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 We see the energy and Spiritual connection between God/Divinity/Source, humanity and all of life and that we are all individuations of the Whole; that everything is interrelated, interconnected and interdependent. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. When we see ourselves and everything as a part of God/The ONE, we begin to seek to connect with and serve this Body/Whole that we are part of. Our lives become spirituality demonstrated.

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  • I seek ways to learn to live, consciously, at the fulcrum that lies between the pairs of opposites. I seek to refrain from judgment, and refuse to polarize regardless of the circumstances. I seek to unify all antitheses. Only at the fulcrum between the pairs of opposites does zero point energy exist. I seek to tap into that energy, consciously, physically and energize my life and the lives of all I interact with. Through this process I feel that I would be expressing and communicating Oneness.

  • New to the forum and presented with the task of offering a "solution" I had to pause... Of course I have my personal life where I make decisions about my context today and in the future, but to offer a solution for something so great as to include others--who have their own personal freedoms--and others that have no voice (animals, lands, oceans, etc) that task felt foreign. But after sleep I woke to realize that I do have "solution" that I have observed a mechanism both for myself as well as for others that could lead to some kind of collective growth; spiritual as well as physical. And that solution is activation. To act out/in cause for something greater than oneself. Our entire lives we are taught to succeed/win/achieve/accomplish at the top, with the goal of accumulating honor so as to increase our rank and worth in society. Each of us then separately struggle, winning and losing in this modern-day definition of life, only later to discover that the rules were skewed, the rewards false, all integrity void. So, now after a lifetime of trying to win the gold-plated medal it's time to devote oneself to global cause: Environmental, Social and Economic, Human/Animal/Ecosystem etc.

    My work through my agriculture platform is for crop improvement and sustainable farming that is inclusive of land/producer/consumer/worker... My project is wowdragonfruit as a .com website and on facebook. Peace

  • Love based actions that are Solutions oriented.

    World Servers Collective

  • Dear Friends,

    My vision is to create a living intentional community and learning centre for evolutionary spirituality. Here is a brief description, and a link to my website if you would like more details:

    Vision:  The Shakti Centre for Integrated Spiritual and Social Transformation

    The Shakti Centre is envisioned as a living community and learning centre for integrated spiritual and social transformation, with the aim of effecting both inner and global healing from a fulcrum of deep spiritual realization of our interconnection and unity with each other and all of creation. Recognizing our Oneness with the unified field of Consciousness that gives rise to all that is, we seek both to deepen our connection with its eternal Essence and actively co-create with it in its evolving expressions, helping to shape the future of humanity and the planet at this critical time of quantum transformation.

    For more details, see

    My E-mail is

    Love to hear from anyone who's interested!

                                                     Love and blessings,


  • Dancespotting


    To make cutting edge brain science and healing technology available in an affordable, sacred community format. 

    We come together to create sacred space and community, we move and dance and meditate, play and heal- and combine that with using cutting edge brain-science and spiritual technology and this is a clear path to healing from trauma and recovering our sacred soul so we can be Present.  

    Project needs:  

    More to come here soon!


  • Coast to Cascades PEACE Pilgrimage  The 21st Century Oregon Trail

    We are all on a journey every moment of our lives. Like the Oregon Trail of the 1800's, this pilgrimage is about manifesting destiny, our higher purpose, and can be traveled on an inner level, virtually and on an outer level.

    Being PEACE (People Emerging And Consciously Evolving) is the heart of this project

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