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    Finance & Banking - UnityNowMoney is inextricably linked to our value system in the modern world. Deeper than that, in some cases, certain individuals value their lives on the basis of how much money they have attracted, earned, accumulated, and what their ‘net worth’ is. When you look around the world, we have created a social system whereby everything material and own-able has attracted a monetary value and can be bought and sold. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with money as a means of exchange, except when it becomes more than just a means of exchange. When it becomes an instrument used by one person or group to achieve and wield power and dominance over another, then you need to begin the investigation as to how and why that has arisen, because what it implies is that one individual or group is now living in fear of another – as a result of the exchange of money, and the whole of humanity is impacted by this. 

    What is the purpose of money? What part does it play in your life? Have you experienced the power of money to corrupt? For example, has the judicial system been corrupted by the power of money? Do the people with the most money to lose have the power to distort the justice of a system, or any system, such that had money not been a part, a very different outcome would have arisen?

    ‘The banking system is rigged. It is a well known fact that money does not actually exist and that it is made to exist as a tool for controlling the masses’. Do you agree with this statement? It is certain that the banking system did not start out this way, though over time, the innocence of money has been corrupted. Perhaps  this corruption arises through the invention of a ‘value’ or monetary exchange system, where everything in the world has a value, and the belief that this value can be converted into power and control. Is it those who create and wield the money that are at risk of becoming corrupt, or is it us as the consumers, the ‘users’ of money, who give it the power it seems to have over our lives? 

    ‘Financial regulation is ineffective’. Has the monetary exchange mechanism become too complicated and sophisticated to be truly understood? Is the bigger picture so massive now that it cannot all be seen and regulated? Exactly what is going on behind the closed doors of the global financial institutions? Have those people behind its development, implementation and management begun moving beyond the reach of the financial regulators? Is it time to start again, and if so, how?

    Simon Rowe, Co-creator at UnityNow.

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