Our very own Pamela Jane Gerrand is in this video!

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One Million Called 2015

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Inspiring one million or more women to become a creator + a leader. It’s about designing a life + work of meaning. It’s about moving your message + ideas + heart + spirit into the world! It’s about YOU + the evolution of your success.

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  • Yes this is true for me too. I AM CALLED TO LEAD! My calling is to transform the leadership in finance companies.
    • And you will succeed!
      Doors will open up and opprtunities will be presented where you can co-create with other great people and demonstrate magnificent results. Your deep passion is a magnet which will attract co-creators, and you will also be an inspiration to others. The Force is with you!
  • When one has insight into who they are and their purpose in this life, it becomes obvious to Self that each one is responsible for creating the highest possible vision of Goodness and Godness. If I am responsible, then I must do what I can, when I can and however I can. I am the One the world, as I see it, is waiting for! I am responsible to create Loving Kindness in my world. Join me/us in Love
  • I am inspired and called to lead. I would like to join this group as a woman who knows herself as god/dess, indwelling, and a cocreative in sacred activisim.
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The "I AM CALLED to LEAD" Declaration Inspires Women to Influence Positive Change

With the ONE Million Called initiative, women are provided the educational resources, training and opportunities to rapidly increase their impact as leaders and amplify the results of their business enterprises and creative endeavors. A philanthropic focus of the ONE Million Called initiative is dedicated to partnering with organizations to provide the support and resources to help lift women and girls out of poverty and into brighter futures through education, health and economic empowerment…

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