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Vocational Dating

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  • Hi, just to have some place to put my emotions and ideas in regard to what I have stated as my deepest heart's desire. I am tired of reaching out, and working alone in the park. I just hang up the phone in the pursue of making a meeting tomorrow with a neighbor in preparation for another meeting at the park, that would hopefully happen Sunday evening.

    It is first beginning to share the tool of the wheel of cocreation to somebody who understands English so she can read it. Let's see if this clicks. 

  • Today I posted some signs on the waste bins of our neighborhood park. A neighbor saw me and congratulated me. She feels immediately drawn to do likewise, that is to help the park in her own ways. We immediately think of other things we want to do. I also sent a guide for neighborhood recycling to a couple of other neighbors, that came out the day of the environment (June 5) in the hope that that helps us build community.

    The park is a central space that's been unlocked for the public only since this year. It could go either to be an unsafe and abandoned place or to the attractive, inviting spot that it is. It depends on us aware around it, as much as the whole world does too. At this small scale we are also at the tip of the tipping pont.

    I have been going there almost daily to pick up the garbage, clean up the space, walk barefoot and sing some. A couple of other people care for it too, and some others want to find any excuse to lock it up again. It is the continous presence, awareness and willingness to participate and see what is, that makes the difference. I put all my effort on my side of the scale.

  • I hadn't realized (¡!) that my deepest heart's desire is to communicate!

    I want to communicate the news that work on the environmet, not the signs of destruction, greed and comformity. The good news, the ones that help transform the world, the world around me, my world. That's why I need people around me to work together.

    • Dear Mariana, what you do is very beautiful, down to earth, and the coming generations will be deeply greatful for all the new trees and the new consciousness you planted :-)! Like you, I need people around me to work with to realize my vision. Yet it is very beautiful for me to know that there are many others on this planet working for a promising future. I send you a very heartfelt and greatful smile from the heart of Switzerland ❤️

  • My deepest heart’s desire (so far – it may deepen and widen with each day)

    My path to find ‘the right’ sector started at ‘relation’ (as I have worked a lot in that field as a coach), went to ‘environment’ (as I and my partner Hans love and honour mother earth and all its creatures deeply) to finally arrive in ‘education’. Why?

    Because I have always felt (during my own schooltime and the one of my now adult children) how painful exclusion was, how any form of comparison destructively affected creativity, joy and playfulness, how shameful one could feel when what was achieved was rated as ‘not enough’, how much of the power and miracle of heartfelt wishes got weakend or replaced by reasonable thinking – all in the frame of a schoolsystem still mainly in charge of the ‘education’…

    My heart beats deeply for children, for the childnature in all the vertical (child in children, child in adults, child in old people) and horizontal range (from childnature that wants to shine on a stage to the childnature who loves to hide in a cave). We need to learn to honour children’s dreams and potentials (again). We need to create a pleasurable and safe space so that children dare revealing, exploring, experiencing, expressing and expanding their potential and keep connected to their hearts desires – which keeps them connected to the source and to the power of manifestation. We need to show what compassion and cooperation is by being role models. What we went through as human beings and what we have experienced and learnt from (‘the wound is the door’) makes us experts and role models (and not necessarily what we learnt with our mind).

    What Hans and I would like to create (and that is why we post this in the sector 'environment' as well):

    Me (with 3ha wild land in Piemonte, Italy) and my partner Hans (with around 5 ha farming land and forest near Basel, Switzerland) would like to create a big garden (we call the project ‘soul farming’) of diversity, beauty and mystery, including the 5 elements (wind, water, fire, earth, metal), with gifts for the heart and all our senses, a place full of wonder and surprises and possible discoveries (with all that mother earth and all her creatures have to offer), also for observing, relaxing, enjoying and contemplating. A place where the childnature in all of us feels invited and hopefully can heal (if needed) or simply be and enjoy.

    We want to offer wild herbs and wild fruit, gardening and cooking (how to nurture ourselves well), taking care of animals, various rituals, the possibility of handcrafting, of creating (painting, singing, dancing, storytelling), of joy, laughter and lightfulness.

    We are very open for supplementary ideas and would love to hear of other projects with a similar intention.

    What we need most:

    To start this project, we first need to build a new residential building (as the old is too old and cannot be restored). We would have enough space for around 4 apartments (in the one building) – we would be willing to sell 2 of them if anyone would be interested and willing to invest.

    We would also need a deeper knowledge of new entrepreneurship or how to start a community with people with same dreams

    What we can offer:

    Hans can invent and then build about everything, has a huge barn with great variety of tools

    Me (Vini) has deep experience in traumahealing (including indigenous ways), of empowering inner resources, of heart communication that I like to share with everyone who is interested


  • My deepest heart desire is to help nature return to its balance, and live in that harmony.

    What I need is physical people around me to help, no so much virtually.

    I realize that it is inspiring to know what you are doing in other parts of the world, but as you see in your own work, it is not one to be done through the internet, but in the physical world; at least at the stage some of us are in.

    What I've been doing since this year is work and enjoy the neighborhood park for short times daily, and meet there with the few neighbors who barely have an idea of what to do and are willing to take some steps. I've been working with a friend in our land to collect the fruits of an indigenous tree and am travelling with a sister to another province to find the women who can crack them open. I have been searching the market for that fruit. It is a grassroot initiative I've been on for several years now. Lately I have been planting some trees too.

    And I maintain an austere life as an integral action of what mother Earth is asking us to do. Maybe what we need the most in this work is sustainability.



  • Hi Earth souls, I love our soil and plants deeply. When I studied biology and horticulture in my first career, I really loved understanding at a cellular and molecular level how plants, humans, animals, and the soil interacted, co-created, and was nourished. I immediately understood how chemicals and man made fertilizers/nutrients, were the opposite of helpful nourishing and loving to any of the living organisms, and was especially destructive and non-productive for the soil that feeds all the other beings. 

    Our family practice of growing and fertilizing organic(chemical free), using permaculture design principles, intentionally giving love to soil and plants, joining to share produce and knowledge locally socially, and having our property on the 'aim program' of energetic balancing year round, is paying dividends. Every day we have markedly more birds and bird species visit us, than anywhere we've camped in Australia or overseas, even in true wilderness areas. So I propose these methods are part of the way of the evolved species, due to the positive results nature is demonstrating to us here. 

    We desire to plant our 4 acre property with much more forest to attract rainfall, and will list on 'woofers'(willing workers on organic farms) to accommodate people free in our home, to help physically achieve this. Planting more non flammable species, so our neighbourhood may relax at bushfire season. To co-create more with other locals doing likewise, and bring in our local gardening group to open them to organic permaculture principles(system designer& author is David Holmgren). I am passionate that our 'relations' to soil and plants ('environment') is very important in the healing and evolution on Earth of our Species. Love Helen 

    • Beautiful Helen. Thank you. I have a much smaller property with two raised beds and a greenhouse and I love planting seeds and watching them grow. I am actually in humble awe of the potential in each new seed. Our garden is organic with plenty of worms. We have been composting since the 80's and I love making rich soil to lovingly plant our seeds. We also harvest seeds to plant the next year. When we let Nature Run Her Show, she is very forgiving and restorative. May blessings of peace blanket all of our Shared Sacred Earth.


      Love to hear your developments and realizations, Helen. Sad that we are so faw away, but nonetheless, I know that everything we do has ripple effects on the whole. 

      I wish my family was supportive of what I want and do. It is not that they are against, it is more that the system we live in doesn't let you live of the agricultural labor (prices are so unfairly low). It is so upside down.

      Last time I went to work in our land with a friend, it was a delight to see so many birds playing, enjoying life and also fighting among themselves to defend their territory. Those were our dividends. 

      Healing Earth is indeed an evolutionary step.

      Wishing you the best in your next steps,



  • I have been planting some indiginous trees in our land (arrayán, aliso, tocte). The support around me has been small but steady. It seemed as if people around me were not interested or not willing, but someone brought the trees, another helped kicstart the planting and a third followed my advice to plant some trees where there is erosion.

    A friend is supporting me in my ideas. We have been going to work on our land to pick up the fruits of the tree called nogal, which is the American nut. We mean the nut from this continent, not from the United States. And there are so many small trees that have planted themselves in the rich soil, that I realised we need to move them to other parts of the land so that they are able to grow. This friend said yes to help mw with that.

    We are also discovering the people up north in the country who break these nuts (or toctes)-a job that almost nobody does today because the shell is very hard to crack and we haven't developed a machine to do it. We want to give them work again and a source of sustenance. We want to reintroduce this nut in our food. We are travelling later in the month with the load of toctes we were able to pick at the end of April.

    Planting trees is marvelous.

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