The Help Complex is designed to assist you with grace, mercy and the Unconditional Love of God during release, transmutation, and embodiment of the Truth of Your Divinity. 

As we each rise up and expand our conscious awareness of Presence, we will fulfill the prayer of Jesus...Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. To do this we are required to release the programming that supports the present system. At first it may seem challenging however soon to follow is the freedom to BE That which we Are when in Unity with God...All of One, Heaven on Earth.

Visit a Help Complex' prayer and contemplation room daily and allow God's Light to shine through the dark and hidden attitudes, judgments, and beliefs that are not of Love but rather from this passing world. Online access to the rooms is limited to your computer; rooms and their sound do not function properly from smartphones. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Love Infusion: The Illuminated Heart Chamber is infused with energy that derives from those that have awakened and are working cooperatively with the Holy Spirit to bring forth the New Day. This energy washes through your entire field of being with God's Unconditional Love and Acceptance

Release & Transmute: The Temple of the Violet Fire holds a frequency that will bring to your conscious mind those thoughts and programming that must be released for transmutation. It's energy helps dissolve lower energy thought forms such as guilt, shame, fear, anger, unworthiness, etc. This process is nothing short of a miracle though it can be challenging. When we are able look upon the heartaches of the past in a new light, everything changes for everyone! Let Go and Let God

Healing Center: The Regeneration Chamber is for physical body healing. When you enter this room you are able to draw healing light into specific areas of the physical body where discomfort is recognized. When we are not in alignment with Love, dis-ease is permitted to manifest in the body. Dis-ease can be healed however your field of presence is much larger than just the physical body so the healing will not last if you have not released its cause. 

Harmony: The Golden Harmonic Temple is a place you can enter and "feel" what Unity Is.  It is a resting room, a place to enjoy and feel unity with all others, a place you know you are not alone. Within You is the very Presence of the Creator and It holds a key that is essential in the Grand Overture.

Restoration: The Restoration Chamber recognizes that we each have divinity codes within that are able to restore those innate gifts and qualities that are our birthright and part of our true nature. In this Chamber we open ourselves to God Love and ask that these codes be activated and embodied by the evolving Being in which we are.

Transit Station: The Transit Station is a contemplation room where we may gain expanded understanding of what is occurring within ourselves as well as in the world collectively. It challenges the individual to reflect from multi-dimensional perspectives thoughts and/or terms we often use, after the mind begins to expand.  

LOVE EVOLUTION is occurring for ALL THAT IS and this site is a reflection of Love's Will in this Now Moment. It is not a religious site. Jesus is recognized as an Ascended Master, being One with God and the very Expression of God while walking upon this Earth. Jesus ushered in Christ by becoming Christ. This Light of Christ lives within us all for Jesus while man, made it possible. 

The Christ Light within now shines brightly on what must be released and transmuted so It may serve Your/Our Higher Purpose. Through conscious Will to participate with and in the Love Evolution, we accelerate the human metamorphosis process making the journey less challenging for those we love and for those that are following.

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