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Vocational Dating

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  • To Kundi and all,

    The model to which I refer is much more emcompassing than simply putting a concept or methodology into place in an esxisting system. This holds true for all 15 of my innovative participants who operate educational institutions under the holistic orientation framework. I am now writing proposals for both my books and will have a respectable overview available perhaps by the end of the  month. I plan to first publish Ebooks, perhaps in October. At the request of the founder of the model school, I will write my second book which shares my outsider's perspective of his success. A select few have read and been amazed by the results I disclosed in my MA thesis.  If you are informed as to the history and current definition of holistic education, and perhaps are a proponent of the educational revolution underway globally being led by the holistic orientation, you will likely appreciate both the depth and simplicity of these models. These models represent many courageous, unselfish acts  on the part of their leaders and members. I just had the privilege of receiving my MA and walked across the stage for the second time of one of the most experiential, self-directed, holistic colleges the US has to offer. Yet in my remarks,  i encouraged ,"Prescott College is the most progressive school I have found in the US. I commend the founders and board for their courage in stepping out of the box to create a relevant and responsive educational system. Having said that, I would add from my research, you have a far way to go in comparison with holistic models around the world". We all have lots of work ahead if our children, and the next seven generations, are to not only survive- but thrive.  I also plan to offer presentations and create a global website, somewhat like this one in nature, to bring together my participants in deep dialog and collaboration, and hopefully attract thousands of like mind to create a much greater and stronger whole to support Our Children, Our Future.

  • I would really love to see the proven educational model created 30 years ago that is capable of developing the new universal humanity in three short generations.  I would love to be a part of putting that into schools.  I would also be delighted to help with the educational sector of the wheel, please let me know how I can help.   My email is or phone (831) 884-5488.   I will look forward to reading your work too Connie.  

  • " Education is the greatest weapon which one can use to change the world", stated Nelson Mandala. I will be delighted to help create this sector of the wheel. I recently contucted a global research project entitled Our Children, Our Future, where I discovered the most innovative models of the holistic framework, the six core essences that beat at the very heart of this orientation, unexpected results that offer simple, working solutions to major global issues, and a proven educational model created 30 years ago capable of developing the new universal humanity in three short generations, and thus changing the world. My work thus far is published in my MA thesis, but will be in ebook by fall, and print by Jan. 2015. The first book of my discoveries will be followed by a second focusing on this amaging model and community of people.  You may contact me at 970-799-3963 or

    • You sound like my sister-in-law, Belinda Hardin. Amazing work!!

  • For those of you who haven't yet heard of Wisdom University, check it out: Faculty includes Andrew Harvey, Carolyn Myss, Raymond Moody, Jim Garrison, Will Taegel, Carolyn Yost, Calen Rayne, and many others.



    We begin education from the moment we are born. Perhaps not consciously, though automatic responses guide us into making the ‘right’choices. Self-education is our primary tool for understanding and engaging in the world, and continues to be so when we come into contact with our mainstream social education systems, where we are taught the ways of the world and the best ways to engage and survive. Generally, mainstream education is taught in a particular way that suits some and not others. Is there an education system that can be broad enough and flexible enough to cater for the wide variety of ways in which people learn, that gives all that engage in the educational system the best chance to learn in their preferred manner?

    The subject areas taught throughout the educational system are wide ranging, though is the system geared towards educating and creating someone that fits in with society at the loss of their own individuality? Are our children being taught the most beneficial skill sets for the 21st Century?

    Education does not cease once we exit the education system. Should we, as Humanity, ensure the free availability and accessibility of self-development education on a continuous basis? What is the purpose of the education system? What is it trying to achieve?

    Simon Rowe, Co-creator of UnityNow.

  • I am looking for people to help write new memes for the Education Sector of the Wheel of Co-Creation. We have already completed the Spirituality Sector and The Economic Sector. The Health Care is underway.  It is most helpful to have a least two people who have their profession in  this sector, ie. a doctor and a nurse will participate with me in writing the health care memes.  It doesn't take much time...3-3.5 hours of phone conversation or Zoom, and an hour of individual writing.  If you are interested please email me at: 

    Blessings, Laurie

    • Hi Laurie, I'm in!  Let's do this!  Writing the new memes for the Education Sector, my number is (831) 884-5488, I'm here to brainstorm.  Much love and blessings, Kundi

  • This picture is a vision of how I see myself in the world, transforming softly.   My name as I am called by friends and the children I teach is Ms. Kundi, Kundi Hess.  My birth name is Fredda Darleen Hess.  I have been called Ms. Kundi for the past 15 years.  Kundi is short for Kundalini which was described to me as the 'warmth of 10,000 suns'.  I have done healing work for the past 40 years (part time for the past 12 years) because I went into teaching school, 8 years for at-risk kids in Alternative education and the past 5 years substitute teaching in Texas and back home here in California.  I have a beautiful son who now lives in Australia and is 45 years young, and a beautiful daughter here in Salinas who is 38 and is in a program for bipolar dual diagnoses (doing good today).  I am living in Pacific Grove California and love it, it gives me the peace I need to go into the school system and be my peaceful self. 

    I really need help to introduce Mindfulness Education into the Salinas School system, I'm at a loss to as to how to do that, but it needs to be done and if not me?  Who? 

  • BIO: DiNahMari  Machado (aka DiNahMa/MagMama)  Visit Rouge Valley Connecting the Good FB Group page for updates:-)

    Born in Long Beach CA, (9/14/1946); moved to Hollywood at age 3.5; raised Catholic w/my 4 sisters; earned a BA in History from UC Irvine in '71; married '69 thru '74; have 1 daughter & 3 sons; moved to So. OR in '80 to live in alignment with Collective Consciousness within a Melchizedek Community of Light for 15 yrs, (where I was anointed into the Brotherhood & Priesthood of Melchizedek) ; worked for Michael's Holding Co. (a construction & landscape business growing out of our communal need for funds) until 2000; additionally, from 1995 til 2010, I functioned as a Mary Kay Consultant, "Enriching Women's Lives," expanding it into a full-time career; after 2000, I became a member of Beta Sigma Phi-Wms. International Social & Service Sorority (7 yrs.); simultaneously & intentionally, in the late '90's, I set out on a path of greater self-discovery = AVATAR Course Graduate; by 2005, I began working at RE/MAX Ideal Brokers as a Front Desk Receptionist (under the radar, infusing UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of Self & all those with whom I connect, in this Real Estate FIELD as a  'business operating on the Front Lines of these economic trenches of the old paradigm'); continuing my Spiritual inquiry, I  became a member of the Rogue Valley Center for Spiritual Living (RVCSL) in 2010 & am presently, a facilitator of Spiritual Cinema Circle;  I became a graduate & ACE Mentor, out of Barbara Marx Hubbard's Courses (2010 thru 2012) = Collective Evolutionary Metamorphosis; ACE I & II; Emergence Course & Mentor Training Program+Birth 2012 (12/22/12) Participant/Local Organizer; currently, I am the RVCSL Evolutionary HUB Coordinator + CONNECTING THE GOOD Facilitator!  
     I embrace the Global Heart Vision of a World that Works for everyone...
    Encourage the facilitation of our Inner Wisdom expressing from
    Within OUR Authentic ESSENTIAL Core Being as a TRANSFORMATIONAL Practice!
    Being born in time to come of age in Hollywood during the 1960's, I experienced  the power of a Cultural Revolution, creating extreme shifts in Mass Consciousness.  By the Mid-1970's, I had earned a BA in History & had recognized how resilient the Collective Human Spirit can be! What is true in the Heart of the People will ultimately, prevail...over suppression & intimidation...Humanity's highest aspirations, carry US forward toward OUR Natural Alignment with what is GOOD...a built-in compass seeking "True North!"
     From this understanding, I gained inner direction toward fulfilling my Life Purpose = actively participating in the transcendent shift of Mass Human Consciousness into ENLIGHTENMENT...The Age of SACRED UNITY (or Aquarius :-) 
    After more than 30 years,  I am able to see the pattern of SISTERHOOD throughout my life!  From my 9 paternal-ancestral aunts & 4 blood sisters (who each serve their spiritual calling to uplift humanity); to being considered one of the 8 special "Sisters" to assist my close friend, Grace, who co-founded the Melchizedek Community, after visits from the "Brotherhood of LIGHT" (these Archangels promised her that she could embody her Light Being here on Earth with help from these Sisters...I now know that Grace & I are part of the Peiladian Sisters!), who instructed her to vibrationally hold the energy grid for "anchoring the Divine Feminine more deeply into the Earthplane", which I believe WE did, collectively; to the Mary Kay & Beta Sigma Phi Sisterhoods, plus, BMH Mentors, who focus on expressing the of Divine Feminine, in our daily lives, through loving friendship, education, & service!
    1- I am passionately driven to BE a living conduit for the DIVINE FEMININE (Mother Earth; GAIA; MOON) co-creating in balance with the DIVINE MASCULINE (Father Melchizedek; Archangel Michael; SOURCE/SUN).
    2- Visioning intentional evolution from Duality (the illusion of separation) into UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, I align my expression to this, OUR Natural State of BEING, as the manifesting tool for the NEW EARTH!
    3-Presently, I participate in several Heart Resonant Circles, with others of like mind & world view, who are consciously co-creating OUR NEW WORLD, realizing WE vibrationally thrust OUR deliberate desires into OUR Experienced Reality (Morphic Field) as COLLECTIVE CONSENSUS.
    4- From this place, I am actively planting seeds in the Rogue Valley Community through CONNECTIONS GATHERINGS & Social Outreach Projects as well as Core Council Leadership at RVCSL,  to establish an Evolutionary CORE Group that will flourish into a thriving network of collaborating activities, for creating sustainable, cohesive & unified organizations that promote growth from within the Rogue Valley Community and pushes out into the greater Global Network of world transformation.
    5-Priority for me is the foundation of a Wholistic Activities & Resource Center, here in the Medford Area of Southern Oregon, supported by my Spiritual Family @ CSL as the next best version of OUR Center!

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