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Vocational Dating

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  • Hi Janet,

    I think I might have solved the problem with my Skype so would you like to try another time. Wed at 1 EST or Friday at 1 work for me. I listened to the posts you have and I think we have a common interest.

    Janet Cate

    • If you are talking about next week 24 or 26 either of them work for me. Not this week, neither one;-) My Skype is messed up too. I use it all the time and now I can't find Contacts and when I try to call it says "No routes found". I can't see how to apply a Name to a number. This last update is horrible. I need to be telling them this, not you;-) Just wondering what your experience has been?

  • Hi Janet,

    We are working on an e-zine, still very raw.

    Yes, I do have a website, although what is presented there are books of previous researches on the history of Medicine. Welcome to read and download. ;


  • Hello,

    The developments of my work since I first posted here have taken a very smal team towards communicating what is happenign in the school model that I am researching. We are planning an e-magazine and are in the midst of giving it shape.

    Greetings and support to everyone else involved in evolving education.

    • I would be very interested in hearing more about what you are doing. Do you have a website? When will there be an e-magazine?


      Janet Cate

  • I am very interest in urban education and the role of collective trauma affecting children's ability to learn.

  • I have conducted research on a couple of fields (the history of Medicine, for one, which you can download freely at

    I am now in the early stages of doing research on Education, that is, on a particular school that works with the lowest  income classes of society. I am aiming at tipping that tipping point towards evolution so that what is now alternative and on the edges can transform the whole system.

    Mariana Landázuri Camacho :: Escritora - Investigadora
    Mariana Landázuri Camacho, investigadora escritora ecuatoriana
  • To Kundi and all,

    The model to which I refer is much more emcompassing than simply putting a concept or methodology into place in an esxisting system. This holds true for all 15 of my innovative participants who operate educational institutions under the holistic orientation framework. I am now writing proposals for both my books and will have a respectable overview available perhaps by the end of the  month. I plan to first publish Ebooks, perhaps in October. At the request of the founder of the model school, I will write my second book which shares my outsider's perspective of his success. A select few have read and been amazed by the results I disclosed in my MA thesis.  If you are informed as to the history and current definition of holistic education, and perhaps are a proponent of the educational revolution underway globally being led by the holistic orientation, you will likely appreciate both the depth and simplicity of these models. These models represent many courageous, unselfish acts  on the part of their leaders and members. I just had the privilege of receiving my MA and walked across the stage for the second time of one of the most experiential, self-directed, holistic colleges the US has to offer. Yet in my remarks,  i encouraged ,"Prescott College is the most progressive school I have found in the US. I commend the founders and board for their courage in stepping out of the box to create a relevant and responsive educational system. Having said that, I would add from my research, you have a far way to go in comparison with holistic models around the world". We all have lots of work ahead if our children, and the next seven generations, are to not only survive- but thrive.  I also plan to offer presentations and create a global website, somewhat like this one in nature, to bring together my participants in deep dialog and collaboration, and hopefully attract thousands of like mind to create a much greater and stronger whole to support Our Children, Our Future.

  • I would really love to see the proven educational model created 30 years ago that is capable of developing the new universal humanity in three short generations.  I would love to be a part of putting that into schools.  I would also be delighted to help with the educational sector of the wheel, please let me know how I can help.   My email is or phone (831) 884-5488.   I will look forward to reading your work too Connie.  

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