There is a ‘body’ within your 3D body, that is there for you, if you are open to letting go of the separation between mind and body, and curious to explore the somatic experience of primordial potential and original playfulness of the mindless body. With a user-friendly method which can be performed sitting in a chair or lying down, you can transform stress, anxiety, depression and resignation on the spot, from the inside-out, without any massage, medication, recreational drugs or booze! With a deep familiarization, which spontaneously arises through cultivation, the experiencing participant can unify conscious awareness, quantum coherence and bliss.



    In the rolodex of the possible human there is an access code to the golden flesh of the mindless body. Through subtle somatic self-regulation, turn the wheel of formative causation and spontaneously leap into the dynamic presence of the adaptive wisdom of the body. From the subatomic to the molecular level of our embodied being, we are saturated with quantum coherence. We do not experience this consciously due to the dominance of the neural-mental dualistic consciousness. The eyes are a gateway to the primordial somatic first person experience of quantum coherence. Changing the form of the connective tissue of the muscles of the eyes the experiencing participant effortlessly moves the assemblage point to quantum somatic original playfulness. Novelty is the key to the future. Come and explore a simple subtle somatic protocol which rotates your Memory Sprockets and awakens the innate evolutionary sophistication of QSOP SOMASIDDHIS.

    This is about enlivening our engaged connectivity with nature and others in the universe.




    In this final class, participants will be invited to dive in at the deep end and discover they already know how to navigate the golden flesh ‘body’ of neuropeptide oxytocin pranic awakeness, harmoniously blending with the whole-body tensegrous piezoelectric~crystalline effect. Through the playful cultivation of that which is already given - yet hidden - one discovers the most intimate and reliable playpals, the somatic genius and quantum genie within our embodied being. Please try to come on time, with an open mind and a high tolerance for novelty!

    Presented by Lorin Kiely

    Lorin Kiely is an independent researcher who has developed a user-friendly process of self-regulation based on the recent identification of a social nervous system in the autonomic nervous system. The practices which can be explored sitting in a chair or lying down, unify quantum coherence and conscious experience. 



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  • My Deepest Heart’s Desire

    My deepest heart's desire is to inspire a mass movement of women to deeply connect with the sacred power inside their bodies in order to address climate change and restore Nature's beauty. The female body is the microcosm of the Earth body. And when big numbers of women really commit to loving and respecting the sacredness of their bodies, it impacts the collective by restoring the balance that was lost in patriarchy. Mother Earth is an expression of the Divine Feminine and when we love our female bodies, it changes the morphogenetic field to resonate more with that Divine Feminine.

    I imagine a contagion of love for the female body and the Divine Feminine rippling across the globe. I fuel the contagion by speaking and writing about the connection between the female body and Mother Earth. As women recognise this intimate connection, it inspires and lights them up to take action in their own unique way to be part of the solution. A huge momentum builds and increasing numbers of women, all around the world, are inspired and sparked to step into their brilliance.

    The world is ready for this message because right now Mother Earth is birthing a groundswell of climate wise women who are ready to lead the change into sustainable sanity.

    My website

    Hi, I'm Sharon and I'm so glad you've found your way here. Whether you've had fertility problems, painful periods, birth trauma or the loss of a baby…
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