• My deepest heart's desire is to restore the sacredness of the female body to the world.

     Why is this so important? I believe the female body with its ability to conceive, grow and birth new human life, is profoundly sacred. Many people have forgotten this fundamental truth because we live in a patriarchal culture with no female deity, so the female form as representing the divine is not conveyed to us. Yet from ancient times and Indigenous cultures all around the world, the female body has been recognised as sacred. The absence of the Divine Feminine in female form highlights the imbalance in our culture where masculine ways of being and doing are seen as the norm. Restoring the sacredness of the female body to the world is how I see that imbalance being corrected.

    This is imperative because the female body is a microcosm of Earth’s macrocosm. How we treat the female body mirrors how we treat the Earth body. When our female body is denigrated, ignored and neglected, it’s a mirror image of the denigration, ignorance and neglect of Mother Earth. And when we change that message in our own lives, it changes something profound in the collective. I believe that when sufficient numbers of women really commit to loving and respecting the sacredness of our bodies, it has the power to restore the balance that was lost in patriarchy. Mother Earth is a living expression of the Divine Feminine and when we respect our female bodies as sacred, it changes the morphogenetic field to resonate with that Divine Feminine.

    Why is it imperative that we accelerate this change NOW? We're at a tipping point in our evolution as a species where we could either spiral down rapidly in the direction of our worst fears. Or we can use our free will to choose and act to accelerate the heart-opening love and care of our Planet and each other into a new humanity based on principles of justice, inclusion and compassion.

    We have the answers, the technologies already exist. Paul Hawken’s Project Drawdown mapped out the technologies and the main areas where we need to change. We now need to make these changes the top priority and see them actualised through people power. It was people power that generated so many significant changes in human history – women getting the vote, ending apartheid, the wall falling in Berlin, marriage equality. When people gathered en masse in the streets and insisted on the necessary change, it happened. We can do it again now.

    I currently actualise my deepest heart’s desire by guiding women to find, reclaim and embody their sacred female power. How I do this is through my writing, speaking and Miraculous Moments therapy practice. My book, Activate Your Female Power, is a guided tour of the sacredness of the female body. My practice, Miraculous Moments, is a consciously maintained energy field, dedicated to restoring the sacredness of the female body, the beauty of our reproductive power and our connection to Mother Earth. In this field, the invisible energies underpinning the visible world are seen as the primary reality and enlisted to facilitate healing, autonomy and focussed manifesting.

    Now my deepest heart’s desire wants to expand further. I desire to inspire a mass movement of women to deeply connect with the sacred power and Nature's beauty inside our bodies because I believe it can generate the necessary changes and bring healing to our planet. When we love our bodies and feel our connection to the Earth through our wombs, the mother bear in us growls awake! This mother bear is fiercely protective of all life forms and she holds the knowledge of our unique contribution to the collective.

  • I live in the woods and love all inhabitants and matter on Planet Earth. My DHD is to be my authentic selfm and live in peace, joy, truth, non-violence and correct action.I am also an educator and want to help children and adults learn how to be more in touch wiht Planet Earth and evolve with her, not without homo amore universalis on board. Let me know if others have formed a group I could join for this course.

    Here is a group invitation:


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    Topic: Deep Self Evolution Test run Susan Sleight

    Time: Dec 2, 2018 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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            Dec 2, 2018 10:00 AM

            Dec 9, 2018 10:00 AM

            Dec 16, 2018 10:00 AM

            Dec 23, 2018 10:00 AM

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    • Hi Susan, 

      Unfortunately, it appears that 10am on Sundays is not going to work for me, very sorry about that. I'm making plans to set up a zoom connection for Thursdays at 8pm. One other person (Jane) is joining me at that time, and you are most welcome to join us if that time is possible for you. It has been much harder to connect than I had expected, but I think it would be beneficial to at least try the group process/activiities even if with only one or two others. 

      I hope that you can join us, and I will send another email from this site.

      Happy Holidays!


    • Well rats! I forgot about getting online at 10:00 and by the time I tried to connect, it wasn't launching. Don't know if no one else logged on and you gave up, or if the link didn't work for me? I just kept getting the message that "Your meeting should start in a few seconds..."

      My apologies. Hopefully I can try again by phone.

      • Hi Paula,

        I had it running from about 10:02 am until 10:32 AM Eastern Time. What time zone are you in? I apologize thta is the info Soom gave me and I recorded myself. I set it up so anyone could join wo a password. Zoom is helpful will check into my settings. What time ET did you give up? I could send you the meeting, pretty boring, as just me, however I did convert it into a file to share: playback.m3u

        Cgeck out the video if you like, i think the snow is first and then the start of the meeting, however I do sing a little and well it is slight;y funny, and you can get to met me!

        Also I enlarged the hub of creation wheel from BMH and attaching a copy! Print out when journaling.

        Hub of creation.docx


        Sorry ypou missed the meeting, let's try for next Sunday. Best way to xommunicate is gmail however thhis site sneds notices to my gmail so ok!

        Love to you,

        • Hi Susan,

          I'm wondering if you ever got the message I sent to you from this site. I looked around to see if you had given your gmail address to email you directly, but I couldn't find it anywhere. This Oneness site is a bit confusing at times--I think I saw something posted on one page, but then it takes some hunting around to find what I'm looking for. 

          I thought you would be more likely to get my direct message instead of replying to a post, but now not sure you got it. I sent the message last night to let you know that I had forgotten about an appointment I had this morning that would make me miss your 10am zoom meeting, and was asking if there was a chance we could make it later this afternoon, if no one else was already planning to be on at 10:00.?

          I hope you did have others join, but let me know if you are available this afternoon. I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it again.

          Peace and love,


    • Hi Susan, only now seeing your invite and will try to make it tomorrow. Thank you! Paula

  • Nature is my deepest heart's desire.  I am at home and in peace when in the woods.  Environment is important to me, I have created an environmental oasis in my yard which has been written about as part of a graduate study article.  My heart is in the yard and in return I receive the gifts of joy, food, light, and peace.  


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