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I've always tried to eat good organic vegetables when I can and whole foods rather than too much processed foods but as we know our soils are very depleted and we need to supplement with vitamins and minerals and drink good clean water. With the almost constant bombardment with fossil fuels exhausts and other emissions into our atmosphere as well as depleted sunlight from the often nightly and also daily chemtrailing which I believe is mostly military covering the skies, we need to detox! I like to walk in nature when I can and breathe fresher air too, I live in Lancashire and not far away from hills.

There are so many health experts particularly in America who have practices focusing mainly on various methods of detoxing the body and a lot of information online. I managed to get to last weekend before coming down with this seasons flu especially as my husband seems to coughing on and off for months and maybe due to my illness which has still left me tired, he has again come down with the symptoms. So the week leading up to getting it myself I had detoxing on my mind because of a free online Heavy Metals Summit that I'd signed up for between Jan 29 - Feb 4. I had given myself a couple of FIR saunas at home which I hadn't done for a year or two and had an afternoon of walking in sunshine which was also rare these days before collapsing with this bug for almost a week.

So in the meantime I caught up with some of the experts and learnt quite a bit about the detoxing world. I purchased some Sonne liquid bentonite from the US which was recommended and also some German Biological medicine for detoxing the liver, kidneys and lymph. I still have to get the psyllium husks so it will be next week before I do a proper detox, but I feel that my body is already detoxing what it can with the remedies I've been taking this week. Coffee enemas too are an important tool to assist elimination. I also recently imported some Carbon-60 which seems popular these days as a powerful anti-oxidant. I drink lots of water and have an alkaline filter jug and a distiller to clean the water and Spring water is not so easy to get.

We are threatened by the unconventional gas industry in my region as they plan to frack in April. So interesting times as we have been trying to educate people as to what it will mean to our environment having this invasion of the gas industry, taking away good agricultural land so that the plastics industry can have the gas then they can bury nuclear waste down these deep wells they're drilling! Of course the government doesn't admit to that but why would they force this industry on us when our local politicians voted against it! So we're putting up a fight and I intend to come back stronger than before with more energy and health!

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