• I have a passion for working within political and organisational structures to bring about change. My deepest heart's desire is to see and help create a different planet here on earth, where people listen to each other, and care for the land and its people. I believe that structural and systemic change can make this possible. 


    • Hi Paula, Thanks for that reference - I'll look it up....


    • Just tried to reply to your comment below, but got an error message and it wouldn't let me submit the reply. Trying again with shorter message and not including the link. Just google to read about her plan. 

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    • I'm interested in what Marianne Williamson is proposing, or standing for so could you let me know more about that thanks. In New Zealand, we're very fortunate to have a Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) political system , which was voted in by a people's referendum in 1993 (and introduced into our political system in 1996). This means people vote for a political party, as well as political candidates, and members of parliament can opt to stand in an electorate, or go on their party's list. As soon as the party vote has crossed the threshold of 5%, list candidates, proportional to the number of votes, gain seats in Parliament too. This referendum occurred exactly 100 years after the other major change to our political system  - the introduction of the vote for women in 1893. 

      It's produced a much more demographically dispersed parliament, and right now we have a coalition government comprising the major governing party - Labour (similar to the Democrats), with a coalition with the 2nd largest polling party - NZ First, and a Confidence and Supply Agreement with the Greens. I'm on the Green Party Executive, and feel incredibly excited about the opportunity we have, and are taking to bring in good green legislative changes for our country. Since we've been in government, we've banned off-shore oil & gas exploration, and single plastic bag useage, and introduced some ground-breaking legistation in the domestic violence area. Masses still to be done, but it's exhilerating to be part of re-shaping the future. 



    • The ridiculous political situation here in the U.S. has made me want to give up on any hope of our being able to fix the existing structures; but of course, that seems to be the goal of a certain faction in our politics. I had even made up my mind to become a card-carrying member of the Green Party or the Social Democratic Party, because I believe part of our problem in this country is the power structure based on only two parties. I believe that is partly what has led to the destructive divisiveness. But now I'm hoping that enough of us will do what we can to support Marianne Williamson to bring some sanity into the political sphere. 

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