RE-  purposed communities .

   As intentional communities become a conciseness stream word, more  people long to find their Inner tribe. While still honoring the larger outer tribe , as human species.

The purpose of this thread is to share resources,  personal experiences and concerns and solutions. Sharing tools that we can use with family members .

  The reality is as we , those who this rising resonates with , also have Blood family who are often in our circles of care giving.  They may not necessarily resonate where we do. We may struggle with communication tolls with.

How do we  create a  balance in honoring both within these new  villages. While addressing health matters of the aging process.

  How does this also intertwine with the possibility of Young adults who may find  in a  growing economic struggle  to be in  sustainable living while still growing as well.Without feeling suppressed in the nest ".

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  • hello, Kim.  I am hopeful that integrated intentional communities will begin to form soon.  Do you know of any currently operating?  I would also like to ask you if you would like to participate in the planning phase of an intentional global event, called Project One Focus, Billions of Voices.   I am looking for someone who is interested in the combination "tribe" of elders and young adults to write affirmations for both the companion book, 365-Days of Affirmations for Sacred Activists, and the Project script for the actual event in October, 2016.

    Are you interested in writing affirmations that empower the need for this interaction?  Please write me at if you think this is a project that you would like to know more about and possibly join.  Blessings of Loving Good Will to you and yours. Rev. Cassandra

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