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Vocational Dating

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  • Next possible steps for the Wheel of Co-Creation - Up to the big event end of this year (as a climax of the Homo Universalis training), we could (co-)organize smaller or bigger local, regional and national evolutionary events / parties. People sign up in one of the sectors of the Wheel and thus easier share vocational arousal, join genius and co-create with practical outcome. New businesses and initiatives can start on the spot. A particular quest is to find the Golden Innovations worldwide for each sector as Eleanor LeCain and Corrine Mc Laughlin have developped earlier. The best and most brilliant inventions and practices and organizations will become key drivers. Maybe similar to the 'Planetary Initiative (for the World we Choose)' in the 80's and now as 'Awaken 2018' or such.

  • Just started with Barbara MH's paradigm-shifting new adventure, 'Awakening the New Species - Homo Universalis'. How can we advance the Infrastructure sector? This is key, as the Wheel of Co-Creation is also an infrastructure.

    • Hi Freed,

      Welcome to a wonderful adventure with Barbara.  You are on the fast track to awakening.  Thank you for your interest in infrastructure.    

      Last year there was a group that was organized by Steve Melville to take this on.  He did some extensive work on his own and with others.  I've gotten out of contact with him about this but encourage you to reach out to get an update and perhaps become allies in this endeavor.  Steve is a brilliant and wonderful man.  He and his wife Terri were in my family group in the Generation One course several years ago. We share a passion for sustainable systems. We have stayed somewhat in touch.

      When I was with BMH at Rythmia in Costa Rica last January, she and I discussed Holacracy as a potential "operating system" for her organization and/or to explore and point to as an organic, agile system for organizational evolution.; I have been trained as a Holacracy practitioner and coach (not yet certified).  My consulting business uses holacratic practices internally.  I point to Holacracy to my forward-thinking leader clients as a way for them to consider organizing and governing.  Steve Melville has also researched Holacracy and has put it into one of his infrastructure models. 

      As you can see, this part of the site hasn't been used for awhile. Unfortunately, sustaining an effort, even with such a powerful catalyst as Barbara, is often the most challenging part of an endeavor.   Feel free to contact me directly.



      • Hi Ingrid. My name is Patti. I'm looking around this site to see which groups I fit in and this is definitely one that peaks my interest. I have only worked in state and federal agencies and have concluded they were never meant to be successful, because if they were....they would be by now. To me, success means moving their clients from survive to thrive. None of the agencies I've worked in do that. And then I began really looking at the agencies and they, themselves are operating in survive. I watched the video on the Holacracy website and THIS is the new paradigm for our government least the ones I've worked in. I don't think our government has served the people for a really long time and I believe it needs to crumble and be rebuilt to serve the people and work for everyone. It appears the perfect person was elected to crumble the government as we have known it and this would be a great rebuild. Do you have any idea how that begins? 


        • Hi Patti,

          I agree with your observations. We probably need some very smart and insightful people like Michael Porter and Katherine Gehl from Harvard Business School to tweek the system out of its dysfunctionality (see below).  I believe you have two fundamental problems:

          1. Politicians can be bought. (They need money for their campaigns).
          2. Corporate leaders can use their company's cash to contribute to campaigns and buy favors. (The citizens, who are the majority owners of publicly traded companies through pension and other savings don't control their companies' boards).

          The end result is that government is strongly influenced by business leaders and wealthy individuals, while paying only sufficient attention to citizens to earn their votes. The politicians' incentives must be changed to serve the citizens. No simple matter, but there may be a way...

          In Sweden, government agencies are generally well managed. The equivalent of IRS is the most service oriented agency in the government. They are really helpful. In Sweden, it is (generally speaking) political parties that are fighting for seats in the Parliament, not individuals. The parties are predominantly financed by government contributions, i.e. by the citizens. Private donations over $ 2500 are few and publicly listed by name.

          • Hi Ole....and we think we're the best country in the world......too bad we're too arragant to learn from countries that are actually thriving. Thanks for your response. Yes.....changing our structure is no simple matter.....first it has to crumble, which Trump seems to be doing a good job at doing....and then it needs to be created differently......a new paradigm, which is what Awakening the New Species in You/ all about. As you know, the awakening has to happen first and through that, the transformation follows. I may not be here to see it but my part is necessary now for us to get there. I view it like our Civil Rights movement.....each morning those people got up everyday with the intention of standing up for Civil Rights and many of them never lived to see our nation elect a Black President but it never would have happened without the part they played. I may never live to see a world that works for everybody, but it will never get there if I dont do what I can while I'm here. And thank you for playing your part. Together we can certainly move in that direction.

            • Hi Patti,

              Good forces are on our side. Here is one example that I am aware of:
              Four months ago, Harvard issued a diagnose of "why the U.S. political system is failing to deliver results for the...".  Also webcast. They have been studying this for several years and see some pragmatic steps to get out of the current dysfunctional political structure. If Michel Porter or Katherine Gehl are emerging Homo Universalis, we should get them on board in the Governance, USA initiative.

              U.S. Competitiveness - Harvard Business School
        • HI Patti,

          Thanks for joining the conversation.  Freed Schmitter, Steve Melville and I have been having a brief email conversation that was prompted by my response to Freed.  I'm not sure where it's going to go.  Working with Laurie Hyland and others, Steve has done some extensive work to capture and organize information about infrastructure and governance.  He, his wife Terri and I were in a family group for Generation One class several years ago and we've stayed somewhat in touch.  

          I'm glad you've checked out Holacracy.  I agree with you.  I've been trained as a Holacracy practitioner and coach, however, I only use it in my own organization, not with my clients.  It's more than most clients want to take on.  One of my clients is an agency in NYS government.  There may be an opportunity to bring Holacratic practices there since there is a leader who is quite brilliant and has the authority to do things within his agency.  I'd love to set up his agency as a prototype for using Holacracy.  We'll see.

          I honestly don't know where this conversation will go.  As you can see from this page, there hasn't been much action for many years and, other than my interest and connection with Barbara and Steve Melville, I don't feel equipped to lead any particular action.  You are welcome to call me sometime if you'd like to talk.  413.522.0811.  I'm dealing with the flu right now so best to wait a few days.

          Thanks for your interest.

          All the best.  Ingrid



          • Hi Ingrid,

            If you have any input on how we should work within the Wheel of Co-Creation (WoCC), please share here on the Infrastructure chat.

            I agree with Freed that the WoCC and this Oneness Community site are key elements of our infrastructure. Barbara has asked me to help to develop how we should work within the WoCC. We will have a Zoom call about this next week.

            I am not yet sure how she thinks about this. My starting point is that the ambition should be set high, i.e. that this will be the embryo of the world’s most useful organizing framework for supporting enlightened citizens to co-create and implement innovative, new ways to live and work together, locally and worldwide, guided by “love for all” instead of “love for myself”. The organizing framework for WoCC should gradually evolve and catalyze developments for a long, long time. Decades, maybe centuries. For millions of people. I don't know how far we will come by November this year.

            Regarding Holacracy, I have no experience with this organization. I do, however agree with everything I can read on their web page. It is my intention that our work in WoCC should also be purpose-driven, empowering and exhilarating, with clear roles for the team at the core and the teams for each sector of the WoCC. I would highly welcome any input you would like to share on how to develop our work in the WoCC based on your experience with Holacracy or otherwise.

            • Hi Ole, did you have the meeting with Barbara MH? What was the result that you could summarise here? I see a few possible next steps when Annette Kaiser shared that she wants to introduce the Wheel of Co-Creation throughout Europe.

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