• My deepest heart's desire is to restore the sacredness of the female body to the world.

     Why is this so important? I believe the female body with its ability to conceive, grow and birth new human life, is profoundly sacred. Many people have forgotten this fundamental truth because we live in a patriarchal culture with no female deity, so the female form as representing the divine is not conveyed to us. Yet from ancient times and Indigenous cultures all around the world, the female body has been recognised as sacred. The absence of the Divine Feminine in female form highlights the imbalance in our culture where masculine ways of being and doing are seen as the norm. Restoring the sacredness of the female body to the world is how I see that imbalance being corrected.

    This is imperative because the female body is a microcosm of Earth’s macrocosm. How we treat the female body mirrors how we treat the Earth body. When our female body is denigrated, ignored and neglected, it’s a mirror image of the denigration, ignorance and neglect of Mother Earth. And when we change that message in our own lives, it changes something profound in the collective. I believe that when sufficient numbers of women really commit to loving and respecting the sacredness of our bodies, it has the power to restore the balance that was lost in patriarchy. Mother Earth is a living expression of the Divine Feminine and when we respect our female bodies as sacred, it changes the morphogenetic field to resonate with that Divine Feminine.

    Why is it imperative that we accelerate this change NOW? We're at a tipping point in our evolution as a species where we could either spiral down rapidly in the direction of our worst fears. Or we can use our free will to choose and act to accelerate the heart-opening love and care of our Planet and each other into a new humanity based on principles of justice, inclusion and compassion.

    We have the answers, the technologies already exist. Paul Hawken’s Project Drawdown mapped out the technologies and the main areas where we need to change. We now need to make these changes the top priority and see them actualised through people power. It was people power that generated so many significant changes in human history – women getting the vote, ending apartheid, the wall falling in Berlin, marriage equality. When people gathered en masse in the streets and insisted on the necessary change, it happened. We can do it again now.

    I currently actualise my deepest heart’s desire by guiding women to find, reclaim and embody their sacred female power. How I do this is through my writing, speaking and Miraculous Moments therapy practice. My book, Activate Your Female Power, is a guided tour of the sacredness of the female body. My practice, Miraculous Moments, is a consciously maintained energy field, dedicated to restoring the sacredness of the female body, the beauty of our reproductive power and our connection to Mother Earth. In this field, the invisible energies underpinning the visible world are seen as the primary reality and enlisted to facilitate healing, autonomy and focussed manifesting.

    Now my deepest heart’s desire wants to expand further. I desire to inspire a mass movement of women to deeply connect with the sacred power and Nature's beauty inside our bodies because I believe it can generate the necessary changes and bring healing to our planet. When we love our bodies and feel our connection to the Earth through our wombs, the mother bear in us growls awake! This mother bear is fiercely protective of all life forms and she holds the knowledge of our unique contribution to the collective.

  • My heart's desire is to either find or help co-create a living community bringing together spirituality, social transformation and feminine wisdom. A sacred activist ashram, it would integrate inner and outer transformation, consciousness-change and systems-change, especially in response to today's global crises. Looking for a wonderful team who would like to help me with this. If you are interested please reply here or Email me at Here is a link to the vision: In love, peace and Oneness, Kavita



  • Hello DHD Group,

    This is Susan Sleight in Virginia. I had a Zoom meeting today and well only I managed to ne there. Another women tried to fet in but it seemd her launcher just kept saying meeting will launch soon. I will post the invite for next Sunday 10 AM to 10:40 AM ET US. Will alos attend another group, Oriana's that meets Wednesday evenings at 8 Pm MST US.

    Here is my Zoom video I made-not the greatest but slightly entertaining, I sing a song, show a couple dogs, and show the snow day in Virginia.


    The end may show first then the beginning, anyway it is not long, check out Santa and my song about snow DHD, modified for BMH course.

    I also enlarged the hub of creation and put it in a word document to print out. I find it helpful to look at when journaling for DHD asignments.

    Hub of creation.docx


    If anyone knows how to send a post to all groups in this section at once let me know. FB does not allow me in, however the Oneness Community does, and I get gmail notifications from this site.

    Sending lots of LoveLoveLove,


    Susan in Virginia in the snow with dogs and angels, and Master Jesus always

  • It makes sense to me that my 35-year spiritual search has brought me to this point at this time. I had never heard of BMH or the Oneness Community, and I thought the first time I had heard about evolutionary consciousness was in Craig Hamilton's Integral Enlightenment course; but I was cleaning out a storage room in my house last week and came across some notes I had made years ago from M. Scott Peck's The Road Less Traveled, and I had written down a sentence from the book, "Spiritual growth is the growth or evolution of consciousness." That book was published in 1978, not long after the publication of ACIM. It feels like it's all coming together as BMH describes in the evolutionary spiral of the wheel.

    • Hi Paula

      1. I just realized a moment ago that you?___ (or some automated Reply from the "Spirituality" Sector of the Cosmic Wheel?___ ) sent me an email. I'd only checked the brief excerpt therein that also included a link to this Oneness Community site, to see y/Your complete entry here.., perhaps this specific page?___, but I didn't have time right then to Click that link... i/I wanted to enter info in misc place on this Oneness Community website... I spotted y/Your enties here just before Signing Out.  I'm too tired to continue without some sleep first... BUT...

      2. I also saw a 2nd email from you,.. but my comment #1,, directly above this one, explains basically why I haven't replied to it yet... it links to a different entry of yours, but in this same site, I believe.  Though you sent it Before this one I'm replying to Now... since i/I AM now-here, I'll just finish responding to points in y/Your Comment above.

      3. I entered new info in m/My Profile a few hours ago.  It relates to both your emails, though I'd forgotten about them at the time I did so.  The connections seem very timely indeed!

      4. Specific Replies to the above entry of y/Yours are addressed here (immediately below):

      "Craig Hamilton's Integral Enlightenment course;"

      I 1st read of his course(s) via an email I was sent about 14 months ago.  I haven't yet participated in a course of his that requires $payment, but really appreciate his approach to meditation, and participated in a few "Virtual Living Room" online streaming talks, some stuff of his that was available for download to non-course participants, and from Nov 1-30, 2018 i/I paticipated in the first (Free) month of a 4-month course  that I no longer (since Nov 30) can access.  While I still could access it I sent feedback - [which I hope he will personally Reply to] - through his Forum for course participants [which thankfully is Not hosted on FaceBook, as far as i/I could tell].  I think I entered there the same quote of J. Krishnamurti's definition of meditaion as I've entered here, probably in my Profile.  I see Craig's approach as quite similar.  i/I won't elaborate right here.

      "but I was cleaning out a storage room in my house last week and came across some notes I had made years ago from M. Scott Peck's The Road Less Traveled, and I had written down a sentence from the book, "Spiritual growth is the growth or evolution of consciousness." That book was published in 1978, not long after the publication of ACIM."

      I haven't read that book, and though I expect I'd find it interesting, I read so slowly that I just can't take time now,or soon, to read it.  Thanks for mentioning it though!  Also, at the risk of sounding vain, self-righteous, and/or maybe pompous... I'll be frank and say that since the early 1980's I usually haven't felt that I really need a Spiritual teacher - not that I can't benefit from some of them.  i/I have definitely benefitted from some of Craig's online stuff, as well as Barbara M H's... BUT I'm much more interested in putting what i/I've already realized into more effective ACTION, in the physical plain on Earth.  For that reason I tuned in to BMH's course, which I read about in a link in an email I recieved about the "Oneness Summit" on Oct. 24, 2018... which about 3 weeks later lead to writing this Reply to y/You!

      By the way... What does ACIM represent?___

      To continue replying to you....

      "It feels like it's all coming together as BMH describes in the evolutionary spiral of the wheel."

      YES!  Indeed it does!....

      Doh!... I just noticed that your 1st email to me is regarding your entry immediately below... as a Reply to my Reply to Namaste!  So, OK, I'll Reply to it too, before I "SIgn Out" for a few hours.

      But first some PS (which I'm full of):

      IF you wonder WHY i/Bryan often uses "i/I", "Bryan/i", "y/You" and the like, Please read my freshly Updated (few hours ago) Profile... its explained there.

      • Hi Bryan, thanks for your conscientious replies to all of my comments! The system actually sends you an automatic notice when someone posts a "reply" or comment to your comment. That is helpful if someone has asked you a question and would like a reply, but it might sometimes just be a comment related to your comment, so you won't offend anyone if you don't reply.

        In reply to your question;), ACIM stands for A Course in Miracles, which is a very special mind-training course of 3 volumes, but very dense, hard reading; so from what you said above, it would probably not appeal to you. A much more accessible book based on ACIM is The Disappearance of the Universe, written by Gary Renard; but it seems that all the "spiritual" or "self-development" literature I read follows some element of the lessons of ACIM.

  • Greetings fellow seekers. If you wouldn't mind sharing, I would be interested to learn whether there was a specific event or point in your life that you can trace back as the start of your spiritual journey that has led you to this path of "deep self-evolution"?


    • My 1st Mystical Experience, in this mortal life, in mid Jan 1967... on an acid trip.

      • I don't know HOW that icon above, with my name below it, and that line "Map, track and connect projects that are creative, innovative and work in each of the Sectors of the Wheel." got inserted, here, and again, below as a Reply to Paula Casillas' entry.  It looks like something I may have written in my Profile, or elsewhere in this Oneness Community website for BMH's course participants.  Especially since I haven't yet  entered my Reply to Paula's Dec. 3, 6:13 pm... which I will Now proceed to do!

      • My first mystical experience was in early 1973, my sophomore year in college. I woke up in my dark dorm room and saw an irridescent white bird that flew over my bed and disappeared into the wall beside my bed. No drugs were involved;), but although I puzzled over the possible meaning for years, I never told anyone about it for many, many years.

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