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  • Dear All,

    I am dusting off this site to begin anew this conversation. My apologies for the delay in responding to those who have written. I am looking for those who seek to first understand the global systems at play today. Most began well intentioned but have morphed into more of a power and control paradigm. Power and control basically holds that some have power to control others. The 99% of the world population are the "others". There are some very helpful books that lay out some disturbing facts: New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Creature from Jekyll Island and Treasure Islands are three essential reads. The Gold Warriors is yet another book to provide important context.

    The Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 provides important understanding about financial systems. Understanding the genesis of the United Nations, World Bank and the IMF is critical. We can see that each organization has not adequately fulfilled its institutional mandate. Otherwise, we would not see the poverty, country debt and generations of confilct and warfare. Macro system understanding helps us view world events and institutional behavior in a more realistic fashion. We begin to understand more of what Noam Chomsky, for example, has been warning us about for generations (one such example is the recent Requiem of the American Dream which also has direct implications for the entire world). Globalism has noble intentions but we are seeing that the practicalities require more dialogue and a shared vision (if possible) before we can moved beyond nationalism. One obvious question is who will govern and how in a globalistic society? We already can see (once we read the suggested books) that the current international organizations have proven incapable to date. 

    I do not seek to paint a dismal picture alone. I believe that what we are doing with Barbara is helping us all awake to matter how confronting it is. The Stockdale Paradox explains more about the importance of confronting our reality. We must understand the motivations of corporations, governments, non-government organizations, and international organizations through their behaviors and not their words. An informed and awakened humanity gives us great reason for optimisim; however painful and difficult the process may be. Moving beyond political parties to a broader view of governance is an important step forward. Perhaps it is akin to moving beyond religion to spirituality. 



    • Dear David,

      Thank you for continuing the exchange. Yes, we are trapped in some systemic deliberate malfunctional monstrosities. Happily, there are unexpected paradigm shift solutions, too. To give one example that I some years ago learned about: Citizens MultiNational. Their now 91 years old founder, Hank Monrobey, started in the 1960's a very successful Computer Programming College for mainframe computers. The same giants that later on were exclusively in use for the Banks, Governments and Multinationals. He then slowly became aware that these were (mistakenly?) programmed with an Arabic system to work with Capital, and not with money. As I understood: While money needs to be subtracted with the relevant amount by a payment order, Arabic Capital adds financed amounts to the accounts. Therefore, not only were all citizens cheated and left out of this lucrative business, they moreover were burdened with paying sales and other taxes, plus devious absurdities like interest and tariffs. While those with mainframe computer book-keeping became richer and richer first probably without understanding what was the cause. - To straighten this, CMN offers all citizens now an account to start trading and banking in the same way. Even a start sum is provided. A simple video needs to be created, as their website is still quite difficult to grasp, presently also only in Dutch:

      (To be contnued.)

      Citizens-Multi-National - Macro Economic Research and Service organization since 1981
      Macro Economic Research and Service organization since 1981
  • Hi there,

    I am on after Barbara Marx Hubbard invited us to participate as part of the Awakening New Species. My professional background includes almost 10 years working in Washington DC (Organization of American States, USDA) at senior levels to promote sound policy throughout the western hemisphere. My last assignment was in Costa Rica. I have worked with Congress, World Bank, State Department and a host of other organizations. More importantly, I am convinced based on what I have seen that governance is really the first step in making meaningful change within families and the community. Too often we think of countries or governments but the real change happens at the grass roots level. I'm happy to explore this theme in more detail.

    • Dear David, I would love to see others join you here for a real discourse. Your experience would be invaluable in informing us of the real way government works. Thank you for putting yourself out here.

      • Dear David, what could the Wheel of Co-Creation offer for 'Governance'? I guess that the grass roots level would be well served to organize in the 12 around one model.
        I see it possible on a local level - redefining the city governmental structure into the 13 names of the fields, which can then expand to the regional and national level. Accidentally, the Netherlands where I live has 12 provinces, so that could be worked out without many changes here. Additionally, at the European level, there is a European Urban Agenda where 12 focus areas were defined. I tried to match them with the Wheel's sectors, and with a little tweaking they fit. As Barbara MH shared earlier, she proposed the Wheel on the UN level. In this way, a fractal structure could emerge.

        (Addition: In the 'Awaken the New Species' call of week 29, Diane Williams shared that she and Barbara tried to introduce the Wheel to the United Nations on several occasions. I then asked if the UNESCO would be the right place for the Wheel 2.0 to be introduced.)

        For each sector-field, one person or group takes on the stewardship for the newest developments and maintains a network to map, track and connect what works. These sector-networkers then exchange locally up to worldwide. - Note: Fractally, all 13 sectors have all 13 sectors in them as well, and so on.

        • Dear Freed,

          I have enjoyed your contributions over the past months in your video comments and insights. Thank you for responding. I have just posted some additional thoughts for all of us to consider when it comes to Governance. Yes, I remember your comment about UNESCO. Its mission is laudable and much of what it has made an important contribution to the world. I like your thinking about applying the focus on the various elements of the Wheel of Co-Creation. One of the first steps forward is to create an inventory of what and where the elements are working already. We can seek to understand why there is success and how it can be communicated, adjusted where necessary and effectively applied. I have found that funding international development projects creates large amounts of wasted resources because the basic elements of community governance are not in place. Haiti, which I have visited on several occasions, is simply one clear and tragic example. In so many ways, we cannot transcend our current state of existence without more effective governance systems-within families, communities, nations and globally. 

          • Dear David, thank you to continue our conversation. - Here the Golden Innovations could become a focus. Eleanor LeCain has coined the term and has written a book with possible Golden Innovations in six sectors: Breakthrough Solutions . I added my take for Infrastructure on this ning-site under that sector. What do you see as a Golden Innovation in Governance? 

            The Breakthrough Way

    Jack Cunningham, a Vietnam Veteran, is struggling against political abuse in New Jersey. Friends of Warm Mineral Springs are struggling for preservation and pristine stewardship of an ancient historical site of mineral water in North Port, Florida.


    Good stewards of the public trust understand that they have been elected to serve the interests of the community, not to enhance their own financial interests.

    In Warm Mineral Springs, citizens have had to file lawsuits to enforce their right to know under the Sunshine Law. Why are elected officials so afraid of making public information public?

    Last week, an informational video about Warm Mineral Springs,

    was scheduled to be sent out by Suddenly, notified Friends of Warm Mineral Springs that their account had been shut down.

    The reason the account was shut down was because elected governmental officials had called and told they could either close the Warm Mineral Springs account or lose their much larger, taxpayer-funded governmental account.




    Is Self-Governance and Self-Sovereignty is the way forward? Not just for the individual, but also for small and growing numbers of communities opting out of the mainstream governance and sovereignty authority. Are you increasingly frustrated at seeing the vast majority of people on the planet trapped in a way of being that is dictated by the supply and demand of money. Most people, because Governance and Sovereignty are so far removed from their daily lives, are content to be, if not knowingly, swept along by the changes in Governance at a national and global level, and are not motivated to be involved until something happens on their own front doorstep. What is happening at a global level now, will slowly creep up to the front doorstep of everyone, in one guise and another. Now is the time to raise our understanding of what is happening in the world. Self-Governance is that aspect where you commit to yourself to be as free from the system as you like, whilst taking the fruits of the system and the fruits of your own endeavours to the extent that you feel you deserve.

    Outside of the rules of democracy or dictatorship, or even somewhere in the middle, the rules only stand up insofar as you are prepared to accept or tolerate them as the governing framework of your life. Your Sovereignty arises as a result of your presence and free will where you can see the choices for what they are, rather than either be blinded by bureaucracy or blindly following that which you are told. Governance by something external to you only has credence and traction if it overwrites your own self-sovereignty and causes you to act in a way that goes against your natural right to explore life in the way that you desire.

    You can step out of the system anytime you desire, though it will highlight all the silent attachments that may have kept you in the dark. As you recognise the fulfillment of having sustainably met your basic needs, and perhaps those of your family, you stand on the brink of Self-Governance and Self-Sovereignty!

    Simon Rowe, Co-creator of UnityNow.

  • I am looking for people to help write new memes for the Governance Sector of the Wheel of Co-Creation. We have already completed the Spirituality Sector and The Economic Sector. The Health Care is underway.  It is most helpful to have a least two people who have their profession in  this sector, ie. a doctor and a nurse will participate with me in writing the health care memes.  It doesn't take much time...3-3.5 hours of phone conversation or Zoom, and an hour of individual writing.  If you are interested please email me at: 

    Blessings, Laurie


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