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PLEASE collect your gift at… the 2 secret, self-taught skills that instantly create what everyone wants (and needs) … unconditional love and happiness. 

  • Make yourself your best friend and traveling companion lifelong,
  • own the most powerful anti-depressant,
  • and see how to bully-proof kids …
  • and more amazing additional benefits.

Make your already significant life REALLY significant.  Become a Love-creation teacher.  Taking the action that makes our world the safer, loving home we all want will give you more satisfaction than anything you have done.  The Educational Community (EC) free web site explains the easy 1-2-3 steps. 

  1. Learn the Love-creation skills.
  2. Pass forward to your family and additional loved ones.
  3. When they call to say “Thank you”, ask them to do what you just did.  

Working together, we can rapidly inspire one million Love-creation teachers by the domino effect.  The Golden Rule, loving our self with the abundance that overflows, will change the way we think to cooperate for our mutual benefit and help one another above the harmful confrontation that presently characterizes our world.

 Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has … Margaret Mead 

You are needed to become part of the solution.  Encourage by whatever means are available to you.  The combined energy of social entrepreneurs to make our world the safe, happy, loving home we all want and need will be unstoppable.

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  • I have a dear friend, Pam Gerrand, who wrote a song, "Love is All" which should be our anthem.
  • I am so inspired by your desire to share a lifetime of experience with thousands of clients, free, to the rest of the world who cannot access professional help and put it in a very simple format that any attention span can tolerate. Your generosity and high level of caring deserve support from all of us who have had the good fortune to have healed (revealed) our true nature as a tool to help those in all our lives who haven't yet found a path to love, peace, joy and grace.
  • So glad you're here. I never turn down help and you have a marvelous offer to help promote my message with your talents on the computer and Internet. We do share the passion to make the world a better place for our loved ones. What better way to co-create. Your offer to make our website attractive to the masses is just we I've been hoping for to get this movement going to change the way people think.
  • As I read your entry in Vocational Dating/Relationships and your mention of your work in prisons, I was triggered into remembering a startling statistic I heard once that a large percentage of the prison population and of those who were prostitutes had been abused as children. This then reminded me of what I have known to be my Divine Purpose since 1999. "Find a way to have compassion for and help heal (reveal) perpetrators because until we do, we will just continue to treat victims of abuse. Perpetrators are just victims one generation removed". I suddenly got really clear how connected we are in purpose and would be privileged to co-create with you on this project. It is interesting to me how many times we have been bumped together these last 3 years and how this has evolved. How may I serve you?
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