• might want to get the DVD, "Operation: Emotional Freedom". It's about introducing Tapping to Veterans with PTSD and during this can see their lives change before your very eyes.....and the thing about's user friendly and can be used anytime, anywhere.

    • Just ordered it. Thanks

      • Great. Let me know what you think after you view it. I've sent it to two Secretary's of the VA, two Directors of my VA, the Director of Pharmacy, Director of Mental Health, a Social Worker in the PTSD program and a Congressman in my city that's an advocate for Veterans with PTSD and I don't believe any of them have watched it. I just sent it to our new Acting Director and he says he plans on watching I have hope. The VA just accepted Tapping as a viable treatment technique in 2017 so once it catches on....I know it will change lives.

  • I was a Child Protection Social Worker for only a year and it was the most traumatizing experience I've ever had and to this day....23 years's the only job that if I talk about it I cry. If that's my experience after one year....imagine living in that system as a child.

    • Oh, dear one, my heart goes out to you. Where were you when that happened? I am in Colorado and was given custody of a little girl for two months when she was 2 and 6 mos when she was 6 cuz parents were so involved in drugs and alcohol that she was endangered and I was a family friend. I was really impressed with how hard Child Protective Services worked to help the parents and the child and me. I was also incredibly in awe of the hard work and responsibility the CPS workers had accepted as their lives. I am strong but I could not do that work. It would ripe my heart out.

      • I was in Alaska where all crime; drugs, alcohol, abuse, rape and murder is higher than the national average. It's nice to hear all places aren't like my experience.

  • Hi Janet. I just read these entrys and wanted to pass on to you a technique that is very successul in addressing PTSD and that is Tapping, or also called EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique. If you are unfamiliar with it, has more information and two good DVD's to show just how effective it is.....'The Tapping Solution' and 'Operation: Emotional Freedom'.  I have the same DHD of helping people move from survive to thrive and for see that happen.....the agencies that serve people who are in survive mode need to be moved into thrive because they also operate from survive. I have worked for 40 years in only state and federal agencies and I have come to the conclusion they were never intended to be successful....because if they were....they would be by now. I see them keeping their clients dependent instead of helping them learn the skills to be self-sufficient and successful. The agencies I've worked in are: Corrections, Child Protection, Job Corps and at  the VA with homeless Veterans. None of those agencies help move their clients from survive to thrive......up until now. That's the old paradigm and it's my DHD to help bring in a new paradigm of thrive. I'm listening to the Universe for guidance in the part I play in this BE a midwife in the birthing of Humanity transforming from the caterpillar into the butterfly.

    • Yes, I have done tapping and even seen little Kindegartener's doing it among others so I know that it a practice suggested by their therapist. I am looking for something more like this. We have a 94 yr old WWII vet living with us who is the most interesting person I have ever been around, is extremely active, very intellegent, keeps my husband on the move every day. He also suffered from PTSD for 70 yrs where in four month cycles, had nightmares so extreme that he wanted to commit suicide. I said I didn't think that was fair and since my divine purpose was to find a cure for PTSD, with his permission, I would take him around to, I didn't care if it was 50 different people who said they could relieve PTSD, until we found one that worked. 

      He is different from most PTSD victims, in that he is thriving, has resources, time and a healthy skeptism after having tried several treatments, but was open to my idea. Thru a syncronistic set of circumstances I first took him to a functional medicine dude who hooked him up to a "Frequency Specific Microcurrent" machine, collaborated with some peers on a protocol for PTSD and after 10 sessions of 2 hrs each, where he just lay on a table with a damp wash cloth around his neck, (very simplistic expaination) receiving a mirrored syn wave as much higher than the frequency of his cells (which were lowered by the trauma) he has not had a nightmare of that intensity since. 

      This is what I mean when I say I want a switch to flip, and then they can take it from there.

    • Hi Patti, I saw the EFT videos a couple of months ago and found the technique fascinating. I forwarded the video to my nephew, who I feel suffers from undiagnosed PTSD, but had forgotten to check to see what he thought of it or if he had tried it. Need to do that.

      I love, love, love your idea of "a new paradigm of thrive" for our social service agencies!! They may not INTEND to foster dependence, but they certainly don't INTEND to help those in need to thrive either. Even worse, it's clear that some agencies are so far from intending to do good, that you really have to wonder whether their true intent is to do more harm than good. Prisons at the top of that list, of course; but also agencies like Child Support Services, which create poverty and destroy lives by making it impossible for so many young men to support themselves, much less the children they had as teen-agers! It seems to me that they are more bent on punishing the fathers (who are barely surviving themselves) than providing any real support for the children caught in the middle. 

      It seems that the real purpose of many government agencies is more to provide employment for a significant proportion of the population than to meet any stated mission. I believe there are many dedicated and skillful people in every agency who manage to contribute to their agency and their customers,and manage to thrive in their work environment; but too many of them are also beaten down and merely surviving in their often thankless and stressful jobs. 

      Very interested in hearing more about how you envision bringing in the paradigm of thrive, and finding ways to incorporate it into my own dhd of co-creating a oneness community.


  • I did the dhd meditation all last week and had been uncertain about where my calling fell on the wheel, but I think this may be it.?

    I feel my divine purpose is to establish a physical, that is, off-line, Oneness community when I relocate after retirement.

    In imagining myself "going the whole way through my deepest heart's desire," I imagined establishing a multi-generational, close-knit community, starting out with family, but expanding to include others around us. I envision transforming a small community one person at a time as it expands into a larger and larger community of self-evolving individuals working together in a socially synergistic way. Those of us who are retired and still in good health can contribute in many ways that can benefit our own lives as well as those of others. As individuals or families become part of the community, their skills or gifts that can contribute to the community can be identified and added to the inventory of resources that are available to the whole community, which would include such things as: child care, transportation, health advocacy, peer counseling (consumer, debt, or other financial counseling), micro-loans, home maintenance assistance, etc. 

    I will see how doing the chakra meditation this week will help me to further explore/expand my dhd....

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