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  • Place in the Wheel of CO-Creation: HUB/Spirituality

    What I want to create:


    I’m a devine-human storyteller

    Clearing the hights and depths of humanity

    On  it’s way back to Source

    Creating grace, beauty and wonder

    Remembering who we really are

    Discovering light in all that is

     Feeling gratefulness and the glory of joy

     Eternal love and life

    Entering the stillness of the ocean

    Melting  in light, water and sound

    Becoming an instrument

    In the symphony of the new dawn of

    Homo Amore Universalis

               All is One


               All is God


     what I want to create:

     I love to inspire and support individuals and groups in their own essential core  and unique highest potential through sharing life experiences from inside out. From me-space to we-space.

     Building  bridges from Homo Sapiens towards  a new area of life. People who want to awake and are willing to experiment in alignment with cosmos, heart and planet . Who want to share their gifts in harmony with nature and the new Species of Homo Amore Universalis in gratefulness and love.

    What I need to create:

    People of interest  in the field of the evolutionary new men Relations/ Communication & Media Education & learning

    Micro- Communities & Retreat Centers in spe.

  • Heeheehee : here is what came up in meditation.

    How about ... Homo Amore Universalis's 52 codes for the Art of making love !

    I love it, I feel playful, joyful, enthousiastic, loving & loved ! who wants to join ! 

  • "My deepest heart's desire = what I yearn to create" : evolving and transmitting the art of making love. 

    What is Homo Amore Universalis's framework for making love & how it serves the planetary awakening in love ?

    "My blueprint" : - offering a framework

                               - touching with my consciousness

     I am at the learning stage of this process. 

    "What I need to create it ?" : "maximum interaction creates maximum creativity", I need a field like this one to listen to you, honor & express my Goddess Self/Universal Self. 

    Propositions for the framework (thank you Barbara for the questions you ask, that's how I learned this first building block & ... tried it successfully !): 

    - I am very good at making love, it is my birth right, that I am

    - I take response-ability for my pleasure

    - Eros, "the force of creation in me as me", informs me that it is my nature  : I am allured, attracted & aroused, I am alluring, attracting & arousing

    Tell me, how do you feel when you embrace it ? How freeing is that ?

     Also try :  The name of your partner is very good at making love (or any of the above)

    How does it feel ?

    /all quotations Barbara Marx Hubbard/

  • I am interested to start a project with Animal Bereavement, holding spaces and supporting people that lost an animal and animals that lost a animal friend. I am in contact with an animal communicator that might also be interested in this project. I met a person of Agape (Agape: Centre in Los Angeles that Michael Beckwith founded) that is inviting people to come to the animal bereavement circle within the ministries of Agape.

    I wonder if there are people with interests in animal communication, animal bereavement even, or work in the field of SPCAs.

  • To me relationships are everything! It's where the joy is! i am specifically passionate about our 'relationship' to self, others, life, and especially to our relationship-caretaker-role in the life of the new born child-towards their embodied whole unique self. Before my 3 children were conceived i knew my role was to graduate them to adulthood, to being aware confident capable balanced loving whole beings, that they are innately to begin with. It's been a largley joyous expereience :-), and now seeing them as young adults following their joy and giving their gifts in the world is remarkable.......i was parented in controlling autocratic fashion, and i remember as young as 4 vowing to do differently, gently, lovingly, empoweringly with my own children. Always observant, i looked for what works, given my desire. A parenting book has been going to emerge since teenage, it is begun, and Homo Amore Universalis lifts my interest higher into new structures going vertical, rather than adapting what's now on the planet. I am interested to co-create on this topic to enable this to emerge in a form to benefit many parents-caretakers of 'the child'.

    To nurture the brilliance gifts and perfection emerging within the child, will evolve life on earth to greater purpose, love, harmony and cohesion.

    My earth qualifications and experience is much and varied, beyond my honored blessed role as parent. I am super excited to have 'created' for sharing/presenting at our syncon in Novemeber. Lots of love to you all, Helen Frances

    • Dear Helen, I absolutely resonate with ´´relationship is everything´´ everywhere, all the time, conscious or not, we are all part of All that is which never stops or ends. I just posted a reply in Education about why I feel that rigid system needs to change so I won´t repeat here! Nurturing my 3 children I learned so many qualities from them that I realise I lost through societal conditioning that Conscious parenting & Teaching can protect in them, I salute you! I am posting in the sectors I feel passionate about though without related professional qualifications not yet ready to commit to a sector... I do love networking & communicating even though technically I am easily challenged .... Code 22: I can not fully embody unless I am in the right place within the societal body (wheel) I hope joining others & receiving their feedback will ignite my true vocation so I may be of service, in love 

      • Hi Sue, yes i too feel i have deep passions in more than one sector. Or, that my deepest hearts desire touches several sectors, so at the core for me, it's about 'relations' with all of life, and this is expressed in multiple dimentions. :-)


  • I work for 20 years now in a global finance industry (IT Department - Process Quality for SDLC Projects ). I had my good times and bad times. Now I would like to be a part o the leadership change in such big companies. I have expressed for myself my intent only few weeks ago: I am so excited to transform the leadership in Finance industry and find the WHY for the Banks of the future.

    During the last meditation with Lynn McTaggert I've received great visions and somehow realized how much courage for this subject comes from my heart. And suddenly a project opportunity, related with agile transformation including leadership education and mindset change and focus on values, within my organization appeared and I became a part of it. What a coincidence ? So now I am searching for people who are interested in that subject with whom I could discus and exchange experience and bring them in system relevant companies like my organization. I'am aware of it how tremendous this task is, but for the first time in my life I feel strong enough to go for it and get visible. The main areas I see currently are: 1. story/vision for the organization. Why banks matters? What is digital/agile Transformation, what are the benefits for all of as, getting agile in our work/life,... 2. Leadership education. Walk - the-talk, be the change, inside,...(most difficult to me, where to start here), 3. Good practice examples, communities, trainings for the organization. 4. helpful metrics and measurement, if we progress in the right direction.

    I'm not sure if the Reletions sector is appropriate for this topic, but as the whole subject has mainly focus on relationships between human beings in the context of a company I have chosen it. While I'm updating my profile, etc I would like to find out, if there are people here vocationally arousaled  to this subject? 

  • About My Self

    Einstein's Solution is a collection of the wisdom of many persons, I see myself more as “editor” than author.  It has been my good fortune to walk and talk with inspirational mentors, and bathe in so many fountains of wisdom – in my undergraduate years and psychiatric residency at Johns Hopkins and my medical training at the U. of Maryland Medical School, my professional career, colleagues, friends, and especially former patients.  Though too many to name, their insights are to be credited for my inspiration to create a self-teaching ANWOT curriculum for you and others to perpetually grow the mental skills leading to feeling good and doing good

    I’m especially proud of my efforts to create the first Educational Community in a prison setting at the Lexington, Kentucky Federal Narcotics hospital/prison, in the Connecticut Department of Mental Health drug abuse program, and in a private practice treatment program.  I learned that, given the opportunity to teach our self and with a bit of motivation, people can attain their most fulfilling goals.  If heroin addicted “life style criminals” can re-invent themselves and become effective counselors to others, if chronically depressed or otherwise mentally impaired persons can re-establish their lives as enthusiastic productive citizens, why not the rest of us?

    Now celebrating over 50 years of marriage, joys from my three sons and daughters-in-laws, seven grandchildren, and having attained financial well-being, my current enthusiasm is to sow what I have reaped.  I do believe we have, in our very lifetime, entered a New Era in which our troubles will reach hardly imaginable harm if we do not spread the newer way of thinking that is within our grasp.  Each one, teach one.  What better way to give back than to become one offering to teach one?

    • Dear Don, I visited Einsteinssolution umbrella for lovingmenow & anwot & did some of the processes, I think you have so much to offer but surely this could be placed in Education ... I just noticed it isn´t there which may be their loss so what do you think? I love the title of your next book SO relevant ´´The Thinking Addiction which will Slay Us´´, I salute you, with love, Sue 

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