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  • Hi everyone, I have been a member from the start but haven't been participating here much. I notice that there aren't many people in England in the Oneness Community, particularly in the north of England. I have been involved with the anti-fracking campaign since late 2013 after learning what fracking means to our environment and health and the industry came to Salford/Manchester and drilled their first unconventional well. We had been warned by people on other continents, in Canada, U.S and Australia how dangerous it was to have invade the land. I live in Lancashire and so far we have held it back but I am reaching out to anyone who is able to come and join our resistance, we are starting from Easter Monday three months of #UnitedResistance and would like others to come and make up the numbers of daily actions throughout April, May and June. Please share the message that we want to create a diverse stand against this onslaught of destruction. If you want more information please contact me. Thank you for reading.

    • Hillary, I don't know if you did this or not but if you click on the +sign several times and drag UK into view, you will zoom in on UK and then if you click on each pin, you will see the name and email address of the person the pin represents. Just so you know;-) Love & Peace, Janet

  • Hello, readers.  I have a website that originally featured my book, The "Multiple You" Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st century and has now expanded to help people find beloved's who also know that this is the time for social change.  If you want to be featured on this site as a group, person starting a group, or clearing house for people to meet each other based upon the 12 sectors, give me a call or visit my website.  I want to help our evolutionary movement and every site on the web that addresses this need helps.  I love our calls and sharing our passions with one another.  Rev. Cassandra; 512-294-0377;

    Thank you, everyone for what you contribute to the collective shift of consciousness in our world.  

    • Hi Rev. Cassandra, is there a problem with the website link as I cannot access it? Thank you for sharing. Blessings, Hilary

      • The link that i found to Rev. Cassandra Martin is:

        The "Multiple You" Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century
        Authored by Rev. Cassandra Martin, independent New Thought Minister
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  • It is a growing movement of consciousness that is being increasingly embraced by individuals and organizations all over the world.

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  • Greetings!  Am happy I received an email from this group, and would have joined before had I known of it.  Feels like home, looking forward to sharing in the time to come, as we recognize each other as evolved/evolving Universal Humans!

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