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Demo of this site and computer help

I am going to be available at 6:00 MT each Friday night to help people with their computer issues.

If you have Skype, find me as JGRainbows and ask to be my Contact before Friday night. Be sure to let me know that it is about The Oneness Community.  I will use Skype to share my screen and help you. Also working on setting up Zoom, if you would rather.

If you don't have Skype, send me your phone number at with The Oneness Community in the Subject or Reply below and I will call you. You will need to be in front of your computer so that I can walk you thru stuff.

My phone number is 303-456-9125. Leave me a message when you call about The Oneness Community.  I'm on Facebook at

I invite you to post the "Good News" in this group and on these Sector pages.

There is also now a comparable Challenge page for each sector, i.e.

Wheel of Co-Creation Group

The Oneness Community Group

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  • Hi Janet,

    I am not listed.

    And unfortunately in the area I chose very few people have enrolled.

    Thanks for giving us a place to reach you,


    • I found you;-)



  • Hi Janet,


    When I went to the members page there is a search bar and I put in Colorado and a lot of articles popped up, but no list of people who live in Colorado.  Clicking on a pin I get Illinois or other states, doesn't seem to be a clear way to just see the members in Colorado.  Appreciate any guidance on this or consider it a suggestion for a place might need improvement.  ;  )

    • Here you are! Zoom in with the +button on the map and then click on the pins;-)

      • This reply was deleted.
        • Sorry Mariana. I had stem cell theapy on my shoulder this week so I have been on drugs. Our Democratic caucus was Tuesday night and I haven't listened to the replay yet. I'll get to it today. Thanks for noticing;-) Love & Peace, Janet

          • Thank you for your work, ml


  • Good video on using Ning.

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  • Does anyone need help tonight with the website I will be available for 6-8 MT for you to Skype in or call me,

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