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A Loving Healing Space

Matt Licata


So much has fallen away over these last weeks and months – so much that you thought you needed, so many of the identities you thought you had to maintain, so many ideas about the nature of love and why you have come here. But what will arise from the ashes of the known?

Perhaps you are not yet being provided any answers, but continue to be asked to sit in the fires of groundlessness, as a homeless one of the heart, and to stay committed to complexity, confusion, and contradiction. You are being asked to let go of the need to resolve something, to wrap it all up, and to spin back into what has come before. The creativity here can seem unbearable.

Your invitation is to trust in the fires of slowness, in the timetable being provided by your own body, and by love as it opens and closes parts of you. While it may appear urgent that you come to resolution, in one moment of sacred pause, watch as the urgent one burns up in the mandala of presence and kindness. You are being ripened from within, but in ways the mind may never understand.

Allow the old hopes and dreams to fall away, providing them with safe passage, as one world ends and another begins. With your presence and with a revolutionary kindness, stay close as death – as well as the accompany, luminous rebirth – unfold in each and every radiant here and now moment.

~Matt Licata

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