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Vocational Dating

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  • I work for 20 years now in a global finance industry (IT Department - Process Quality for SDLC Projects ). I had my good times and bad times. Now I would like to be a part o the leadership change in such big companies. I have expressed for myself my intent only few weeks ago: I am so excited to transform the leadership in Finance industry and find the WHY for the Banks of the future.

    During the last meditation with Lynn McTaggert I've received great visions and somehow realized how much courage for this subject comes from my heart. And suddenly a project opportunity, related with agile transformation including leadership education and mindset change and focus on values, within my organization appeared and I became a part of it. What a coincidence ? So now I am searching for people who are interested in that subject with whom I could discus and exchange experience and bring them in system relevant companies like my organization. I'am aware of it how tremendous this task is, but for the first time in my life I feel strong enough to go for it and get visible. The main areas I see currently are: 1. story/vision for the organization. Why banks matters? What is digital/agile Transformation, what are the benefits for all of as, getting agile in our work/life,... 2. Leadership education. Walk - the-talk, be the change, inside,...(most difficult to me, where to start here), 3. Good practice examples, communities, trainings for the organization. 4. helpful metrics and measurement, if we progress in the right direction.

    I'm not sure if the Reletions sector is appropriate for this topic, but as the whole subject has mainly focus on relationships between human beings in the context of a company I have chosen it. While I'm updating my profile, etc I would like to find out, if there are people here vocationally arousaled  to this subject? 

  • About My Self

    Einstein's Solution is a collection of the wisdom of many persons, I see myself more as “editor” than author.  It has been my good fortune to walk and talk with inspirational mentors, and bathe in so many fountains of wisdom – in my undergraduate years and psychiatric residency at Johns Hopkins and my medical training at the U. of Maryland Medical School, my professional career, colleagues, friends, and especially former patients.  Though too many to name, their insights are to be credited for my inspiration to create a self-teaching ANWOT curriculum for you and others to perpetually grow the mental skills leading to feeling good and doing good

    I’m especially proud of my efforts to create the first Educational Community in a prison setting at the Lexington, Kentucky Federal Narcotics hospital/prison, in the Connecticut Department of Mental Health drug abuse program, and in a private practice treatment program.  I learned that, given the opportunity to teach our self and with a bit of motivation, people can attain their most fulfilling goals.  If heroin addicted “life style criminals” can re-invent themselves and become effective counselors to others, if chronically depressed or otherwise mentally impaired persons can re-establish their lives as enthusiastic productive citizens, why not the rest of us?

    Now celebrating over 50 years of marriage, joys from my three sons and daughters-in-laws, seven grandchildren, and having attained financial well-being, my current enthusiasm is to sow what I have reaped.  I do believe we have, in our very lifetime, entered a New Era in which our troubles will reach hardly imaginable harm if we do not spread the newer way of thinking that is within our grasp.  Each one, teach one.  What better way to give back than to become one offering to teach one?


    Relationships are the fundamental mechanism we use to navigate our way through life. It is mostly relationships with other people that reflect back to us how ‘well’ we perceive we’re doing in the world, whether we are liked or not, respected or not. Our ability to form healthy relationships begins with our own primary relationship with our parents, and their ability to form healthy relationships. This relationship impacts on our view and experience of the world, and can become a set pattern for future generations of the same family. Only by consciously and deeply inquiring into the impact of how we come into relationship with other people, animals and the planet, can we begin to understand how the world perceives us.  In the world’s newspapers and television reports, there is a predominance of violence and abuse perpetrated by one individual upon another… rape, murder, armed conflict, drug dealing, child abuse…all pointing to the nature of humanity’s relationship with itself.

    The primary relationship is, of course, the relationship we each have with ourselves, our body, our mind, and our energy. How much do we love and respect our physical body for instance? What’s happening in the collective Consciousness, in the world at large, is merely a reflection of what is happening to the majority of us at an individual level.  Is this the world that we desire?  Can we work towards creating a more civilised and harmonious world by initially looking at the relationship we have with ourselves. Is there depth for individual investigation into what Mahatma Gandhi said ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’.

    Can there ever be a world that is free from violence and abuse, or is it an ingrained aspect of each of us, some of us successfully having worked out how to keep this aspect of us hidden. What are the primary qualities we need to explore in ourselves in order to bring about world peace?

    Simon Rowe, Co-creator of UnityNow.

  • I am looking for people to help write new memes for the Relations Sector of the Wheel of Co-Creation. We have already completed the Spirituality Sector and The Economic Sector. The Health Care is underway.  It is most helpful to have a least two people who have their profession in a particular sector, ie. a doctor and a nurse will participate with me in writing the health care memes.  It doesn't take much time...3-3.5 hours of phone conversation (or I am experimenting with Zoom), and an hour of individual writing.  If you are interested please email me at: 

    Blessings, Laurie

    • Laurie, I would be delighted to be part of creating a new meme for the Relations Sector. When do we start?

  • My Divine Purpose

    2nd life - I attended a "Divine Purpose Journey" weekend about 14 years ago and got that my divine purpose was to "Find a way to have compassion for and help heal (reveal) perpetrators because until we do, we will just continue to treat victims of abuse. Perpetrators are just victims one generation removed". Based to my 1st life as a computer programmer, my reaction to this purpose was "WHAT!! I had heard a statistic that 85% of people who were in prisons and were prostitutes had been abused as children and thought that is a huge social ill and the social cost of not finding a solution is incalculable. BUT WHAT CAN I DO? So following my heart, I found a Self-Esteem, Conflict Resolution, Personal Growth (Voice Dialogue) and Parenting presentation that felt right to me and became a certified trainer in them. Reinventing myself was the most fun I have ever had. I also have an "adopted" family in my presence that has given me ample opportunity to experience the pain of abuse second hand. Then I had to go back to work in computers for a few years and wondered what that was all about. Barbara has taken away all excuses for not fulfilling my purpose, too old now, too busy... so I keep following my heart knowing that Divine Right Timing and Divine Right Action are in play and all I have to do is get up every morning and say "Yes" to the Universe.

    In the meantime...

    Wheel of Co-Creation Group on Facebook

    Colorado Birth 2012 Evolutionary Circle

    Come join us here. To gather a circle of beings, that want to participate in some way, maybe not yet clear how, and get together on the 2nd Friday of each month to share their experiences around that. It is really amazing to hear what many people are doing to move us forward rather than clinging to the past and trying to bring it back to what it was. There are 12 sectors in the Wheel of Co-Creation covering all aspects of society, and we need contributions in all sectors


    I feel like the little gecko on the GEICO commercial "starting a journey of epic porportions"  (in the parking lot) but we started, none the less, and I am very excited.


    I am remembering when I struggled with the idea of "Letting go of the outcome". How do you do that and keep the passion of your vision? A friend helped me relate it to how I had been programming (computers) for 30 years.

    • Get an idea of what the desired outcome is and go for it.
    • As we finished a phase and the user said "that is great and can we do this?" we could and would.
    • And like the branches of a tree, it grew, perfectly.

    Planning the finished program and sticking to the plan would have be stifling and hamper creativity. Let go of the outcome and embrace evolution.
    Now I see this as evolving. And as a faith walk. And as how life works best.

    My Essence 

    I was struggling with an imagine of my Essence as out of me. The other day after a meditation  I remembered an out picturing of my Essence. Tinker Bell the Movie (especially the first 6 minutes) has become a spiritual practice for me: Pixie Hollow, my inner sanctuary; each of the fairies, my local selves; pixie dust my calmer; and best of all, Queen Clarion, my Essence;  she gives me wings, teaches me to fly and helps me find my talent, my gift to the world.

    This morning I figured out what my resistance to seeing myself as my Essence has been. I have the same reaction I had the first time I heard "Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston, one of shame, believing this was conceited and egotistical. That was then, bring on tomorow!

    Update: I found this amazing picture of me, my Essence, and my Universal Self.

    A clue

    I get it!!

    "My still, small voice" is that thing that has always brought me great ideas in the shower, my shower voice!! Yahoo, no longer stuck on that. I have been thinking that my voice is neither still or small. It is very directive and clear and I just say yes to it my whole life. And there is this shower voice that brings things in out of the blue. That is the one that I am going to love into greater being.

    Things that touch me!!

     Love Is All by Pam Gerrand, one of us.

    Love is Unconditional Acceptance and Deep Appreciation, Bill Ferguson

    The best day ever!!

    It is the day after Thanksgiving and I had forgotten I get this one off from work too, so it is like a free day. Tinker Bell and I have spent it cutting up 4 flat king sheets and dying them to make a huge Wheel of Co-Creation to lay on the floor and walk into at our event. For someone who loves rainbows, you got to know this was all kinds of fun. My garden fence never looked better.





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