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  • Just remembered another resource for Infrastructure...Massive Change Network


    Explore Massive Change Around the World
  • Hello Atom, Ole, Janet, Freed...and others!

    Got a few minutes to check in with a few questions and comments.  

    In an earlier note, Ole outlined the emerging organizational structure of the Oneness Community and mentioned that the Core team defines the Purpose and Constitution.  Have they been developed and posted somewhere?  It would be useful to have access as a way to align to purpose.

    It would help me know how best to interact here if I knew the Purpose of the Infrastructure sphere (or any others, for that matter).  Are there any specific defined Projects?  What outputs are desired or expected?

    Atom mentioned that he's involved in sharing "what is good' in the world. I wonder if there are any other definers of this and sharing...with whom and to what end?  Like many of you, I read publications (paper and online) that often have stories that profile organizations, projects and people who are contributing to a better world...for example: Yes!, Fast Company, Medium, Inc, O, and so many more.  There are many organizations (virtual and real-time) who share some or all of the Oneness Community's vision and values.  So where is OC's niche in this very wonderfully crowded field?  Is there something that OC can do with the limited resources and size of the community to have impact?  (This is basic marketing strategy inquiry) I'm curious about how the conversations with the Core group are addressing some of these questions and how that info can inform the spheres?

    I'm curious about how governance is done and decisions made in OC.  I believe that the intention is to facilitate and distribut authority and action within the Community.  

    What spheres are successfully fulfilling the purpose of OC through action, projects or at least connecting people?

    Are we just bringing examples of successful or proposed infrastructure systems to the conversation? And is this conversation just with people who check in on this platform? I realize I'm a bit confused about what we are doing...and I've been involved on this site for several months.

    As mentioned before, I'm interested in being involved, but still not clear how I can contribute my talents and experience. Looking forward to having clarity.

    With love and respect


    • Dear Ingrid,

      Good questions. Maybe we have to be patient for just a little more, as we are here gathered in the Infrastructure sector-field. I guess, it all starts with Infrastructure, where the backbone of the whole Wheel 2.0 can be designed. When we work tomorrow Thursday 17th May during the Zoom call on the possible appearance and content, eventually we can already advance in this. While co-creating, the vision (a model to map, track and connect what is working) has to be central, and we then provide an open space where everyone can contribute. The ideas then need to be brought in context and in a bigger whole. 

      So yes, all the different solutions are important, only we first need to build a place (a structure) where all can easily be shared and appropriately be developed.

      I just saw the four short videos at the  website where Kimberley and Foster Gamble elaborated on their use of the Wheel, as exemplified in a successful grassroots action in California. See ;

      This is a hands-on approach that the Wheel can facilitate already in the present version. I enthusiasically imagine what a next version fractal Wheel can offer.

      • Hello Freed,

        Thank you for your thoughtful response.  I'm familiar with the Gambles and have spent time with them in Costa Rica last year as well as in virtual space so thanks for referencing.

        I'm not in the loop about the schedule of Zoom calls.  I've heard them referenced after the fact but haven't known about them in time to schedule and join.  Depending on the time of tomorrow's call, I may be able to participate.  Please send time, timezone, login credentials and purpose of call.  I would also appreciate if you would let me know where these meetings are scheduled and posted so I don't have to rely on serendipidous conversations like this to bring me into the conversation.

        Thank you!


        • Hello Ingrid,

          I did not see your message earlier, but the main points of the Wheel 2.0 were shared in the Thursday call of the 'Awaken' intensive. Are you part of this? Then you will have access to the replays. Otherwise, it would complicate direct co-creation as it has now become a building block of the sessions.

          In the following Code-weeks, we will work together guided by Barbara MH and exeplify with (as many of the 400 as feel called of) the 'Awaken' participants to forge new ways for bringing the Wheel 2.0 into practicality. We will have a closing meeting in November in Loveland, Colorado where we meet in person and will trial-run what we have developped up to then.

          Do you see ways to contribute even in case you are not an 'Awaken the New Species' participant? (We are next week at Code 26, halfway of the 52 Codes).

          Many thanks for your input. -  Freed

          • HI Freed,

            Aha! Thanks.  I'm not in the Awaken Intensive.  I was in another course with Barbara where we went through the Codes and I've been using ever since.  I also studied with Barbara at Omega Institute in the '90s and most recently in January 2017 at Rythmia in Costa Rica. 

            I will be very interested to hear what the Awaken group or any other sphere does to move the Wheel forward. Hopefully the resources and ideas that I've suggested will be helpful.

            Given that only a few of us are active in this conversation, and I'm guessing that most are in the Awaken class, sustained involvement needs to be addressed.  To me, that is what infrastructure is all about...creating an agile, evolving structure that supports and encourages engagement and collaboration.

            Please keep me informed.

            Thank you!


            • Dear Ingrid,

              If you go to "Communities", "Co-creating the Wheel", and then into "Forum", you will find where the activity is going on right now. Please join.

              In essence, we are using the "Awaken New Species" class, complemented by a smaller group's Zoom calls in-between, to develop a structure and process for co-creation which eventually can be launched globally.

              Love from Ole

  • Great to see the conversations blooming on this site after all the years of hibernation. Thanks to all Janet and Ole for reviving it. I look forward to our developments of more personal interactions possible in the living wheel of co-creation using whatever means at our disposal (zoom calls, skype, virtual worlds....)

    I'm involved in a few efforts to share 'what is good' in the world with the Planetary Mission, Universal Mission and generally in my role of IT Director at Sunrise Ranch.

    So many connections to make.

    Peace all


    • Hi Atom,

      Please see my message above to Ingrid: If you go to "Communities", "Co-creating the Wheel", and then into "Forum", you will find where the activity is going on right now. Please join.

  • Possible Golden Innovation for Infrastructure: The Arc explores how a whole nation could be built from scratch.

    'The Arc'  is a stunning blueprint for Palestine, by Suisman Urban Architects (Santa Barbara, CA).
    It centers around a highspeed rail line which connects Gaza with the Westbank. The train tracks will be combined with all the essential infrastructure: roads, electricity, recreation, water, telecom.

    Suisman's plan was the convincing winner of a 2002 conquest by Rand Corp.
    An 8 min presentation at  gives a short impression. A longer video is available there, too.
    This plan has already been endorsed by numerous people from Palestine, Israel, and worldwide.
    A new inspiring vision is sorely needed for this troubled hotspot.

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