Group's Purposes

The small, intimate Group process is an evolutionary technology providing essential personal insights for achieving synergistic co-creation to bring forth a desired, new social structure of a joyful, loving and sustainable world:

  • Learn to connect with other humans in a shared resonant field. In a field which is safe, caring and supportive. Where you can experience the connection with each other in the loving frequency of the Universe.
  • Explore and ignite your Deepest Heart's Desire. To recognize the important role you have on Earth and the skills that you have gained in life to succeed with this. And to receive the support to pursue your important mission.

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  • In the shared space of the participants of the group, a purpose can emerge. It will not be necessary to know the group purpose beforehand, although some groups will form around a given focus. Still, in the course of a few meetings, the congruities can become more precise or enhanced. We can become aware that contributions can be voiced from unsuspecting members of the group, so to provide a space for / encourage everyone to participate is essential.

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