9206606?profile=originalToward A New Money Reality and A Quantum Economy takes us on a journey into the realm of money, economics, physics and spirit. It is an unusual journey for who would think that physics has any relationship, whatsoever, to money and economics. And, stranger, yet, why would our spiritual beings interact with money, economics and physics. But, Toward a New Money Reality and A Quantum Economy will draw us into discovering how money, economics, physics and spirit are fascinatingly related.

Laurie Z. Hyland, MBA is clearly an economic futurist, as she weaves a compelling argument for an interconnection of these seemingly disparate topics. Twenty-five years as a certified picture financial planner and licensed investment advisor ignited her interest in these subjects. As she offered numerous workshops and all manner of financial planning advice to her clients, Hyland became increasingly fascinated with people’s relationship to money. In the early 2000s, she developed the concept for the New Money Reality seminar, which was subsequently taught in Boulder, Colorado as well as New York, Wisconsin, and California.

Faced on a daily basis of explaining the whys and wherefores of the economy to her clients, Hyland was then drawn to explore the relationship of capitalism to Newton’s ideas of a systematic universe, and to then contrast those ideas with a potential view of capitalism if seen through the lens of the emerging new physics – quantum mechanics

Toward a New Money Reality and A Quantum Economy takes a profound and wide- sweeping look at both money and economics, and shows us how our current beliefs have evolved over the centuries. Today, a myriad of personal and societal beliefs constantly inform us about money and our economy. The groundbreaking ideas in this book point the way toward imagining money as unifying exchange and capitalism as a system that works for everyone.

Toward a New Money Reality and a Quantum Economy

Evolutionary Money

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