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From the broad definition of the agreement of exchange on micro and macro, formal and informal, and local and global levels, economics touch every aspect of the Wheel. The ways our economic systems are structured impact on the outcomes for all the different spheres, including whether they flow with or dominate the natural systems of the earth.

Humanity's Team: Oneness Through the 12 Spheres of LifeSphere of Economics

Barbara Marx Hubbard: Share Your Vision at Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Get Informed at Thrive, What on Earth Will It Take

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  • Economics can also be about re-allocating present budgets. In this instance towards peace and education, along with infrastructure and a Green New Deal. A sensible approach, established more than 30 years ago, see

    National Priorities Project
    National Priorities Project (NPP) at the Institute for Policy Studies seeks to prioritize peace, shared prosperity, and economic security for all in…
  • Evolutionary Money

    Toward A New Money Reality and A Quantum Economy takes us on a journey into the realm of money, economics, physics and spirit. It is an unusual journey for who would think that physics has any relationship, whatsoever, to money and economics. And, stranger, yet, why would our spiritual beings interact with money, economics and physics. But, Toward a New Money Reality and A Quantum Economy will draw us into discovering how money, economics, physics and spirit are fascinatingly related.

  • Credit To The People

    Credit To The People is committed to a comprehensive understanding of credit and money. It is our further objective to facilitate the emergence of that understanding so that people take responsibility for using credit and money for the common good and benefit of all. We aim to create a healthy and thriving society out of our ongoing understanding of credit and money. 

  • Transformers Mastermind Program 

    Helping YOU transform your business, so you can help transform the WORLD.

    The purpose of the Transformers Mastermind Program is to empower you as an emerging visionary to share your gifts with the world. 

    The biggest challenge you face in the transformation industry is building your audience and enrolling ideal clients so you can thrive professionally. This program is designed to help you build your business quickly so you can focus on sharing your gifts without the struggle for survival. It is MORE EFFECTIVE and MORE FUN to work from the heart when your belly is full.

    This program is perfect for:

    • Visionary leaders (Coaches, writers, speakers and healers) who have been struggling to shift from surviving to thriving,
    • Professionals who want to make the leap, but do not know how to use their experience, talent and passion to make a great living and
    • Coaches that are just starting out and want to get up to speed FAST!

    What makes the Transformers Mastermind different than all the other programs out there, is that it is more than a comprehensive three month training program, it is a hands on, interactive experience and a life long network of support. 

    Do you learn best by doing? It's one thing to hear all the theory out there, but putting it into practice and applying is it is when the real growth happens.

    Beyond the virtual classroom you are invited to participate in two incredible joint ventures to practice what you learn and substantially build your list. The “Transformational Gift Giveaway” will demonstrate the fastest way to build your list with very little effort by promoting a product with your message and your name. You are also invited to take part in the Transformers Interview Series, where you will practice reaching up to leaders in your niche and practice all the steps to set up and record a quality interview. 

    You may also be chosen to speak in the Personal Transformation Summit and share the virtual stage with some of today’s leading visionaries and leverage the experience to promote yourself as a leading expert. 

    Last year we had 41 speakers including Marcia Wieder, Bob Doyle, Rich German, Stephen Dinan, Cynthia Kersey, Patricia Ellsberg, Jennifer McLean,  Barnet Bain, Natalie Ledwell, Joe Rubino, Steve Jones and others you may know.

    Whether you have been coaching for years or just starting out, without a large list it is very difficult to participate in an event of this calibre. 

    The program includes:

    - 12 weeks of live training calls with Q&A,

    - PDF worksheets for each lesson, 

    - Practice exercises to implement what you learn, 

    - 12 Weekly power group sessions to share wins, challenges and accountability,

    - Participation in two JV list building events

    Additionally we are including our 4 part tele summit training to help you organize your own successful online summit and quickly grow your list, establish yourself as an expert and profit from 5 different revenue streams.

    It is time to step into your greatness and be the change you want to see.

    • Thank you Mark, for posting this. I really appreciate it and know that it will serve all of us well.

      • Thank you Janet!
        I will post the Personal Transformation Summit info for May very soon. I interviewed 41 people last year. Seven were related to the Shift Network including Stephen Dinan, Patricia Elsberg, and several ACE grads including Bob and Noel and Ron and Victoria. 
        This year we are donating our proceeds to Humanity's Team. Steve Farrell is our opening speaker.
        Keep up your great work.

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