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Vocational Dating

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  • Hi Laurie,

    When I first met Barbara Marx Hubbard personally, in Toulouse in May 2013, we worked together on basics in the sector of Infrastructure. My notes then were posted on the Ning site under ACE 2, and they should still be accessible somewhere. We then listed several infrastructures for Barbara and her work. Maybe useful for what you have in mind?

    Looking forward to work together,      Freed

  • HI Laurie

    Thanks for doing this great work.  I'm very interested in working on this...especially infrastructure and/or governance.  At the moment my life is very full, in transition...and I'm about to take off for a conference and what I hope will be a vacation.  I hope to have some time to work on this in April, May or June.  Please feel free to contact me as you see fit.  My phone is 413.522.0811.  email is

    All the best!


  • I am looking for people to help write new memes for the Infrastructure Sector of the Wheel of Co-Creation. We have already completed the Spirituality Sector and The Economic Sector. The Health Care is underway.  It is most helpful to have a least two people who have their profession in a particular sector, ie. a doctor and a nurse will participate with me in writing the health care memes.  It doesn't take much time...3-3.5 hours of phone conversation (or I am experimenting with Zoom), and an hour of individual writing.  If you are interested please email me at:
    Blessings, Laurie
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