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    Through the structure of a global legal framework, Humanity seeks to dispense justice and fairness to individuals, communities, organisations and nations alike, through the declaration of Judgments and Precedents, Laws, Legislation and Enactments from individual judges and committees that are appointed by the power and control hierarchy.

    Do you believe that these structures of law making and justice dispensing are free from influence, corruption and manipulation? Is it possible, given the propensity of an individual with a self-serving agenda to be truly independent of mind or to be free of the influence of lobbyist activity? We have seen many instances of bribery and corruption, so how can we hold faith in the purity of our legal system?

    Martin Luther King , Jr. said that ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’, and with what we have seen concerning the manipulation of justice in the world from infringements of individual human rights to the activities of international corporations, such as Monsanto, that seek to copyright the natural world, how can we salvage a Law and Justice system that is free from the interference and influence of the powerful elite and through which the common man (and woman) can journey without the feeling of manipulations and injustice arising in their heart?

  • I am looking for people to help write new memes for the Justice Sector of the Wheel of Co-Creation. We have already completed the Spirituality Sector and The Economic Sector. The Health Care is underway.  It is most helpful to have a least two people who have their profession in this sector, ie. a doctor and a nurse will participate with me in writing the health care memes.  It doesn't take much time...3-3.5 hours of phone conversation (or I am experimenting with Zoom), and an hour of individual writing.  If you are interested please email me at:

    Blessings, Laurie

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