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With the advent of whole-systems thinking and perceiving, our attention has shifted beyond thinking of relationship as meaning between human and human or the mere elements of any given system; economic, natural... to the relationships between all these elements.

Humanity's Team: Oneness Through the 12 Spheres of LifeSphere of Relations

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  • Political Trauma

  • Hi All,

    I am looking for 1 or 2 more people to write a new vision or new memes for the Relationship Sector.  It takes about 4 hours of time. If you would be willing,  please email me at:  Thank you for your consideration.


  • your post about what this sphere is about does not match with the "what we are about" post on the right side of this page

    • Oh, Peter, thank you so much for noticing that and you are absolutely right. I am going to copy the Humanities Team definitions in each of the Group Sector "About this Group" right now. Thanks for playing!!

  • perhaps i read this wrong, i thought it said relations with all things..?

This reply was deleted.