    - building bridges between the old and the new worlds and

    - co-creating  balance between the possible and the "impossible"

    -  at the same time focussing on our Highest gifts and being open to recieve GOD'S Grace  in gratefulness


    Finally: Thank you all trying to understand my English " language" I often have to laugh about myself!!! But in case we'll have to learn to communicate with other universal beings, this is a good start to try :-))))) !!!

    Meet in the Hub
  • Oda-Andrea Wilke Rollé My biggest heart's desire (HUB) is to live the power of the" Big Love" beyond (the fear of) death as a whole being on all levels of life. Only Love can transform destructive powers!.I could never have imagined the consequences of that desire! It started to manifest even more powerful since i met Barbara Marx Hubbard in September 2017 in Zürich on each level of my life: On the physical level I had serveral out of body successive heart attacs, where I learned to simply watch, trusting my Universal Self without reacting or interfering. On the emotional and feeling heart-level it became very painful to realise that my husband out of the blue wanted to leave our 28 year long marriage inspite of all the spiritual guidance and love we had shared from the very beginning- I still can't believe it! This happend at Christmas time. But I'm trusting that there is meaning, higher sence and guidance in it. I looked into our past-lifes and I'm dealing with it now very carefuly.I feel inspired from you, Helen, to look into our future life's as well as you did! And connecting past and future lives as well! When I look into the Circle of Resonance i become aware to continue building bridges from the old to the new worlds. Integrating holistic ways to communicate with the Source on individual and other levels through different resonance fields. Looking back to the mental level I had many insights and "AHA'S and could see how important it is that each of us can follow it's individual potential but mostly our Devine Nature as a whole. On the spiritual level (at Easter) a moment came, where I ended up in the darkest moment of my life. As a result of a meditation I asked myself: "what was the real sense of my life until now ?...and ended up in the darkest place i had ever stepped into and listened:"It was all for nothing!"( in German language= umsonst) That moment felt like Death! No-thing, No-body, No-where, No-time ...surprisingly a sudden awareness appeared, as if the energy switched into a higher, lighter, singing tone and frequency:" es ist alles umsonst"= it is all for no-thing= in the sense of "it's all a gift!!! This moment felt like Crucification and Resurrection at the same time! One night i dreamt that I was again in that dark noosphere, But this time i was holding a torch in my hand and turning around i realised a whole supporting field of light beings behind ... and as we moved through that doorway- a pupil- from inside out we entered into the full spectrum of a rainbow life right into this awesome painting from Sylvia De Courcy-Wheeler! What a surprize! Looking back into the DNA of my deepest heart desire i'm aware of an uprising spiral seeing the wholeness of all life in the process of an awakening and ascending process through EVOLUTIONARY LOVE as a new HOMO AMORE BEING!

    Oda-Andrea Wilke Rollé
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  • Is anyone do empowerment with teenagers?  I have a young friend that needs to interview people who do this for a summit he is doing for a project with PACE in Mexico.. The sooner the better please email me if you are interested, he needs to complete it this month ;)))  Kundi 

    • Hi Kundi, my evolutionary daughter Amanda acts to empower teenagers in multiple ways. This is her primary daily activity. Shes about to go to china to facilitate a 2 week youth camp. her email is, love Helen

  • My deepest heart’s desire (so far – it may deepen and widen with each day)

    My path to find ‘the right’ sector started at ‘relation’ (as I have worked a lot in that field as a coach), went to ‘environment’ (as I and my partner Hans love and honour mother earth and all its creatures deeply) to finally arrive in ‘education’. Why?

    Because I have always felt (during my own schooltime and the one of my now adult children) how painful exclusion was, how any form of comparison destructively affected creativity, joy and playfulness, how shameful one could feel when what was achieved was rated as ‘not enough’, how much of the power and miracle of heartfelt wishes got weakend or replaced by reasonable thinking – all in the frame of a schoolsystem still mainly in charge of the ‘education’…

    My heart beats deeply for children, for the childnature in all the vertical (child in children, child in adults, child in old people) and horizontal range (from childnature that wants to shine on a stage to the childnature who loves to hide in a cave).

    We need to learn to honour children’s dreams and potentials (again). We need to create a pleasurable and safe space so that children dare revealing, exploring, experiencing, expressing and expanding their potential and keep connected to their hearts desires – which keeps them connected to the source and to the power of manifestation. We need to show what compassion and cooperation is by being role models. What we went through as human beings and what we have experienced and learnt from (‘the wound is the door’) makes us experts and role models (and not necessarily what we learnt with our mind).

    What Hans and I would like to create:

    Me (with 3ha wild land in Piemonte, Italy) and my partner Hans (with around 5 ha farming land with forest and an own spring near Basel, Switzerland) would like to create a big garden (we call the project ‘soul farming’) of diversity, beauty and mystery, including the 5 elements (wind, water, fire, earth, metal), with gifts for the heart and all our senses, a place full of wonder and surprises and possible discoveries (with all that mother earth and all her creatures have to offer), also for observing, relaxing, enjoying and contemplating. A place where the childnature in all of us feels invited and hopefully can heal (if needed) or simply be and enjoy.

    We want to offer wild herbs and wild fruit, gardening and cooking (how to nurture ourselves well), taking care of animals, various rituals, the possibility of handcrafting, of creating (painting, singing, dancing, storytelling), of joy, laughter and lightfulness.


    We are very open for supplementary ideas and would love to hear of other projects with a similar intention.


    What we need most:

    To start this project, we first need to build a new residential building (as the old is too old and cannot be restored). We would have enough space for around 4 apartments (in the one building) – we would be willing to sell 2 of them if anyone would be interested and willing to invest.

    We would also need a deeper knowledge of new entrepreneurship or how to start a community with people with same dreams

    What we can offer:

    Hans can invent and then build about everything, has a huge barn with great variety of tools

    Me (Vini) has deep experience in traumahealing (including indigenous ways), of empowering inner resources, of heart communication that I like to share with everyone who is interested


    • Hi Vini, i deeply relate to your deepest hearts desire. It's funny that the vision you and Hans wish to create encompasses many themes i am practicing and passionate about creating too.

      For years i've known my mission is, "to heal mother earth and her people", and like Barbara's vision this seems too much for me to create, yet i know this is real and true for me. By heal, i mean 'bring to balance harmony and love as one being'. Recently my daughter helped me realise another way of expressing this, to have humanity self actualized as one unified divine family, one with the planet and all that is. Which is Homo Amore Universalis birthed on earth.

      In particular we grow food sustainably on our 4 acres, and practice organic permaculture principles; we are gradually developing a climate cooling, rain attracting and edible food forest, because we love the soil and natural eco systems; we host travelers who see, learn, and help with sustainable projects, and so they feel what it is to 'be in one loving human family'; we are increasingly involved in local permaculture and landcare groups; have a love for wild places, so go camping, kayaking, treking, as a meditative practice, and to be aware of the state of our great land. We aide others in getting out into nature, knowing it creates wellbeing and togetherness/one-withness; we have particular care for young adults wellbeing through inclusion in outdoor adventures. And have recently commited Peter&myself to help government-education department/along with our national parks service, in creating outdoor adventures with parents/grandparents and children through interactive bushwalks, as the government has told us their competitive sports programs in schools is failing to engage children. Our pilot guided walk runs in October; I have studied and evolved 'parenting method/role' in the life of the child, consciously since i was 4 years of age, and have had the great honour of enjoying raising my 3 young adult children. And am ready to create new Homo amore universalis systems/methods(looking vertical), for raising/loving the child into being their self actualized brilliance, that they emerge/birth in life with; I am a tallented healer, and heal(bring to balance in me) being self responsible for all that comes into my experience triggering an inner resonance in me. this is always a daily practice with individuals, the collective humanity and our dear planet. I have aimed to experience total wellbeing, longevity/eternality, harmony with all, full divine self expression(my self actualization), by methods that feel true resonant easy and instantly effective, such that i feel ready to share now in a way that can be a reference for humanity, linking to evolutionary healing wellbeing methods 'to benefit all for all time'.

      So in the healing practice, passion to aide children, love the soil, and love to share with everyone, we seem to have united aligned purpose Vini. :-) If i can be of any service to your vision, let us have a conversation. Lots of love towards your vision come true, Love Helen xox

    • Wow Vini, 

      Einfach wunderbar!!! Awesome!!!

      Ich tanze vor Freude und jubiliere! Ich bin dabei! Das tönt wie die Fortsetzung der Vision, die wir schon vor 30 Jahren in Deutschland begonnen haben.

      Glitzer und Segen über über das ganze Land!

      An Pfingsten führte mich ein innerer  Ruf  ins Emmental zu einem "Dance of the heart und einem Schamanistischen Ritual", um die Erde in den Himmel zu führen. Ca. 70-80 Teilnehmer tanzten über zwei Stunden lang mit verbundenen Augen ihren ecstatischen Tanz zu Klängen der ganzen Welt. Dabei wurde mir eine Einweihung in einen Sechsstern mit drei Kreisen im Zentrum(s. Wheel of Co-creation)geschenkt, über die der Schamane zum Abschluss von sprach. Für mich bedeutete diese Zeremonie die alte Welt in die neue Welt zu überführen und ich fühlte so eine Dankbarkeit! Mehr darüber am nächsten Donnerstag, wenn wir uns wiedersehen! Der neue Zyklus hat begonnen!

      Nach Abschluss der Zeremonie erschienen drei riesige Regenbögen über dem Land!

      Mir war bewusst, dass die Neue Welt geboren war!

      voller Dankbarkeit


  • Hi, Benoite Cécila

    Thank you very much for making contact with me! I would love to meet you,too! When do you have time? You can reach me tel: 041 371 04 66



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