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About Emissaries of Divine Light

All people have the opportunity to deepen their attunement with the universal wisdom and love within them. That connection allows us to know ourselves more fully, and to express who we are in the world. The future of our planet depends on this for humanity as a whole. All that we do as Emissaries of Divine Light is designed to assist people to access this experience. The mission of Emissaries of Divine Light is the spiritual regeneration of humanity. We believe this to be the most pivotal factor in the world today. Our work is done by people who meet together in a field of awareness that transcends race, gender, culture, sexual preference, religion or spiritual background. Our goal is to contribute to the individual lives of people who participate with us, and to the destiny of humanity as a whole. We invite you to receive our free weekly e-mail message, The Pulse of Spirit, which brings vision and understanding to the conscious journey. People who attend our Core Programs find an opportunity to become more consciously aware of the timeless reality at their core. We teach principles and practices that assist a person to consistently live from that awareness. And we guide them as they build the emotional intelligence that lets them fulfill the highest potential for their life. We practice and teach Attunement, an energy medicine practice developed by the founder of the Emissaries, Lloyd Arthur Meeker. At Emissary Centers, we bring together gifted teachers, facilitators and workshop leaders. These are people who are thought leaders in their field. They bring the opportunity for personal renewal, learning and transformation. Since the founding of Sunrise Ranch in 1945, Emissary Centers have been a place for pioneering in practical spirituality. We believe that people can deepen their connection to universal wisdom and love in all facets of life. In the process, they find solutions to the questions and challenges facing them. Here are seven experiences available to people who visit an Emissary Center:

The spirit of home


Devotional practice

Meaningful work

Care for the natural world

Personal development

Life-giving culture

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