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  • Dear Freed

    I tried before to contact you - with no result. Could you send me your comment (as I cannot find it anywhere anymore and only got the first sentence) again, either on facebook or to my private E-Mail-address ( That would be much appreciated.

    Thank you so much and kind regards

    • Dearest Vini, I am not sure how you tried to connect with Freed but here are some suggestions;-) There is a little envelope at the very top of the page that allows us to email eah other within this site. You can go to the "My Page" button across the top of the page and then to "Activity Page" to see all the activity done by you. "(as I cannot find it anywhere anymore and only got the first sentence)" this makes me wonder if you needed to click it to "See More". Where were you when you had that experience. I will make sure that Freed can see this. Another way would be to go to his page in "Members" and Reply to him in "My Comment Wal. Love & Peace, Janet

  • Liebe Benoite Cécile,

    habe gerade erst deine Nachricht entdeckt und würde mich riesig freuen, wenn wir uns mal treffen und austauschen könnten! Wann würde es dir denn passen? Ruf doch einfach mal an, dass wir was abmachen können oder sag mir, wie ich dich am besten erreichen kann! Meine ist : 041- 371 04 66. Am besten erreichst du mich abends gegen 19 Uhr!

    Liebe Grüsse Oda


  • Hallo Hedy, 

    oh, wie schön, habe dich gerade auf der ning Seite entdeckt! Ich wohne in Luzern und hätte Lust, dich kennenzulernen! Wenn du magst, kannst du mich gerne unter der 041- 371 04 66 einmal anrufen. Am besten kannst du mich abends gegen 19Uhr erreichen! In welchem Küssnacht wohnst du denn? Wünsche dir einen erfüllenden Tag und freue mich, von dir zu hören!

    herzlich Oda

  •       Some  additional  Information  belonging to my profile 

    • Mediale Veranlagung seit frühester Kindheit
    • Studium Uni Köln und Tübingen: Psychologie, Soziologie, Sozialpsychiatrie, Erwachsenenbildung / Schwerpunkt: Gestalttherapie (Fritz Perls)
    • Humanistische und Transpersonale Psychologie
    • Inspirationen durch HEB: Yogananda, Jesus, Osho, Dalai Lama, I Ging, Mario Mantese, Christina von Dreien e.g.
    • Ausbildungen:
    • De-Hypnotherapie (Milton Erickson)
    • Shiatsu und Psychic Massage (Namikoshi, Sargarpriya)
    • Mediale Ausbildung (Arthur Findlay College)
    • Geomantie (Marco Pogacnik)
    • Ganzheitliches Feng Shui (William Spear, Eric Dowsett)
    • Lichtwassertherapie (Dr. Enza M. Ciccolo)
    • Hormon Yoga (Dinah Rodrigues)
    • Quanten-Heilung (Dr. Frank Kinslow)
    • Russische Heilverfahren (Grabovoi, Petrov, Arepjev, H.J. König)
    • Diverse Spezialgebiete :
    • Sixto Paz Wells, Ananda Bosman, Jorge Luis Delgado, Drunvalo & Claudette Melchizedek
    • HeartMath Institute
    • Mindvalley Academy (Vishen Lakhiani, Jeffrey Allan, Jon Butcher, )
    • Begleitung der Vision von NeuLand (Karl & Jwala Gamper)
    • Resonanzfeld-Coaching (Kombination von Quantenphysik, Technologie& Spiritualität)
    • Humantrust V.&A. Lindau
    • Transparente Kommunikation, Authentic Awakening (Thomas Hübl)
    • Der universelle Mensch (Barbara Marx Hubbard)






















  • Hi Everyone

    I learnt of the Oneness Community through "The Awakening the New Species" with Barbara Marx Hubbord.

    After reflecting upon my deepest heart's desire, my creative intent emerged:


    Is to deepen and develop what I have already been doing in a modest way, over the last few years.

    To have "Meetings in Stillness", "Sharing Circles" and "Gatherings" (the Gatherings are for meditation, sending out the light, or to listen to the wisdom of those who are truly awakened, through DVD's etc.) and to share conversations with each other, about what is true, real and authentic, and what it is to be fully alive and fully awake, so as to assist in the Planetary Awakening in Love.

    The focus of all the meetings is to experience, express and celebrate our essential BEINGNESS, to come into our deepest nature, and to live from there. It is an opportunity to be all that we are, and to express our essence in the fullest possible way, encouraging others to join us, in the beautiful field of resonance that is being created by all of us, through "Awkening the New Species". 

    A group of us already watch the video replays of "Awakening the New Species" together, which has yielded some beautiful responses from everyone.

    My intent is to HOLD THE SPACE for whatever arises in these meetings, so it may be fully met, liberated if necessary, and celebrated, in order for us to find a deeper freedom within, and to fully express our uniqueness in beautiful ways, as well as discovering our innate intelligence, our heart's intelligence.  

    I will draw on all the Satsangs and Retreats that I have attended over the years, of those who have great clarity and understanding, all the experiences that I have had, all the beautiful writings that I have come across, with an ever growing capacity to listen fully, with deep presence, and to hold the freqency for whatever emerges, through being together in Stillness, knowing that all creativity flows from Stiillness, and that if we are deeply rooted in Being, then all our doing will have the most beautiful quality to it.

    I may also write about the experience of stillness and what flows from it.


    At he moment I need time and space, to reflect on how to move forward with this, and to reorder and simplfy my life in order to create more time to engage with this., and to discover ways of reaching out to others, so new members can jloin us.  

    Sending blessings to everyone for their own creative endeavours,



  • Hi everyone!

    I am a part of the Awakening the New Species community!  I have entered the wheel of co-creation through the heart of the wheel into the sector of relations!  I am retiring from my career in mental health and relationship counseling because I am no longer a good fit for the medical model!  I plan to initiate a gathering of diverse Elder women into community, called "Gather the Grandmothers," inspired by the ancient archetype of indigenous grandmothers and my heart's desire!  As a grandmother of 9, I care about the future of our planet and cosmos as our home, and the present environment of our hearts. I believe that holding a common group intention of love in our hearts, minds and Spirit in a resonant field will futher the healing process of our relationships.  We are guardians of our future if we love together today!

    Love and wellbeing,



  • Hello everyone,

    I just joined. I'm a member of Awakening the New Species and looking for family nearby. Much love to you all!


  • Hello Dear Oneness Community,

    This is wonderful to connect with so many like minded friends, and members of my Soul Family. I first signed up under Spirituality, as I'm very Spiritually based. However, I feel I really belong in Media for the purpose of my creations.

    Do I need to delete myself from here before signing in there?

    Just prior to coming across this Awakening the New Species program, I had asked to connect with my Soul Family, and here I am.

    Thank You!


    • You can be in as many Sectors as you have energy for. Only when you Signed Up do I need you to pick ONE to put you on the map. And it is important to place your contribution in the sector most related to your action/passion so that you attract others to help and/or inspire and find your peeps;-) I personally think we are all Spiritual or we wouldn't be here and that we are all in the Hub. We step out into a particular Sector to get something done.... As we proceed with our contribution, we become aware that we need to involve people from other Sectors to fullfill our dreams. And The Wheel starts spinning... Love & Peace, Janet

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