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Demo of this site and computer help

Beginning Friday, March 22, I am going to be available at 6:00 MT each Friday night except the 2nd one of each month, to help people with their computer issues.

If you have Skype, find me as JGRainbows and ask to be my Contact before Friday night. Be sure to let me know that it is about The Oneness Community.  I will use Skype to share my screen and help you.

If you don't have Skype, send me your phone number at with The Oneness Community in the Subject or Reply below and I will call you. You will need to be in front of your computer so that I can walk you thru stuff.

My phone number is 303-456-9125 and I am trying to keep "office" hours from 1-5, M-F (unless I get to go be 5 years old with Keelie;-) Leave me a message when you call about The Oneness Community.  I'm on Facebook at

I invite you to post the "Good News" in this group and on these Sector pages.

Wheel of Co-Creation Group

The 2nd Friday of each month I have the Colorado Birth 2012 Evolutionary Circle which you are most welcome to join.

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