Hummingbird Community

Our Vision

Hummingbird Community is a family of pioneering souls whose vision is to cultivate a joyful, vibrant, co-creative culture in service to the evolution of consciousness.

Our Essence

At our core we are cultivating a resonant field of safety, trust, playfulness, appreciation and love that nurtures our spiritual growth and empowers the fulfillment of our soul’s purpose. All of our activities emerge from this foundation.

Our Mission

As a living laboratory of co-creation, our mission is threefold:

  • To model a synthesis culture that embodies our divine nature, expresses our core values, honors the sacredness of all life and cares for the earth on behalf of ourselves and generations to come.
  • To provide and host educational programs, conferences and retreat experiences that support conscious evolution, loving relationships, regenerative living, new economics, health and well being.
  • To create an inter-generational sanctuary for all who are called here that brings forth their inner wisdom and allows for the flowering of their unique gifts.

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  • The Roskes and Carolyn are three of the cofounders

    of Hummingbird Community, and

    Carolyn and Katharine are co-authors of

    The Co-Creator’s Handbook, the master text

    on the principles and practices of co-creation.

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  • Carolyn Anderson:

    (530) 277-2804(530) 277-2804

    Katharine Roske:

    (303) 877-4341(303) 877-4341


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