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  • This is a New News broadcast!
    What i know, is the purpose of money is to bless us, then move on and bless again, and bless again.

    People who hoard money don't experience money as a blessing, as they stop the blessing process. Money has been given a bad wrap, and so much blame, anger, resentment, greed, and separation has been laid on money. This is not true. All this demonizing of money is a projection from human minds and states. Money is energy in form. Money is god, as god is the all in all. There is nothing wrong with money, we simply can change our attitude towards it. We can send love and gratitude to money, when we see it has a shared mission with us to bless everyone it encounters, then bless again. Never tiring of blessing, always moving on to bless again. Just like any good thing in life, some are not evolved to see the blessing tool money desires to be, and so we may Be the example and demonstrate we see blessing going on in our every money transaction. 

    Money loves to bless. We give money for food, services, things we enjoy, to bills for things we have consumed. There are people at the end of every one of these givings of money, who are blessed. We have what is called a non problem here in regard to the currency of money. We simply may regard this energy transaction in a divine light, rather than in the commonly held view of money as an evil to some degree. 

    So i give thanks for the blessing power and blessing currency of money, and i propose Homo Amore Universalis sees money in this light. Love Helen

    • My offering for HAU-TV is below: 1st, I Feel the truth in your writing dear Helen. I also See most of humanity still suffering from innate unworthiness - Hole in the Soul, Money fills this Hole, makes people feel Powerful & Secure, automatically elevating Money itself into the Commodity people want the most, giving IT a VALUE far Higher than Anything IT is supposed to Represent Value for; IT becomes the Thing people crave to ease their powerlessness further compounded by what Buckminster Fuller called the Lie we have to Earn our Living doing Paid work, a Perception Costing many their Lives! Valuing ourselves by our Earning Power gives us false worthiness, created the god of money, keeps us trapped in the jail of unworthiness where without feeling our innate Power of Love we try to find Power mainly in Ownership for Validation of our Worth. I experienced this perception for years ironically while seeking spiritual solutions! Humans need to feel worthy, powerful enough, to be included, sharing in the Pie they see others enjoying, without this power they are forced into desperate action if able to survive at all ...   Quantum Change of Perception is dissolving my unworthiness through the Love I FEEL with HAU supporting me & Kryon guiding me: I REALise my INNATE Selfworth IS EVERYONE´s Birthright, the dynamic Power of Love is returning to me, is Me, Frees me from the god of money, whatever blocks love, to BEcoming a goddess of love.This is my Old Soul´s story, Kryon tells me in many more it resonates so: On TV I can BE a HAU Exemplar Occupying* & Presencing* the Power of Love only REALised through innate Worthiness. Radiating my Light my Voice (as Jean Houston saw it would) Quantumly piercing viewers´ hearts.... they Glimpse the Pure Power of Love, begin to wonder if they too can Let the Lie Go, Let God in, follow their Hearts, Do what they love As WE DO Trust Love Provides, HAU offer support, working Examples: Keshe Foundation, Golden Innovations?! NDWalshe´s 16 Steps of Divine Natural Awareness etc Once this seed is sown, viewers are allured, we nurture & as they mature, Perceive this TRUTH themselves, Consciously choose to join us, Live ÌT; Consciousness Rises, Freeing millions trapped in drudgery, fear & starvation replacing the god of money with the Goddess of LOVE we Serve each other Becoming ONE in UNITY, CoCreating our desires in Service of All Life Everywhere in Syntony & Fun & so it is! *Carolyn´s powerful words!  


  • Being in the wheel, I shall share two powerful desires I have around wealth creation for our new species. This is a New News broadcast!

    First: I envision creating a 'Wealth For All' system for eveyone on earth right NOW, where we begin blessing others with money because we love, celebrate, resonate with, benefit from, desire to encourage, or see great value in, their unique Whole Self expression. Where sapien sapiens predetermine a price to receive a material possession that another person created. We homo amore universalis feel into where we desire to bless with money. We may love the unique expression of another in the form or the formless, and we choose how much we give, given our means and the strength of our attraction to give. We may choose to 'bless for'(pay money towards) music shared; the wisdom and clarity shared; the unconditional love we see another express; a vision, a transformational path shared; gorgeous photgraphs shared; organic produce homegrown and shared in local communities; books written; joyous unity board games created; courage, and all manner of divine qualities expressed; inovative sustainable collaborative business practices; clothing made with non toxic compostable materials; and the list goes on forever, as does the uniqueness of every soul on earth.

    What i need help with is the mode of payment that could be accessible to everyone on earth to have on their global brain(mobile phone). The system of gving and receiving. At this stage i am proposing Paypal, because its free to tranfer money between any friends on earth, and we HaU are all dear friends. Some websites have a donate button, so i wondered if we can all have a donate button on our personal facebook page? Ive been to some of the poorest places on earth, and there's been more mobile phones in their hands than you see in Australia, so i know we can reach the majority on earth with my Wealth For All vision. We just need to 'give it momentum energy'.

    Knowing we are to Be the example, to get this going i added to our facebook page, our Paypal email. For example i put on mine and peters joint facebook page in our profile details, 'Work at, Paypal' which is our email address that allows paypal trasfers to be made to us. And using the number of characters allowed, i added this message  "Loving & encouraging our generous expression in the world, donate via paypal email above. Bless you"

    Second: I have a vision of everyone in Australia being given a "Living Wage" free of all conditions.  The reason I'm begining with Australia, is because we have an enormous welfare system of payments existing already, plus we have enormous welfare fraud and staffing to persue this fraud. Ive been gathering data on how much is paid out annually for every conceivable kind of payment; the total real cost of employing the staff that interact with payment recipients; total real cost of investigating and punnishing welfare fraud; and total cost of government departments who over see, problem solve, and make policy on all government payments. Then i would love to divide this end $ figure by our population. My instinct is, we can now afford a "Living Wage" for every Australian when they turn 18 years of age.

    Why this is good, is we will stop lying as a nation. It is normal to accentutate your difficulties, even create unhealth symptoms to get medical dispensation, depression being the popular one right now. Once you are legitimately unfit you get ongoing benefits. Its normal to conceive another baby to keep benefits going, so mum does not have to return to work until this new child reaches age 8 or 9. I didnt imagine this, the mums discuss it at school! Its normal to claim you cant find suitable work, to be given benefits and lie that you applied for jobs each week. 
    Why this is not good, is we are so busy lying and generating such internal conflict, such inauthenticity, self hatred which becomes sytem and life hatred. Deep unhappiness in cities, country areas, and aboriginal communities too. Its in the news about our 'aboriginal problem', NO, its a nation problem. Weve worked in aboriginal community and seen the same disfunction as city life has. 

    A Living Wage allows eveyone to STOP lying and simply Be their unique self. It would allow people to prefer to be well, rather than create certifiable disfunction. To have a garanteed base wage so survival is not the focus of their mind, but what would i enjoy creating. What is my joyous expression going to Be today? Everyone could smile at each other, and look steadily in the eyes being truthful. Souls will feel seen, as we can be open honest and look eye into eye. Exploring creative ideas with FREEDOM, being evolutionary entrepreneurs, gaining additional income through our grandest self expression, as much as we each desire. Seeing and saying we are one family, all treated equally in this respect.....Getting this untruth out of the way, will allow Homo Amore Universalis to JUMP into existence with greater ease.
    Love Helen

    • BRAVO Helen, I LOVE what you share, especially the 1st & last paragraphs: A basic living income is something I believe inevitable (it has been proposed for many years) As a prerequisite for this Consciousness must Rise sufficiently or the endemic Corruption you mention within existing mass consciousness where people abuse what´s intended to help them undermining original good intention. Higher consciousness is even more needed for the Living Wage concept, while Homo Sapiens Consciousness remains many may become idle & greedy, work the system for extra benefit at others expense, (3rd generation living on Benefits in UK) people have to develop integrity for these beautiful concepts to work their magic! ..... HAU-TV can Quantumly raise consciousness, no one else is doing this & once we gather momentum we HAU can precipitate & catalyst the New Perception needed to IN-ABLE your wonderful ideas to Flourish .... I SALUTE You & Peter for putting Paypal on your FB profile details to ask for donations, I had no idea this is possible... Thank you for Being You & Doing so much, Helen You A a Brilliant Exemplar for us all, I am SO looking forward to meeting you at Sunrise Ranch, in service with love, Sue 

  • This is an excerpt from an early essay at my website

    New economy, nine aspects (2 July 2001, updated 8 Jan 2003, an addition in 2018)
    New economy, a buzzword for the new Millennium? Not at all - this is certainly not a fancy. Instead, new economy in its literal meaning, namely new money systems will hold to the test the emerging new consciousness. It could be a select challenge to work on for the 'Cultural Creatives'.
    After having thought intensively about a simple way to establish [UNI)LETS on a worldscale, I came to the following conclusions.
    To my present understanding, there are only a few basic requirements that a new currency (I like the name Terra proposed by Bernard Lietaer) has to have.
    1: it is usury-free.
    2: It has a fixed denominator, time as the one commodity shared by all nations, or alternatively Kilowatt honouring R. Buckminster Fuller. Bernard Lietaer proposes a fixed guaranteed value based on a basketful of Earth's resources. UPDATE: Keshefoundation bases the future value of its coin on the incomes of its emerging all-encompassing plasma-technology.
    3: (as a bonus) negative interest. This made the experiments of Woergl (Austria) and similar soar. Instead of earning some small interest, the value of the circulation money becomes less (a small percentage only), if the money is kept too long in the pocket. The simple outcome is that everyone wants to get rid of that money, and for that reason is willing to spend it right away instead of saving it. It results in a boost for the local economy, if the money is designed as local money.
    And here is the crux: the 'National' Bank(s) stopped Woergl, and numerous other experiments all over the world. To name another example: the Green Buck, issued during the early days of the USA was forcefully terminated, too. History will have to be completely re-written, too many statesmen and leading figures have been 'altered' to secure the power of the 'National' Banks. Wars were waged, country borders re-arranged, people in power cheated, wrongly informed, used as marionettes, murdered or brought to a point where they committed suicide. To what end though - was it in hindsight nevertheless a part of the Divine plan?
    4: an additional fixed basic income of some US$ 250 on a yearly basis for every and all persons young and old, guaranteed by the Earth's resources (referring to Global Resource Bank, Arthur Shaw's Copionomics, Lietaer's above mentioned basket of resources). With a sociocratic decision structure as outlined by the late Pieter Kooistra in his 'UNO-income for all mankind' plan, large families or tribe-like groups decide once a year which sustainable goods or services they use this extra income for.
    5: the main point that i can not yet figure out. While time is a fixed measure that can be used as the common exchange rate all over the world, individual circumstances have to be taken in account in the form of a variable, at the moment of the exchange. Local and personal situations will allow to calculate against the fixed (time) rate. What form does allow such a flexibility in a supportive life-enhancing and honouring way, because certain work and services will otherwise be not at all or too much in demand?
    6: the new currency is guaranteed to pay taxes for local authorities who use it for the local infrastructure and costs. That was the second requirement for the Woergl etc. success. - Again the question rises here how to converge local situations to a world scale, or to limit it to the local community in this case.
    7: Worldwide trade with a completely decentralized double book-keeping system by the buyer and seller at their (Internet or similar) account - initiated through personal, mobile / phone or e-mail contact.
    8: (an extra) - a kind of a worldwide creditcard connected to 7.
    9: (additionally) - a gift economy like Friendly Favors

    By browsing through the outstanding website of Bernard Lietaer, I found an article which comes closest to my musings here. According to him, the so-called ROCS is no-where introduced yet. The work has to be done therefore still. Will we take up the challenge? See
  • Entering the Wheel: My Intent for Economics: I wish to cocreate abundance systems basises of exchange for humans to get back in the 'monetary driver's seat' as the creators and consumers of the goods and services that shape our world. What I need to help create this is the now-emergent mediums of exchange that generate and create value oriented around creative endeavors for humanity. I will look forward to, educate myself on, and nurture the continued emergence, converge, reemerge, and ongoing diversification of new ways to interact and exchange as they contribute to a reality where our social systems of value are attached to that which is actually valuable from a 12 sector and transpersonal perspective.

    • Entering the Wheel: My Intent for Economics: is to Liberate Humanity from the ´Tyrany´ the few Controlling the mainstream Banking system exert over most of the rest of us (evidenced in the film Thrive). We take the steering wheel (thankyou Sherwood!) & drive our own co-created financial systems supporting All Life! I Desire to show those stressed by believing the ´lie´ we ´´need to earn money to pay to live´´ is actually ´´costing´´ us our Lives; to Ask them to imagine How when liberated from these shackles will they ´´Choose to Live, to BE´´? Enough people will naturally prioritise Fairer All inclusive Values founding the new mainstream system operating in Synergistic Democracy (Syntony). I intend helping people Break Thru the breakdown by putting their Spiritual Security before material security, reconnecting with their Soul & Source with like minded others Trusting their essential ´´needs´´ will be met. ND Walshe says ´Who Am I? to do this? What can I offer? Nothing systemically Tangible! but ´What has this to Do with my Soul´s Journey?´ EVERYTHING it Lights me up, something deep inside me Burns with this Desire! For Now, I intend this intention by Embodying & Stabilising ÍT´ as my own personal journey, with intent that my inner light shines as a ´´Benificient Presence´´ a strange Attractor for others... to join US co-creating the New .... 

      What I need is to look at other more tangible ways I may expand & contribute towards How Values Based Social Systems will be structured? Educate myself about alternative resources & keep connected within the hub of the wheel. I have no professional expertise in Economics just a Deep Passion for a Caring & Sharing World for All Life & so it is ... I resonate with what Simon Rowe said here in 2014 & intend to contact him ...



    Finance & Banking - UnityNowMoney is inextricably linked to our value system in the modern world. Deeper than that, in some cases, certain individuals value their lives on the basis of how much money they have attracted, earned, accumulated, and what their ‘net worth’ is. When you look around the world, we have created a social system whereby everything material and own-able has attracted a monetary value and can be bought and sold. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with money as a means of exchange, except when it becomes more than just a means of exchange. When it becomes an instrument used by one person or group to achieve and wield power and dominance over another, then you need to begin the investigation as to how and why that has arisen, because what it implies is that one individual or group is now living in fear of another – as a result of the exchange of money, and the whole of humanity is impacted by this. 

    What is the purpose of money? What part does it play in your life? Have you experienced the power of money to corrupt? For example, has the judicial system been corrupted by the power of money? Do the people with the most money to lose have the power to distort the justice of a system, or any system, such that had money not been a part, a very different outcome would have arisen?

    ‘The banking system is rigged. It is a well known fact that money does not actually exist and that it is made to exist as a tool for controlling the masses’. Do you agree with this statement? It is certain that the banking system did not start out this way, though over time, the innocence of money has been corrupted. Perhaps  this corruption arises through the invention of a ‘value’ or monetary exchange system, where everything in the world has a value, and the belief that this value can be converted into power and control. Is it those who create and wield the money that are at risk of becoming corrupt, or is it us as the consumers, the ‘users’ of money, who give it the power it seems to have over our lives? 

    ‘Financial regulation is ineffective’. Has the monetary exchange mechanism become too complicated and sophisticated to be truly understood? Is the bigger picture so massive now that it cannot all be seen and regulated? Exactly what is going on behind the closed doors of the global financial institutions? Have those people behind its development, implementation and management begun moving beyond the reach of the financial regulators? Is it time to start again, and if so, how?

    Simon Rowe, Co-creator at UnityNow.

    • Simon I like what you say & having recently watched Thrive for the 1st time & being reminded once again that we are all  totally manipulated from the Top Down, I can no longer sit by & do nothing to change things ... I have some contacts & ideas are you still active here? it appears No but just incase I am posting this! I will email you at 

      • Dear Sue, I tracked Simon Rowe and found him apparently based in or around Amsterdam! I could not get hold of a phone number yet, and did not write an e-mail. But this is on my agenda, eventually this week. I will ask him if he is still in for co-creation.

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